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  1. Red White & Blue! Nice coin... Crisp & Clearly defined in it's theme! However... Tracking numbers are the only thing that makes this coin "geo" anything.... Sorry, pass.
  2. Ooohhh Aaahhhh These are so cute! Just one question... Are they the same color on both sides or red on one side, green on the other?
  3. 3 of my coin codes have 57 in them... Interested?
  4. Been there - tried that! I have everything up to the : then I get NUTTIN HONEY!
  5. 23 for me... Edited for my reasoning: I live in house 123, my birthday is 2/23, my husband's is 5/23, we met on 12/23...
  6. Guess I'm just solving the wrong way...LOL I have an idea... I just don't own a decyphering program... boo hoo hoo
  7. I don't have MANY different coins yet... but I am looking for a GEOCAT! Quoddy said he would trade for one of my coins... but he bought one instead... I have: Kansas Co., Geocoin - Wizard of Oz & John Deere Also interested in any non-round coins...
  8. On another thread, I had indicated that your coin may be like a throwing star - rather pointy... I still agree that it is kind of pointy, but I must admit, it is a sharp looking geocoin! (no pun intended) This is a coin that I would love to find in a cache sooner or later! Way to go UOT!
  9. Is there a "BEST" way to give my 500 codes to one of the "coin activation code" websites so that I don't need to e-mail EVERY person who buys a coin from me?
  10. Will be offering 1 of my 5 uniquely finished sets
  11. I didn't see my name on a list - but.......... I GOT A FEATHERED FRIEND IN THE MAIL!!!
  12. !!!Yippiee!!! Parrolet's Parrot coin! Didn't see my name on the "sent" list... so WHAT A SURPRISE! !!!Yippiee!!!
  13. Count me in for one - (depending on price of course)
  14. Anyone interested in splitting the cost of 1000 2x2 Vinyl Flips with me?
  15. Nice coin - But with 8-12 colors on 1 side I dread seeing the final cost! I'll keep a look out - if the price is good I'd get 2 or 3...
  16. Please forgive me if I've offended you - I'll get out & find more caches when my doctor clears me to do so.
  17. No, I haven't found oodles of caches, yet! I simply have other things that take precedence over traversing the woods for hours in the mountains of Pennsylvania. But, as far as me saying what you've quoted, I am simply stating what others have observed about themselves!
  18. On one hand, I can see your side of the situation: Groundspeak sells codes to track the movements of an object (TravelBug & Hitch hiker) Groundspeak sells codes to track the movements of an object (Tracking Code & Geocoin) So, If I bought 500 Travelbugs, I could hold on to the actual Travelbugs & engrave the code on to McToys. Groundspeak is actually selling the codes & tracking service. The problem with that is that there are so many (and I mean SO MANY) Icon Ho's....
  19. I have bumping this up to the top, but if that gets anyone to remember to pay for their order, then BUMP!
  20. I hope I am not the main aim for this question... But here is MY answer: (I think) The coin should meet ONE of the following criteria for a non-PC____ coin: 1. Should be about the hike/trip or method of getting to your cache/goal (Like All Season Caching & Yes, Like Mine!) 2. Should bring a geocaching or Groundspeak experience to mind when you see it (Like Torn Mailer Lost Coin or Geofood Coin) Again, just MY opinion...
  21. I like the design - for a PC____ it is very nice!
  22. Received! To all who got 2 PayPal invoices, I appologize! To all who have paid already... Thank you! To all who have yet to be invoiced: Inside the US, please contact me! Outside the US, I haven't invoiced you yet. To all who have yet to pay...
  23. I agree with you HB... (MY opinion) I think that SOME type of relevance to geocaching should be explained for every geocoin produced that is NOT a Personal Coin. Given this is NOT a PC____, I feel (indicating MY opinion) that relevance should be explained for this coin. I also feel (again MY opinion) that the artwork on this coin, while somewhat typical of some astrological representations, is lacking "character". I will wait to determine if I'd like MY sign when/if it is produced. Thank you.
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