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  1. OK - I used the Triquetra and Wolfsbane for the front


    I only used 4 colors because you are interested in keeping costs lower than $4000. Most coin makers include the first 4 colors in the cost.twicon.jpgtwicon1.jpg


    Let me know if you like it... I call it: Team Wolfsbane's Triquetra Geocoin

  2. I'm still out a tN Micro that I bought on ebay unactivated, that was infact activated. the seller who wont contact me personaly has had there friend tell me that they are sending me a replacment, but after all the hastle I went threw that hardly makes up for it.


    beware of who you buy off, dont be scared to ask questions about the item.


    Will I get banned for posting the ebay name of the seller so no one has this happen to them by the same person?




    There once was this guy that used to go into a store. Everyday he would complain that there was a funny smell in the store. The store cleaned-up, took out the trash -- did everything to try and make it right for this guy.


    Finally, they had to ask "Does the smell follow you around?"


    You are too quick to complain and too slow to stop complaining.


    I, for one, am not interested in your eBay coin story anymore.


  3. Not to sound redundant, but SOMEONE needs to be a little more productive with his/her time and energy... :)


    eBay does have it's share of scam artists and most of the time, you can tell that the sale is a scam from the get go. Some you don't know about until after the exchange of money.


    ADVICE: Check the feedback! If you feel that a seller has lied, check the ENTIRE feedback history to read ALL of the negative comments. Chances are that if they simply made an error, their feedback will indicate that (that's what it's for!).

  4. Coins are in transit via UPS to my office!


    I will start the shipping on Friday to everyone who has paid...


    All over-seas orders will be invoiced by Tuesday & shipped within 2 days of payment...


    Thanks for your patience!!! I'll post a photo of the LE sets & Finish styles by Friday as well!

  5. Does this have anything to do with geocoins?

    Yes... It deals with the people who post on this specific forum: ATMouse & Parents of SAM specifically


    Edited to relate to geocoins like 4BOWS requested

  6. What is going on with your avatars and the CRR spray painted on them? :blink:


    Does it have anything to do with the geocoin race?

  7. If I choose to put it up for auction and someone causes problems with the listing of this coin, I can seek legal counsel to file charges against said person.
    Good Luck :laughing:
  8. ... Moun10Bike says that he will trade his coins for other personal coins, but how am I supposed to get one he wants without using money? ...

    Well, let me think... maybe he doesn't want someone elses coin from YOU, maybe, just maybe, he feels this way:

    "...I think it is pretty clear from my wording on the coin descriptions as well as elsewhere in the forums that I do not approve of the sale of my or any other activated coins (unless such sales are blessed by the coin owner). Oh, and if there is any question as to who is the owner of one of my coins, please see the name next to the "Owner:" heading near the top of the coin page.

    And as far as being jealous... Ummm, HELLO?!?!? MY coin was produced to sell @ $7.50 - $8 each! I could care less if someone else gets $100 or $1000 for it! As long as I sell enough at $7.50 - $8 to cover the cost of minting, I'm happy! (and YES, I have sold enough to do just that!)

  9. You really shouldn't beg people to "buy" you a new GPS & I highly doubt that you'll get very far trying to sell this coin on the trading thread...


    Edited to staple my mouth shut

  10. My etrex Vista broke last Saturday and I am buying the GPS Map60 CSx. There is nothing on my coin that says it cannot be sold. I've sold one before and never received any negative comments about selling it. I figured that I'd give the caching community the chance to buy it before I put it up for open auction. I see no difference in selling a Moun10Bike coin or a Team Skirtlifter coin. They are both trackable and collectible. What's the big deal if I need to sell it?

    Directly from the link from Moun10Bike's 614 coin page which takes you to the RULES of TRADE for his coins:


    Moun10Bike Geocoins have never been and never will be for sale*. However, I do trade for other personal coins provided that those coins are not sold in any form (such as a different metal, etc.).


    For more information on geocoins, please see the March, 2004 issue of Today's Cacher.


    * eBay sales by those who have come to hold my coins are, unfortunately, becoming more and more frequent. To see what my stance on this is, please read this post in the Groundspeak Forums.


    FYI - Anyone can prove to eBay that it is NOT your coin...

  11. The female generally has a larger abdomen.

    (Due to reproductive organs)

    There is your trivia for today!!LOL!

    Actually, there's something else different!

    The wingspan on a male is larger, while the probiscus is longer on a female

    Also, females have thicker wing veins


    Do I get a free coin??? B):laughing:

  12. All colors are filled by hand. Take a look at some of the coins and see the work which goes into coloring each and every coin. We, Oakcoins, work very hard to make sure all coins are up to quality. If someone finds a coin that is sub-standard, please contact the person you bought it from. We will work with them to replace the coin.



    My BEAUTIFUL Parrolet Parrot is NOT bad enough to be upset with... It just gives her character!!! :laughing:
  13. I've been finding alot of coins latley with paint over the writing alot latley. ...I've noticed that its only the coins with the oak coin cards with them....
    The only coin I have by oakcoins is a Parrolet Parrot - it too is messy in it's filling of color, but I love the coin non-the-less! :laughing:
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