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  1. a 10 year event - upload you photo flicker group has been created by fellow cachers http://www.flickr.com/groups/10years/ or even..... http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1182...118218498206842
  2. That's exactly the sort of thing I had in mind.... but rather than buy one i was going to use a home made brand... Like Chris, I'd prefer something a bit more handmade looking, so will create my own brand I think. I also need something to apply it to, but think I've found some cheap wooden star shaped discs on line..... watch this space! Does any body know how you go about making your own branding iron? What metal should you use, how would you go about shaping it without it loosing shape when heated?? For now, i've discovered stickers from moo.com. You get 90 for about £5 and each one can be different if you want them to be! They are 22mm square so fit in most log books although they do use up several lines in a micro. I'm really impressed with the quality and would happily recommend them. This is a shot of mine (as featured on Podcacher, which is where the photo is from). WOW! Thanks for the link
  3. The duplicates are not happening on every new publication. At a previous work place I was administrator for a system that was used to publish content and their was an option for users to recieve these publications via email. As administrator I would recieve feedback comments, several comments were recieved relating to duplicate emails. On investigation it turned out that when the publishers 'pressed the button' to submit the publication to the website if they believed it had not gone through as sometimes the screen did not refresh automatically/quickly enough..to make sure it went through they would 'press the button' again. but it meant they were sending it twice to the server twice - and hence 2 emails received by users. I have looked at my settings and everything appears ok (and I own the email domain name) so I am a little confused!
  4. I have noticed for some months now that I have sometimes been receiving duplicate emails notifying me that a cache has been published. Same date/time etc but each 'set' could be from different reviewers. I was wondering if I was alone is this or if anyone else sometimes receives doubling up emails?
  5. Another forum I visit does a similiar photo competition, here are the rules they follow: General Rules of POTW (Photo of the week) * A voting thread will be posted with all pictures in and people will be able to vote for their top three pictures from the selection until the advertised closing date. * Points are awarded as follows: 1st Place: 5 Points, 2nd Place: 3 Points, 3rd Place: 1 Point. In the event of two entries receiving the same number of points, the number of 1st place votes will decide the winner. * The winner will then host the competition for the following week. Format for Submissions Submitted pictures must be 200kb or less and 800 pixels max on the longest edge (including any frames). Panoramics will be accepted as long as the combined width and height are no greater than 1400 pixels. Edit: Found some further information.... In the event of two entries receiving the same number of points, the number of first place votes will decide the winner. You may vote only once and may not vote for yourself. Any forums members can vote - you don't have to have entered!
  6. We plan to add more around the lake. if anyone is thinking of visiting the area and need any info, drop us a line
  7. Welcome to the forums...you may never leave! ;-)
  8. Keep thinking about it! The downside is everything is buried further under snow and its cold. The upside that if it is a popular cache, footsteps etc left in the snow may make it easier!
  9. What a thoughtful idea. We often do the travelodge breaks ourselves for caching and have recently come back from Manfield. we thought long and hard about taking you up on your offer but as we only live a 1/4 mile away from Marston Moretaine travelodge we thought it would be a bit cheeky and best leave it to someone that can come & explorer the area and as you said theres loads of great caches in the area. Can I be even cheekier and plug our own cache series around the nearby stewartby lake & cranfield and they may even spot our magnetic car travelbug slapped on our our current mode of transport! http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...62-43ea36eae206 http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...1f-f1adb6e7712c
  10. Due to the snow and not all of the roads being salted we were forced to postpone some of our geocaching however we did manage to pop into ukgeocachers shop, say hello and pick up some goodies :-)
  11. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Never heard of the term guide stoops before and hope to check out a few. Reddeeps, we too are staying at Travelodge! Reviews are good :-)
  12. A look at their history shows that they have not cached since Oct when they picked up the TB. They may not be prolific cache hunters however why not place a note on the TB page itself. That may reach their attention
  13. We are going to be in Sutton In Ashfield / Alfreton / Matlock for the new year and wondered if fellow cachers would be able to recommend any interesting caches in the area or things to do? Many thanks in advance
  14. Yey...finally....we have done 100 caches.
  15. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners (see website)
  16. Mmm....sounds like a fun comp. For all those that have a slow cooker and wondering what to do with all those lovely peaches.... Easy Fruit Crumble Crock Pot Ingredients Large Tin approx 2lb (825g) peach halves Medium Tin -approx 1lb (450g) pineapple pieces. 2 tbs apricot Jam 1 tsp rum Topping 1 cup (90g) bread crumbs 2 tbs plain flour 1/3 cup desiccated coconut or shredded 3 oz (90g) butter 1 tbs honey Method 1. Drain fruits and reserve ½ cup of juice. 2. Put fruit in Slow Cooker. 3. Combine reserved ½ juice with all other fruit ingredients and add to crock pot. 4. Cover and cook for 5-6 hours on low. 5. for the topping. Melt butter and honey together (Either in a small pan on the stove top or for a few seconds in the Microwave). 6. Next combine all topping ingredients in a bowl stir to distribute butter evenly. 8. Sprinkle the topping on top of the fruit. 9. Cover and cook for a further 2 hours on High. 10. Serve with your choice of cream, custard and ice-cream.
  17. It is a shame for tha reason this service it is not available for geocoins/TB's etc
  18. When visiting our geocaches 'online' this weekend we have noticed what appears to be a new feature titled 'audit logs' (Just above the pdf print option etc). Curious we clicked on the link and it opened a log of 'members' that has viewed our cache online and how many times (dated from this weekend onwards) Has anybody else come across this feature?
  19. Sorry to hear your cache has been attacked. We are back into the school holiday times again......
  20. Welcome to the Forum It's good to move any trackable, geocoin or TB, onwards as soon as possible - but sometimes real life gets in the way and it's not always possible to place them into a new cache within the reccommended 2 week period. Personally, I don't get concerned about my trackables unless someone's been holding them for a couple of months. MrsB ty-tek You currently have one of our TB game pieces - which has had no activity in the last 5 MONTHS - Please drop off our travel bug in a new cache or contact the owner as a courtesy. We have sent you several emails to-date, including an offer of a SAE but with no response. We know you have been logging on to Geocaching.com as your last visit was on Saturday, May 23, 2009 - so you have been able to gain access to a computer!
  21. you got to be in it to win it! another one entered. thanks kindly
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