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  1. All - I really want to go paperless and am thinking of buing a Garmin (I'm a Garmin Guy) Colorado 400t or Oragon but i'm spooked at a couple negative reviews on Amazon from Geocachers. Anyone know if these two devies are really as inaccurate as folks say? I love my 60csx and will probably not get rid of it and keep as backup but i really want to carry my geocaching.com files on my gps. thoughts? thx -Stephen
  2. All - I'm a bit confused about the differences (and purposes) for Cachemate and GSAK. Are they both really needd and what is the point of both? Sorry if this question has been answered but this whole paperless thing is new to me. -desi
  3. Help - My family and I are thinking of upgrading our current Garmin eTrex to a CSx. I want it and want it now but am not sure it handles our 'ideal' geocaching use case. Here goes my question: Can I download (say 200) geocaches into this thing and store them there so when we find ourselves out and about we can boot this thing up and find caches in the area? We always have our geocaching stuff in our car and sometimes we just find ourselves out with an hour or two to kill and would like to go geocaching. If it will do this, will it store them on the SD card? If so, is there a limit to the size of the SD card. They come in 2Gig sizes now and I would really like to store all the geocaches for New England or more. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Stepehne
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