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  1. My geocoin is now in minting! This coin will come in Antique Silver, a Limited Edition Shiny Gold & a Limited Edition Shiny Copper. This coin will be trackable and will feature it's own unique icon! A total of 300 Antique Silver, 125 Limited Edition Shiny Gold & 75 Shiny Copper coins are going to be produced. The cost per coin will be $7.50, for both Antique Silver and Shiny Gold & $8 for the Shiny Copper. The shipping cost is based on the actual weight and there is a $2.00 handling fee per order (not per coin). Once invoices go out, preordering will end and the website will offer a PayPal "BUY NOW" button. A sample coin will be posted on Tuesday, May 30th! Total Available: 181 Antique Silver 31 LE Shiny Gold 25 LE Shiny Copper Still interested in a coin?
  2. Got my metal samples coins from the minter... They do great work! Can't wait to see how my REAL sample looks!
  3. Who is minting these coins again? It takes 3 weeks to get a coin made. So where are you getting the 5 weeks from? I changed minters within the past 2 days. My new minter is thecoinmaker.com They are faster and less expensive than my original minter. They will only take 3 weeks. Everyone should have them timely.
  4. Availability: Antique Silver - 185 Shiny Gold - 35 Shiny Copper - 34 Please see my site to add the copper to your order! Copper Coin
  5. As far as I know, if you are making the coin and coming up with your own numbers, you can NOT track them on geocaching.com. If you buy tracking codes from someone who already bought the codes from Groundspeak, you can put them on your coins and track the coins that way. Other than that, you would probably have to create your own web site or blog for your coded coins. Either way, they would NOT have their own icon.
  6. I hadn't activated mine yet, so I went to the site to see what you were talking about. I didn't have to have two numbers. There's a place for the tracking number & a place for your email address. D-man Maybe I'm just a dumb blonde... This is what I saw... Email: Coin Number: Geocaching Tracking Number:
  7. While you're talking with oakcoins, ask them about the partners in caching too! It asks for 2 different numbers?!?!?
  8. I will be posting to this thread once a day from now on... Sorry if I became annoying, I was excited & didn't realize the impact of my excitement... Invoices will go out next week & coins will be delivered in about 5 weeks or so. Photos of the actual coins will be posted ASAP! Thanks again for all of your orders - I really appreciate them!
  9. Do you think it would be a bad idea to have another geocoin made with the same tracking code on it if the first coin had been muggled or "mysteriously" disappeared?
  10. I had suggested this to DR - He declined & said his was just a cartoon to represent a general elephant shape.... I guess mine is just too "real" looking! Fortunately, I have a huge graphics library of my own that I have drawn... I can cut & paste these together on the fly! (like my gas coin) See this thread: Geocoins vs Geocaching relation
  11. Availability: Antique Silver - 193 Shiny Gold - 43 Shiny Copper - 46 Please see my site to add the copper to your order! Copper Coin Now Available! Edited Coin Counts
  12. Yep, that's what I'd want. Thanks for adding the comment section to the form. I'll have to submit the change from home later. For some reason the HTTP proxy here categorizes the form submission URL to be of type forum/chat and blocks it. But NOT the forums??? LOL! Great security system there!
  13. There is a comments section now for you to indicate any changes. So, YES, you can move a coin choice to the Copper. However, that would leave YOU with 1 Silver, 0 Gold & 1 Copper.
  14. New metal added to production! ~ Production quantities have been changed ~ 300 Antique Silver ~ 125 Shiny Gold ~ 75 Shiny Copper Availability: Antique Silver - 225 Shiny Gold - 54 Shiny Copper - 70 Please see my site to add the copper to your order! Copper Coin Now Available!
  15. Got PEZ in Pittsburgh, PA! Orange , Lemon , & 2 Shiny Silver ! Cute geocoins! THANKS!
  16. Lemon, Orange and 2 Shiny Metal PEZZZZZZZZZ! YIPPIEE!!! My smile is still there!
  17. Going... Antique Silver ~ 239 Shiny Gold ~ 76 Yes, I did get all the orders via email this weekend... Thanks! =D---------- SHAMELESS PLUG
  18. The onw without the pink is listed as "Brawny Bear Clan" So, I was thinking it had something to do with Bears???
  19. Sorry - Got to get this higher... still have some available!!! =D---------- SHAMELESS PLUG
  20. I'm still missing a few people! If your ID isn't here, please respond on here with the first 5 of your address like: 123 MA or PO BOX 12345 THANKS! (There is an ID spot on the form now) I have the following orders matched with IDs. triffid mohr11 gutcache JMBIndy The Klever Boys Marky Ferreter5 bob393 Szuchie CENT5 qattales Zork Tharagleb BenGeo'en the.pud mohr11 TMOCM Lazer Quoddy doublestuff Ryder3 & Better Half LZ33 Southbayday (Yes, I got the update!) bugeye59 teamPEZ Team OleOmi Crowesfeat30 ncfinn f0t0m0m Team Yarber =D---------- SHAMELESS PLUG
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