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  1. This is Tony of Mollyjak. I want to straight away state this is not a negative post nor a dig at Reviewers, who I respect, nor any attempt to start long hate driven repeats of old gripes. It may be simply answered but feel this is a good place to ask It was after a discussion with a Reviewer regarding anonymity of reviewers at the Mega that started me thinking about this topic. My questions are simply this Reviewers no doubt have access to hundreds if not thousands of Geocaching accounts. A certain percentage of these have to be young people. Therefore should Reviewers having this access, be CRB checked by law?(or perhaps they are?) Is there any monitoring of Reviewers by Groundspeak with this regard? I’m only asking this because I know how clever some people can be and have worked with the sharp end of lives destroyed by these individuals. Again this is not any kind of slur on anyone but rather an attempt to gain understanding and something I think the Volunteer reviewers should also think carefully about Thank you for your time reading this Kind Regards Tony
  2. I like the idea of Easter rather than 3 megas over 3 weekends
  3. We are attending Stan's event for the day (as usual ) but are planning on taking the caravan to W Wales the following week.
  4. I second all that PuP said Everyone I spoke to was extremely positive about all that had been organised with plenty going on - so much so that we stayed an extra night in our hotel as it was a late decision to actually attend. The hard work you put in was in evidence in all we saw. The bar has been reraised - you have a hard act to follow but I know you will give it your best shot. We'll be there and put me down to help on registration Lilian
  5. We all play the game the way we chose. Numbers must be important to him and that's the way he wants to play - to me it's cheating and he is only cheating himself - my opinion
  6. Different cachers look for information in a number of places - Maple Leaf is spending a lot of her time putting the information in one of these places.
  7. I believe that Groundspeak and reviewers set the rules and the GAGB should give guidance, advice and call them guidelines or best practice. I do not see how the GAGB can enforce any rules whereas the reviewers can. In my mind they are totally different. Lilian
  8. Barrinthus Profile for Reviewer: Barrinthus Member Since:Tuesday, 13 March Reviewer DO we have a new reviewer?????? Cache reviewed in S Wales Any guesses??
  9. Thank you for remembering both our event and cache. The Time Team used the upstairs where we held the event as their headquarters hence my Brother got a mention on the rolling credits at the end. Lilian and I had great fun every time the camera panned around saying "there it is" We were both down Brideport when they were there and had heard from family that it was close but despite that it remained intact and undisturbed. Kind Regards Tony
  10. The opening of a South Wales Geocaching Forum was mentioned quite a few times in the South Wales Geocaching Facebook site but you obviously missed it. If you do a search you will see a number of posts at the beginning of February. Unfortunately it is not being used as the Face group is much more popular which I think is happening to a number of regional forums. Lilian Edited as I had missed a word out
  11. It takes a person with integrity to apologise on a public forum. BUT I agree with Mandy - this is a public forum regarding a hobby we share and in my mind you have no reason to apologise. This is where we can air our views and hopefully continue to take this game/hobby/pastime/obsession forward. Lilian
  12. My first remark is well done to Mega Wales for staying in the black after their recent Mega, not that this was ever really in doubt of course with the excellent support of the caching community. I’m a little surprised that they have seemed to have been a little secretive regarding the accounts and with very little ceremony or consultation placed them on the Mega Wales website. There are some outstanding questions I would like to ask regarding these accounts, that I would like a response to. I will state however this is neither a witch hunt nor an attempt to have a go at the Mega Committee in any way, shape or form, and the peoples involved in the account keeping, as I have stated publicly, have my utmost respect and trust. Why is there only a brief summary of the accounts, when in the constitution its states that “The treasurer is responsible for managing the organisations finances. The accounts will be ‘open and transparent’ the exception to this would be in the event of a donor wishing to remain anonymous the entry should reflect this”. This brief summary does not seem to be open and transparent? Why have cachers not been informed of the Charities their monies have been given too? Could you provide us with a breakdown of the Charities and the amount of monies donated to each? I just feel that people who donated and contributed money should have the opportunity to know to which charity the money has gone? Kind Regards Anthony (mollyjak)
  13. We are aware Simon that Mega Wales paid for day visitors that is not in question. You prompted me to revisit my notes that I took at the time of inspecting the camping site and surprise! they agreed to waive the parking and made no mention of any other use for that weekend. Now you seem to be stating that it had been used previously and booked accordingly. Again consulting my notes this was never mentioned at that time even after they checked their diary for us. It seems very strange that all of a sudden they found this booking or committment and charged Mega Wales for that amenity. I still think that 2 and 2 make 4 but i'm sure you are likely to dispute as usual. Regards Tony ( mollyjak)
