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  1. How do I get an activation code for the Partners in Caching coins? I don't see a coin number, just the PC_ _ _ _ code!
  2. My coin is Geocaching related! See! See!
  3. I can see your avatar speaking these words as you type them... tee hee hee
  4. Can I still purchase this coin or is it sold out?
  5. Again, I like the concept of this coin. The major problems I see are: 1 - They are calld Sumatran Elephants NOT Sumatra 2 - Sumatran Elephants are an "Asian" variety, who have SMALL ears. Not BIG like the coin. 3 - There are approx. 2,440 to 3,350 individuals left, NOT 700! WWF Website on Sumatran Elephants I LOVE ELEPHANTS! I have a HUGE collection of them. This coin would have been a wonderful addition, but the errors are too overwhelming. Sorry, no deal. =D-----
  6. Thanks for the CLICK... Didn't get any info though!!! =D-----
  7. SHAMELESS PLUG to pull my listing higher... =D-----
  8. Going... Antique Silver ~ 248 Shiny Gold ~ 84
  9. Do you have any more available? My mom is a PEZ-a-holic! I'd also like to have one for my collection...
  10. It's my first time too! What I'm finding out is that many people won't buy it if it doesn't have its own icon geocaching.com requires 500 codes to get an icon... $750 They also require the icon fee of .................... $150 That's ................................................. $900 PLUS the cost of the minting!!! I'm getting a great deal from Rusty at the geocoinstore.com I figured that if I sold my coins for $7.50 each, I could cover the cost to do 500. I'm not an expert, but currently in the process as you are! ~!~!~!~! SHAMELESS PLUG !~!~!~!~
  11. If I'm missing your ID, please respond on here with the first 5 of your address like: 123 MA or PO BOX 12345 THANKS! (There is an ID spot on the form now) I have the following orders matched with IDs. triffid mohr11 gutcache JMBIndy The Klever Boys Marky Ferreter5 bob393 Szuchie CENT5 qattales Zork Tharagleb BenGeo'en the.pud mohr11 TMOCM Lazer Quoddy doublestuff Ryder3 & Better Half LZ33
  12. In my mailbox last night: Zephyr & Carwyn Partners in Caching Dog Coins!!! YIPPIEE! They are so cute! Just wonder what kind of dogs they are? Welsh Corgi & ?????? !!! SHAMELESS PLUG !!!
  13. The only ones I don't know:
  14. Cool....the evil looking tree over to the right is Great Reward or something like that. It's a coin to commemorate night caches... I've updated!!! Now there are 253!!!
  15. Looks nice - just seems a little dangerous... like a throwing star...??? Probably look different when an actual coin...
  16. Pick me!!! Pick me!!! I'm in Pittsburgh, PA and have a lot of fellow posters/cachers who would LOVE to be in the running for this collection!
  17. Not quite sure why order form is glitching for some users... Thank you for the order & as always, email orders are welcome everyday!!! Mandollyn
  18. This is what I have! 248 Icons in JPG form
  19. I'm so happy to offer this coin! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! If you are having web page glitches, feel free to e-mail me with the specifications... Name Address City State Zip Country # of Antique Silver # of Shiny Gold Thanks again!!!
  20. It's the reflection of the felt front on the highly shiny coin... tee hee hee!
  21. Going.... 271 ~ Antique Silver 99 ~ Shiny Gold
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