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  1. I have to admit, pretty much EVERY time I go caching here in St. Augustine, I see a snake. Having said that, 9.5 times out of ten its just a black racer. I have yet to see a rattlesnake here while caching, although I'm pretty sure I've heard one rattling a couple times. I was bushwacking through some SERIOUS saw palmetto near a creek the other day and even I got a little unnerved because it was so thick and NO visibility below...
  2. Thanks, I thought I'd start with a small net and then cast out further a while...
  3. My kids get tired after 30 minutes and I want to go out with someone for the 3/3 or harder, you know the IN THE WOODS/BUSHWACKING for hours type caches. I've found 37 solo and I want to pair up with an experienced, adventurous cacher. I'm not looking for someone that wants to find park and grabs from sun-up to sun down. I want someone that is hard core that is willing to show me the ropes. I live in the CR 210 area of extreme northwest SJC. I'm willing to travel, within reason thoughout the Duval, Clay, SJC area primarily on Sundays or Saturday mornings. Shoot me an email at jasoncleghorn@gmail.com if you are interested. I'm willing to chip in for gas/food etc. I'm not a mooch. I know how to use my GPS so I don't need help with that. I'm not a noob, LOL. Maybe you are like me and wanting to do this with someone else...
  4. Thanks for the reply... yea I noticed it was defaulting to another brand but I have made sure that I'm downloading the Magellan version for the computer which is what's driving me nuts b/c I'm doing what it asks. Any other ideas? After SEVERAL tries tonight, I finally figured out it doesn't work at all with Google Chrome. I spent like three hours trying...
  5. Hopeless Magic, Wait until you learn to load pocket queries etc. and you load 500 onto your GPSr at one TIME!
  6. I want to search for the 'in the woods way out of sight of Google Earth sight' caches, but without a GPS that ramps it up a bit. Basically I'm tired of nanos hidden in lampposts. I'm SO ready to do the Difficulty 3-4s in the middle of nowhere.
  7. I've found 20 without, but I'm tiring of micros and park and grabs so if I'm to advance to the middle of the woods caches, I'm gonna have to GPS up.
  8. I'm pretty sure that is in the scene from the movie Ghosts in Mississippi with Alec Baldwin and James Woods as Byron de la Beckwith that killed Medgar Evers.
  9. God bless him... I'd quit way before that. The plethora of pine straw and dead ungroomed, LOL, palmetto is about to drive me batcrap crazy.
  10. Well I have US Army Ranger experience and use Google Maps, but if I don't get a GPS soon, I'm going to pull my hair out.
  11. Any one else hit this wall and what did you do until you got your GPS. I went to 9 today and found 1. I think I just won't go until I get a GPS. And yes I know its meant to be done with a GPS.
  12. I know people do it here in Florida, but dadgum with the snakes, they are much braver than I.
  13. 13F MOS Forward Observer 1993-1995 Ft. Benning, GA HHB 4/41 FA BN
  14. I have discovered some information from the SJRWMD about hides on their lands. Apparently they had a software glitch that wasn't allowing them to receive the many cache requests they were receiving, hence the no response or months long response times. I have been given the name of Nels Parson with the SJRWMD if you have any questions that are geocache related.
  15. Yes, he was run over. I'm sure it damaged the vehicle. Wow.
  16. It's still doing it. Do you think it could be that I need to calibrate my altimeter, manually?
  17. I am getting pretty good with adding the waypoints, but I can never get the reading that shows how far away from my cache that I am to 'work right'. I am getting the bearings right but when you don't know how much farther you have to go you basically walk for ever, but 'in the right direction'. Can anyone with this model help a noob out?
  18. Looks to be a common gartersnake... Yes, I'm a bit of a herpetologist. Amateur though... HA
  19. I think that's a banded water snake and NOT a moccasin... Pretty big snake, though!
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