  14. This is not quite what happened - so it is incorrect to accuse the campsite of money grabbing. Can I point out that the initial post in red was not from me but I was quoting from post #17 from 'The Other Stu'. Which statement is incorrect? My statement that there was not going to be a charge for day visitors? It was certainly high on the list of questions to be asked at all the camp sites we visited. No charge was agreed and you were there. Or the second statement that the Mega Committee did not pay to allow for parking for day visitors to the site for the camping event? We did not attend that event so we do not know what happened except what we were told. I know statement one to be correct, for a fact as both Tony and I were there. Statement two I do not know about except what I was told and also others were told as stated by 'The Other Stu'. No doubt this will become evident when the Mega Wales Committee finally publish their accounts for all to see. After all the discussion on this topic of camping which is where we all started - I will now agree to disagree and get on with looking for a camp site in W Wales which allows day visitors but at least I now don't need to remember to put a log book in the caravan. Lilian
  15. OK sorry but can I ask you to clear something for me please Sandy? Was this written by Groundspeak? or by the UK team which was then supported by Groundspeak? No disrespect to you Sandy but I would have appreciated a reply from someone I know - as in a UK reviewer. Finally can I ask you to stop publishing caches that are a 4 or 5 terrain as I can't physically do them as you can see by my photo on the Groundspeak advertisement for Premium members and also my written words. 61, fat and unfit do not do terrain 4 or 5 oh on second thoughts make that a 3 as well Also you state 'guidelines' - are guidelines actual rules? To my mind there is a big difference between the meanings of the words. Sorry to be asking so many questions as usually I do not 'stir ' within these forums but I do feel strongly about this
  16. I think non-campers do not realise how difficult it can be to find a camp site which accepts visitors and to be honest why should the site accept them? The camp site will receive no revenue from them yet if muddy they may churn up the camp site, use facilities which cost the site to provide. So they are quite within their rights to say NO but the event organiser may have spent considerable time and money driving around finding that camp site in a beautiful area but then has to start again. Last year's Mega committee will remember this well. In case you didn't know, I believe they paid a "fee" to the campsite to allow day visitors. That of course came out of their fundraising. As one who travelled around looking for that camp site originally there was going to be no charge for day visitors and I was amazed when I heard that the camp site had requested this. As we had resigned through ill health by then, but I think that the camp site went 'ker-ching' and charged - my thoughts only as I do not know. I am currently looking for a camp site in W Wales and plan on going there on Saturday a round trip of 150 miles but again that is MY CHOICE. Which is my point all the way along it is all about choices :-) and I do think it should be the choice of the event organiser. In my experience of camping events over the last 15 months ( we bought a caravan so we could attend camping events :-)) the organisers put in an awful lot of time and their own money to make the event a success. Get togethers can be planned without the smilie but then how does it get out to the cachers concerned? If it is done through Facebook then only friends on there will get to see it and so the comments about 'clique' groups start. Some who may wish to camp will not know about the get together and so miss out as not all like or use FB. So the circle of cachers who camp stay small and do not grow as they could. Many are not bothered either way and again that is THEIR choice.
  17. Any of our British reviewers going to add their thoughts / feelings? Lilian
  18. Well I am still learning about this hobby of ours even after 7 years LOL Generally speaking, those who attend an event - even part of an event - should be able to log it. Nowhere in our current logging guidelines do we require the signing of a logbook to log an attended at a cache event. I always thought you had to sign a log book when attending an event. As to the rest of this thread - we do camp - well caravan - and would always want electric but if there was no electric would choose not to go - my choice. If the event was a 5 5 we would not go - my choice. If it was wild camping we would not go - my choice. If the event was to camp then again it would be my choice. I do think the event organiser should also have the choice as to the event they wish to set. We have held one camping event and are in the process of organising another in a few months but it can be difficult trying to find a camp site which will accept visitors without incurring an extra charge for them yet the campers still have to pay. We all play this game the way we want to but I have no problems with some using boats, caving, rock climbing, scuba, 20 miles walks, UP mountains ( and there are lots in Wales where I live) it is THEIR choice. However if I wanted to hold a camping event where cachers had to camp and stay overnight to get the smilie why can't I? Lilian
  19. A good place to start is one of Stan's events in Devizes - held every month and very friendly with lots of caches in the area. :-)
  20. I remember you and we met at an event in N Wales in an ice cream parlour for an event by Pop up Pirate - Mark and Lianne - The Cachehoppers. Sorry to hear about the divorce :-( We have a very strong S Wales Facebook group if you fancy joining us - email me :-) and join the camping events - great fun
  21. Me too. Apart from all the talk about caches, torches, boots, GPSes, food, beer, muggles, adventures, puzzles, maths and hides - there's very little to talk about. You forgot to mention geocoins, travel bugs, geocaching dogs, other events and the daft things they've read on the forums. MrsB Also meeting and getting to know the people who set the caches you find and them becoming friends over the time spent at events. Camping events are good for this
  22. No from me as well You KNOW a virtual will take you to an interesting place / area ( well all the ones we've done have) Will continue to do any virtuals we can
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