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  1. My most recent price quote, for a new coin I/we are designing, from the minter I used to make MY coin is:


    Bass base - color on 1 side only - 1 3/4 inch = 500 coins @ $4.50 each.


    That makes $2250 without custom icon, but trackable on GC.com

  2. I was hooked on ebay long before geocaching. Yes, I got my GPS'r from a vendor on ebay. There are a lot of geocoins available there too. I've read enough posts here to know that coins often dissapear after being placed. Should I or shouldn't I buy geocoins from ebay? Should I be concerned about ownership of these geocoins? I wanted to get some for FTF awards in caches I place. Thoughts? :)



    If you would like some coins at fixed prices, go HERE ....no bidding required.

    :):D I see my coin on that list :DB)





  3. Just a reminder..... As long as you are selling trackable coins it is perfectly fine to STOP calling it the "eplace" and call it EBAY. EBAY EBAY EBAY EBAY EBAY EBAY EBAY, see, no wet noodle slapping me!



    ebay ebay ebay



  4. I was thinking the same thing. Wow look at all those color. Not sure if this coin is going to be worth the price + shipping


    .....and I really like the idea


    Maybe you could work out a deal with someone in the USA to maybe split the order and save everyone the shipping costs. Just a thought.....




    It is always possible to combine geocoins from different people and ship them against costs. That's wat a few Dutch cachers also do to lower the shipping costs from the States :anicute:

    And if I know the exact weight of the coins, maybe I can lower the shipping costs.


    In the meanwhile already 25 reservations are made :anicute:

    Have you actually been given a price quote from the minter?


    250 coins for a total cost of XXX


    Please at least tell us a general price point on these. I'd be able to get a quote from my minter to get a general idea, but that wouldn't help since you are in a different country.


    I also agree that zinc is the wrong way to go as far as base metal.


    (Bent u eigenlijk gegeven een prijscitaat van minter? 250 muntstukken voor totale kosten van XXX Gelieve te vertellen minstens een algemeen prijspunt op deze. I'd om een citaat van mijn minter te kunnen ertoe brengen om een algemeen idee, zou maar dat te krijgen niet helpen aangezien u bent in een verschillend land Ik ben ook het ermee eens dat het zink de verkeerde manier om zover als onedel metaal is te gaan.)

  5. I am one of the people who sell on ebay - R3&BH does as well...


    You can simply send a message to the seller and ask for their GC.com nick & they SHOULD give it to you... I simply try to be as honest & open with anyone who asks...


    I sell my Getting There coin for $7.50 on eBay... I usually put on 5 at a time... I try to offer more out there if the bidding gets over $8 because that means they are wanted by more than 5 people. I'd rather just sell them HERE, but eBay is easier!

  6. I'll make a reservation as soon as the "Verzenden" button works. :huh::anicute::ph34r::anicute::huh:

    I made a reservation for 1 - I don't know if I will keep the reservation because he has no prices... I'm sure it will be quite high since shiping is already high - besides, LOOK at all the colors!!!


    *sigh* Hopefully, I'll be quite pleased...... :(

  7. Who at Groundspeak approved your artwork? What about your ICON?

    Who is minting your coin?


    I placed a call to Groundspeak, but was unable to reach someone right now... I would suggest asking the person who approved the artwork to post the approval in here to stave off any concerns...

  8. I have never seen the "Gas Can coin" but the "United We Cache" coin I have seen has the correct colors of green, orange, yellow & blue.


    Do you have a link or photos to show the issue?


    GasCans Geocoin

    Thanks for the link...


    Again, the colors are correct & the logo isn't structurally altered... an X is placed on the cleavage lines which does not alter the logo....


    EDIT: The above posting had me research this coin "US & Canada United We Stand" coin...


    I do not know if it is/was in production since this thread is/was still investigating the coin itself.


    I called Brian & he was not available to speak with... Maybe he is talking to the creator...???

  9. <snip>


    The only way to break this system (well... aside from breaking the machine as well) would be that it would have no way of telling what's a washer/flat chunk of metal/etc and what's a coin. The 'lever' that the dropped coin hits could be designed in such a way (ie: slanted down, but flat bottom)that if you had a thin magnet on a string, you wouldn't be able to pull anything up from the top.



    None of my geocoins ae magnetic... Sounds pretty cool to me tho!

  10. This contest is supposed to be FUN. I will wager that if there was not a prize attached most of you could care less.


    Let us consider the following equation: GJTB = FUN not GJTB = ANGST


    For your continued viewing pleasure I provide you a llama and a duck.



    But I thought we had to get rid of the duck :D

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