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  1. Firstly, a big thanks to Ranger Fox for the prompt investigation and answer. Next, as you predicted, removing the $ (dollar sign) from the possible responses did the trick - the cartridge now completes, and doesn't hang up on the question where $ was included in the answers. FWIW - I typed up the verbiage for the cartridge using a text editor (EditPad Lite - http://www.editpadlite.com/ ) as I didn't want to use Microsoft Word. I remember that last year, using Word introduced some problematic characters. I did not use Urwigo or Earwigo for anything. I only used the Ranger Fox kit and copied/pasted the text from EditPad into the kit editor, and then published to the Wherigo site. I didn't encrypt anything. In any event, thanks again for both providing the Ranger Fox kit, which is very easy to use, and for providing the support for it. If anyone is planning on being in northern NJ on Sep 12, feel free to stop by for the 2015 MEtro GAthering http://coord.info/GC5KCTB . I'll be manning the GPS pin game!
  2. I'm doing a Wherigo cache cartridge for the upcoming Mega event on Sep 12 in Waterloo Village, NJ. The cartridge is a simple 4 question + final location. I'm using the multiple choice option which prompts you to select 1 from 3 choices. I tested it last night around the block where I live, and while question 1 works fine, when I navigate to the location for question 2, it gives an "Incorrect" message to all 3 choices including the correct choice. The "correct answer" radio button is checked in the cartridge editor. I tried deleting and reinserting the stage, and moving the correct response from the middle choice to the top choice, and it still won't accept the correct answer. I'm testing on an Oregon 450 running FW 6.60. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  3. I'm using an Oregon 600 with software/firmware v4.60 and it constantly freezes up, requiring a battery pull. We did a 150 cache powertail yesterday, and it froze up on me AT LEAST 15 times. Extremely frustrating, to put it mildly. Every time I pulled the batteries, they were quite hot, and they only lasted about 5 hours before running out of juice. I use MAHA POWEREX 2700 mAh AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries. I know this is an issue with the Oregon 6** series, just wondering what my options are and if anyone has had success resolving this issue. I bought the unit from REI 8 months ago. Thanks!
  4. I built a cartridge with rangerfox Wherigo\\kit and exported to a gwc file. I emailed it to my android phone and saved to the whereyougo folder. It says that start is 6616km away. The start coordinates were input over the map as N40 39.273 W074 14.595 but the whereyougo player lists them as N 40 39.273 S 74 14.595. Yes - that's an "S" for South! Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.
  5. OK - OK - order has been restored For some reason, my stats all of a sudden no longer include Challenge completions. All is well with the world
  6. When I last checked, under my stats, Benchmarks and Challenges had an asterix that indicated that they were not included in my total find count. Yesterday however, I noticed that my total find count of Found:2461 is comprised of 2,448 Finds and 13 Challenges which implies that Chellenge completions are included. I'm not too happy about this - I only grudgingly accepted the concept of Geocaching Challenges if they didn't add to a cachers "Find Stats" thus preventing armchair cachers diluting everyones stats.
  7. I stand corrected! My (hopefully) final question would be where on the SD card to place the .gpx file, and how to have the Oregon look for it on the SD card. FWIW - I have my City Navigator image file on the SD card. Thanks.
  8. Not the best of solutions when you're out in the woods and it happens.
  9. I just updated my unit with Webupdater to "Software Version 5.20/GPS Software Version 5.00". I copied a 5mb GPX file into the \GPX folder yesterday, went caching and downloaded my field notes. This evening when driving home, I pulled over to do 2 caches that popped up on m nuvi screen, turned on my Oregon and when I selected the Geocaches button, the unit displayed "No geocaches found". I then pushed "Where to?" and selected "Waypoints" and there were no waypoints. I know for a fact that there were a bunch of child waypoints in the .gpx file. I came home, plugged the GPSr into my PC and the .gpx file is still in the \GPX folder. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  10. I did have difficulty using the GS app on my HTC Thunderbolt back in April '11 - it would only work in WiFi, would force close when using 3g or 4g data service, but since then it works fine although it is a battery hog and the screen is difficult to see in sunlight (which is a function of the phone, not the app)..
