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  1. I used MS Word & Paint for My Geocoin
  2. Russ - I have only invoiced the USA preorderers. Since PayPal has a 3 week policy, I didn't want to take the chance the the over-seas orders would be more than 3 weeks, especially with the US holiday this weekend.... I will invoice everyone else within the next week. Sorry for any confusion!
  3. Of course there are glitches! LOL! If you'd like to purchase this coin & live in the USA, CLICK HERE. Shipping is calculated for you here. If you'd like to purchase this coin & DO NOT live in the USA, CLICK HERE and I will invoice you the total including ACTUAL shipping costs.
  4. Ryder - No copper coins for you???
  5. I got the photo of my proof coin in my e-mail box today!
  6. A better photo will be posted ASAP.... PLEASE DO NOT SELL ON E8AY UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE COIN Thank you.
  7. Hope you'll give some of us a few days to pay. I won't be able to mess with payments till I'm back from GW4. Absolutely! As long as you trust that I'm really sending the coins out! BTW - I got a photo to post of the proof!!!!!!!
  8. Invoicing starts today! Photos will be posted Tuesday! Coins are to be in everyone's hands before the end of June!
  9. It's nice to see that people still know how to say that they were wrong.... Edited for spelling
  10. R3&BH - you have made quite a bit on E8AY with these coins... I just posted one of my 2 PEZ coins... I hope your luck, if that's what you want to call it, is with me on this one! If anyone wants me to post any of your geocoins on there, message me! I'll just send the profit to you via PayPal...!
  11. Try a minter listed on the following thread: Geocoins
  12. Who is charging such a high price?
  13. WHO in the world is charging such a HUGE price??? AND I doubt that any adult associated with a school would think "fricking" is appropriate for a "school club"
  14. Please read a few prior posts before complaining about the "no coins" issue
  15. It is against the law... If the envelope has NO markings by the post office, you can bing it to the post office & they will give 1/2 the amount of the postage back, if they want to... On the flip side: I love the new sticky stamps cause I use a hairdryer to heat the adheasive & the stamp pulls off if you pull slow!!!
  16. Just Rusty by Snail mail ...
  17. Socks come in pairs - so, I'll take 2! But you know, 1 sock always ends up missing after a few uses... So make it 3!
  18. Just an update - I have added a twist I am having 10 special coins minted - they 5 are trackable & 5 are blanks. Shiny Silver, Platinum, Antique Gold, Antique Copper & Black Nickel I will offer: 1 set to a charity geocoin collection 1 set to a random preorderer 1 set to be released as a FTF prize in a state other than mine (PA) The remaining 2 sets have no current agenda. I will post photos when I get them... Still interested in a coin? Preorder closes Friday! If you'd like to know what you've ordered before I invoice, please email me via geocaching.com
  19. SOMEONE is selling the GOLD one on E8AY !!!!
  20. 475 silver and 25 gold. How many gold have you already sent into the world?
  21. Total Available: 176 Antique Silver 26 LE Shiny Gold 20 LE Shiny Copper Still interested in a coin? If you'd like to know what you've ordered before I invoice, please email me via geocaching.com
  22. And to think that there are 2 others for sale on there now for $12 and $20 each!!! Again... WTG PEZ!!!
  23. Whole-E-Karp! Seems that the high bidder may not be a geocacher... LOL! Too bad we all can't sell our coins at such a HUGE profit! WTG PEZ!
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