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  1. Mine arrived today in the UK. So pleased with the overall design. Matches my dragon perfectly. Thank you My key and dragon
  2. Sound! Cannot wait for my key to arrive in the UK
  3. Sound! Cannot wait for my key to arrive in the UK
  4. Thanks for the competition. My kids enjoyed drawing. We have sent you an email, have you recieved it?
  5. The weather has not been great this weekend. We had a day out and took a picnic to High Wycombe GC6912. No rain but a very nice day out with great views.
  6. We had a ammo can stolen. We had been careful not to mention it in the description, until it was visited by a cacher who left a post to say 'wow a ammo can' . We then recieved a 'did not find' report, went to investigate and it had gone! :-(
  7. aliandtone

    gps phone

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new phone on the orange network in the UK, which can be used for geocaching, please can any one recommend a phone and software that me be of use? Or a gps that can be used as a phone? I’ve been round all the phone shops but they know nothing about gps Many thanks
  8. Whoops yes typo They should have read N52°04.119 W000°31.506 Sorry these (N52°555 W000°555) were just to show different decimal places and have no real meaning! Just wondered how to convert 5 digit to 7 digit references.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before I have searched the forums but can’t find the answer. When using my Garmin legend set to wgs84 and up load these coordinates N50 °04.119 W000°31.506 to memory map they appear to be in the right place but memory map show the as 30N 669630E 5771563N it should also be set to wgs84. Also on some maps they show N52°555 W000°555 e.g. can anyone explain if these have been rounded up or something else. Many thanks Aliandtone
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