  11. Not stupid at all. I had the same problem with my laptop running W7 not recognizing USB devices. For the laptop, I unplugged and then removed the battery pack for 4 or 5 minutes. Popped the battery back in again, plugged back into the power outlet, turned on, plugged in the OR450 and voila - it was visible as a device. Worth trying.
  12. I did a cache yesterday ( http://coord.info/GC2YR4A ) and the coordinates were 50+ft out, as also noted by a previous finder. So I added a waypoint to my log with my 1 minute long averaged coordinates. On the cache page, those coordinates used to appear directly above the log, but not anymore. One has to open the actual log entry in it's own page ( http://bit.ly/ogjYij ) to see that a finder posted alternate coordinates. I wonder why the change?
  13. This is not entirely true. While yes, you can run a bunch of PQ's and download PM only caches to your PC or GPSr, but once your 30 days membership lapses, you will no longer be able to open the PM cache pages at gc.com and log them.
  14. try this link to the .kmz file http://bit.ly/aHKfIc
  15. I use FizzyCalc for UTM/LatLong but when I want to get into and out of State Plane Coordinates in various datums (27 & 83) I use CorpsCon which is also a freebie from The US Army Corps of Engineers http://bit.ly/cT1zKS
  16. Previous: - Garmin Map 45 (1991) - DeLorme PN-40 (2008 (for 1 week, returned) - Garmin MAP60CS (2005 - 2008, gave to a friend) Current: - Garmin 60CSx (since 2008) - Garmin Oregon 400T (since 2009)
  17. what I do is 1) mark waypoint, 2) from that menu select "Edit Location", 3) enter the new 'tudes and hit the green check mark, 4) push the down arrow until I see and hit "map" which displays the new location on the map and offers a green "GO" button that 5) I hit and then go to.
  18. When you run a PQ, you can choose to include OR exclude caches that you have found. You can run PQ's for anywhere in the world that you intend to visit. You can also run a PQ that emails you your found caches for generating your stats with a macro inside of GSAK. This generates html code for you to include on your profile page. Regarding running PQ's along a route, you define the origin and destination in Google Earth, and then save the route as a .kmz or .kml file that you can upload to your GC account. Then you can run a PQ on the route (it must have less then 500 turns) that returns up to 500 caches. You can specify the width of the corridor you want, along with all kinds of parameters to filter the returns. For example, you might only want caches within 0.15 mile from your route, that are not multi or puzzle caches etc etc. Very flexible. Main thing is, don't try to figure it all out overnight! Take your time - it truly is a sport/hobby for a lifetime, that you can enjoy anywhere on earth, almost!
  19. Hi Fizzy - thanks for the great program, I use it regularly. The datums I jump into and out of most regularly are the various State Plane NAD83ft systems. I use CorpsCon v6 which allows for batch processing of ASCII or .csv files. I also oftentimes just cut&paste data between FizzyCalc and CorpsCon.
  20. I work around the corner from the office, have never had any issues with the nice staff in the office, and will be happy to get a permit for anyone who contacts me by email.
  21. Problem solved. http://bit.ly/7LVWLZ and goto the post by johnkelly46 dated Oct 26, 2009. I turned off the laptop, unplugged and removed the battery for about 5 minutes. Now, my USB ports work as intended. So simple, I had to share this
  22. I've been using my OR400t for a year with 64bit Vista, and for the past 2 months, 64 bit Windows 7 without any problems. I would start my OR400t, then plug into the USB cable, and then choose Mass Storage mdce on the GPSr when prompted. Then 2 new drives would appear on "my computer" - the SD card, and the internal memory. Every time. Including yesterday lunchtime, when I used GSAK to upload some caches. Until last night. Last night, when I plugged the USB cable into the GPSr and selected "mass storage mode", it sat for about 10 seconds, and then restarted and went directly into GPS operational mode. Then I got an error message on the laptop about "Windows nor recognizing a USB device". I tried again tonight, and the same thing happened. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.
  23. It look like that is true, but it also looks like that the Trimble solution costs $6/m or $40/yr which doesn't thrill me
  24. CacheBerry However, does CacheBerry read cache info online/realtime based on the GPS location, or does it only offer info on caches in an already loaded GPX file? I want to be able to turn on my BlackBerry and quickly get cache listing based upon where I happen to be, without having previously run a pocket query.
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