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  1. I have tried tons of times!!! I never got my notification from the mailing list either!!! I signed back up for the list too! I can't find a single spot that allows ordering! FIXED! I got 2 sets!!!
  2. I may pay $200 to have the dies made & a sample struck... 1.75 inch coin... It's going to look sweet!
  3. Hey no one is too late! I have 100+ silver available and a hand full of copper... Gold is gone! please use the link on top to access the coin page!
  4. Thanks to everyone who has come and supported us newbies... I know that I can speak for everyone else in saying that we appeciate it! As far as the coin goes, I have already been asked by someone, who still is posting in Cheers, to drop it & to close this thread. (Funny thing is that this person didn't even vote!) I don't want to have wasted time (months) on this project just to have a few kinks muck the whole project. I will leave this thread open - when the time comes to continue with the coin, please let me know... Again, I miss all my geofriends... I'm still here - I'm not any more invisible than I was a week ago! *kisses n hugs n luv n stuph*
  5. For a friend... I'm changing the date...
  6. That's what I'm waiting for... Hopefully someone will post here when it is time to revive this idea. <I miss everyone... but better to stay away right now...> *kisses n hugs n luv n stuph*
  7. Let's try this again.... Are we still doing this coin? Are we discussing the format?
  8. Much better than your artwork! Still would have liked to have your geocaching ID on there somewhere!!!
  9. No.... I think the llama closed all those threads....
  10. About 13 years ago, I made his up for IRC chat in college. My grandfather ALWAYS played the mandolin. I loved the way it sounded (both the name & the music). Mandolin was kinda like Madeline. I decided, at 18, that it needed to sound/read more girly - so I tinkered with it to make it what it is today! Mandollyn
  11. I've seen kilts small enough for a three-apple-tall guy... They sell them at the pet store!
  12. Do you have one of mine? I'll check my logs...
  13. I have 8 Shiny Gold coins left - ONE has JEN in the tracking number... PM me if you'd like it...
  14. It is about a geocoin - thus is part of the geocoin discussion thead. I presumed that anyone who knew what I was talking about would simply read the thread & act upon the request. I'll close the thread so no one feels less "special". And there ARE quite a few people in on the Cheerios thing... sorry to all who aren't part of te BMB...
  15. Cheerios are *special* - they know who they are & will help by GOING TO VOTE! Thank you. Edit: *SpecialEd* is *special* - he knows who he is - He needs to go VOTE too!
  16. If you know what/who Cheerios ™ are.... PLEASE GO VOTE! I'd like to get the STYLE decided ASAP! THANKS!
  17. I had 500 minted. I have sold a total of 287 coins. I have sold out of the copper (75) & only have 20 of the gold (125 minted)! My Geocoin
  18. Page 156 of the New catalog! Plastic Mini Collapsible Pens! They look like little pills! $4.95 for 24!!! I love them!
  19. I'd love one of your coins! Maybe the other side can simply tell us about you... It would save $ on coloring & could be a great personal coin!
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