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  1. Also if you do buy tracking numbers its a min. of 100 for 1.50 each and if you want an Icon its a min. of 500 plus 150.00 for the icon. I would agree that it would be almost better to not mess with the tracking them being handmade would make them great.

    Yep - 500 codes + icon = $900

  2. From the eBay site's CLOSED listing:


    2006 Christ Centered Geocoin


    Available for the first time on Ebay is the 2006 Christ Centered Geocoin. The coin is 1.5 inches across, offers a brushed silver finish, boasts color on both sides, laser numbering, trackable on www.geocaching.com, fresh from the mint ( actually have the coins on hand). The front of the coin has a picture of a cross and the words "Christ Centered Caching." The back of the coin offers a verse from Ephesians (One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of All). The icon for the coin on www.geocaching.com are three little crosses on a hill


    There is no limit to the number of coins that you can order. This coin will ship both domestically and internationally. The coins will ship Global Priority Mail via www.usps.com to the international bidders. Domestic bidders will be sent coins via First Class mail (which ever you select) via www.usps.com. Shipping will be fixed at $3.00 for domestic shipping and $6.00 for international, regardless of the number of coins ordered.


    I have been a long time bidder and buyer on Ebay and have the feedback to back this up. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have.


    When you receive your coin(s) please use the following link to activate the coin. Thanks! www.geocoinclub.com/code.php


    All profits for this coin will be going to the children's ministry at the church that I attend, Peninsula Bible Fellowship (www.peninsulabible.org). By purchasing this coin, you are supporting the youth at my church and helping spread the good word to other kids. The kids at our church thank you for your purchase.

  3. I seen saw this on the trading gallery, just wonderd who made it?



    I have no clue who made it, but if you would post a photo, I'd be happy to research it for you!

  4. If I were a jerk PM. I'd say that "Premium Members don't think they are better...They KNOW they are"

    But I'm not a jerk PM so I didn't say that, so it doesn't count.

    How much extra is the membership above Platinum?


    I don't know for certain but I'll bet that for a small sum - say around $500,000 you can be the ULTIMATE MEMBER. I think that's what they are going for....

    With this membership, you are able to see others caches before they are approved! You get to tell the actual reviewer what you think about the owner & if they should be able to hide it.


    You also get 1500 custom tracking codes as well as 3 icons! They also have a deal for the ULTIMATE MEMBER with a certain geocoin minter to produce 1500 geocoins of any design at no charge.


    Another opportunity for the ULTIMATE MEMBER is that they get complete access to the website and company building & lunches with Jeremy and staff at a posh restauraunt.

  5. not that this one pm screw up, affects totally how I feel about pm's, but I was close to becomeing a pm. but if this rudness, disrespectful,ignorent, and just plan old selfishness behavior, and aggression continues, I may have to rethink the whole pm decision.


    (spelling?) sorry




    I don't understand how a single encounter with a rude person who happens to be a premium member would even remotely cause you to believe that the behavior might be rampant among premium members.


    Do you really think the act of paying $30 turns someone into a rude, inconsiderate person? A rude and inconsiderate person will be rude and inconsiderate regardless if they pay money to a silly website.


    What will you do if you happen if you run into a rude isrespectful, ignorant, and just plan old selfishness regular member?

    I agree! Plus whatever happened to having a stiff upper lip? This is life folks! Some people are rude! You usually find that out when you are 5 years old and someone sticks gum in your hair. :laughing:

    Unless they are the one doing the gum sticking!

  6. I know about the numbers being split amongst smaller groups and such, but the icon is the part I am asking about. If you split the 500 block say 5 ways, does that mean each 100 block can have a seperate icon at that point? I was under the understanding that 500 per icon was the minimum. In this case if they split it between 2 coins, 250 now and 250 later, wouldn't they have the same icon? If you can now buy say 100 numbers from Cacher X and get a seperate icon, that opens a whole new world up.

    You are correct. A minimum of 500 codes for each icon. However, all of the codes do not need to be on the same coin design.

    Example: IF Moun10bike made 100 round in 2004, 200 squares in 2005 and 200 stars in 2006 He would have only had to buy 500 codes to get 1 icon that symbolized Moun10bike.


    I asked Brian when I bought my codes.

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