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  1. Next year Mike I won't tell you how I had a fantastic time with lots of friends, made a lot more and chatted lots and STILL not over as we are still there 'cos if i do you will ban me :-)
  2. I know I'm only simple-minded, but why not trust the listing coordinates and the geocaching.com google map generated from there? It looks spot on and clear enough to me! Matrix has answered your question Chris and looking forward to seeing you and Lucilla there. Lilian
  3. 546 signed in to MegaPirateMania 41 dogs 3 cats 2 parrots and a snake All signed in today by us and will be annotated in red and copies sent to Groundspeak for verification as stated in their instructions. A great day Lilian & Tony - Mollyjak Congratulations to Mark and Liane and thank you for all your hard work
  4. Fantastic news and looking forward to setting sail next week and being a part of it
  5. Thank you for the info I've passed it onto my techie
  6. I believe Dr Who has information that there is a series of 127 caches going live on the SUnday in Outer Mongolia so he is off to find them. Anyone watch Torchwood last night and saw Rhossili Bay (on the Gower)with Worm's Head, and then Cardiff Bay ?????
  7. 11 caches went live today - they can only be accessed by walking either from Rest Bay or across the nature reserve. Ready for our event - not long to go now!!!
  8. Welcome from us as well - be warned it can become addictive and then comes events and camping events and the fun goes on and on
  9. Event Update As many of you are aware Dr Who is regularly filmed in the S Wales area. We have been reliably informed that he is also a geocacher as he has been seen on Kenfig Nature Reserve searching for our caches. He has told Mollyjak when we met him three weeks next Friday last week that he plans on attending our event as he likes Sand and Sarnies. His TARDIS and a full size Dalek will be parked on the car park of the pub during the day (unless he gets a call to go and save a world far away). You might not meet him as he planning on doing the 11 caches which were placed today by Mr MJ. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS Geotees will be setting up a stall on the day for all geocachers to buy their caching goodies. If you require a specific caching item and are attending the event it may be an idea to contact him and put in an order [] Finally the Prince of Wales recently had a regular Food Hygiene inspection and were awarded 5 stars – the best you can get. Hope to see you there Lilian & Tony xxxx
  10. I didn't know that - see you can learn something new every day!!!
  11. Just been out today checking our caches and putting out new log books ready for our event on the 29th July - new caches going out in the next few days' Hope we see you there and at the other Side mega events :D
  12. Seriously - looking forward to our first Piratemania
  13. Four teams - and this year you need to learn 20 PIRATE SKILLS You said nuffing bout learning!!!!! I fought you wuz bored and sending out mails. where's the deleted mails bit??????????? I'd better get me glasses on :D :D
  14. What a price!!!!!! I sent out three to friends who hadn't been able to get any. I won my Oregon on a coin which I sent out called Lucky but haven't heard from it for quite a while. I 'sold' the set I had to a caching friend who made a donation to the fund raising of mega Wales. Can't believe it went for that amount!!!
  15. Thank you for the recommendations - and more caches planned in the Creature Comfort Series.
  16. COngratulations on finding them. Jen and Dave - I wish I had joined your teams when invited Hope it's good news for you Dave later today Lilian
  17. and we are looking forward to meeting you as well pendragon9321 and all cachers who are either already in the area or are calling in on the way through Please remember to add if you require food and if you have children and/or dogs as we may have some goodies planned for them
  18. I have done geocaching with my class of Year 6 since 2005 and even though I have retired I still go in and work with them. This work was extremely well received during an inspection and through the BECTA award. Last year I took my class to a nature reserve where we have 11 caches and they were able to find 7 of them - they were our caches and also 5 miles away from school so no problems. If you want copies of my worksheets and the planning although that is out of date now as it will need changing to involve the key Skills but you are more than welcome to copies of them. The children loved it and it is also outdoor activities within the PE. so well worth pursuing. We set off 4 TBs and tracked them and I also put out 4 caches around the school for them to find using yellow etrexes.
  19. I'm the cacher of the team as Mr MJ is a golfer I decide where we go, choose the caches, he does all the techie bits, drives and probably equal on finding caches (unless they are up high I've got no chance LOL) then I sign the log and write the posts. I read the forums as I like to know what is going on but he does pop in occasionally
  20. I had an archive notice today because the log book was full I have emailed and asked if it was full both sides but haven't had a reply!! Added to a tftc last weekend and I emailed and asked if they didn't like it or perhaps how I could improve the caches. needless to say no reply to that either. I am not all doom and gloom as I always email new cachers, welcome them to the game and offer help in the future if needed.
  21. You can :- Write a log entry Press submit A new window comes up which says Edit / Delete / Upload a picture (I think) If you then delete the message it does not go on the cache listing but it does send an email to the Cache owner. I have used this when dropping off TBs in the past. Try it on one of your caches maybe?
  22. He may have deleted his log. You could email and ask if you are worried/concerned about it - depends how you feel. Also how long he/she has been caching? May be a factor.
  23. We had a number of tftc over the weekend from the same cacher 30 odd finds so I politely emailed and asked if he didn't like them as he hadn't commented on them. Not had a reply yet Decided I am going to do this from now as perhaps they really don't know the correct procedure
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