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  1. - WANTED -


    any of the bat coins


    sockmonkey coins 3 of them


    texas coins


    Mardi Gras mask coin, black & gold


    _-_ AVAILABLE _-_


    Mandollyn's Getting There 2006 Coin in


    Shiny gold (LE)

    Shiny Copper (LE)

    Antique Silver (Standard)


    Sended a mail through your gc profile some time ago as you searched the creatures of nightcaching before. Got no answer... Still have 2 versions available for trading or selling.


    I did answer, but I didn't realize that the Groundspeak email notification wasn't really going to reply to you directly... :(

    Had this problem with another cacher as well...


    I DO want that coin!!! Please email me a photo of the 2 and I'll let you know which one I'd like... I'll reply with a photo of mine so you can choose as well! Thanks mandollyn@aol.com

  2. Sorry for not being around for a while... but I'm back!




    I have all of my activation codes and you can PM me or Email me (mandollyn@aol.com) with your PC Code & I'll get right back with you!



    I also have several coins left for sale in the Antique Silver - available on ebay. ebay profile


    I am willing to trade for unactivated coins too! Let me know what you have(pic of coin is best) and I'll consider a trade!

  3. If anyone still needs/wants my Getting There coin, I have quite a few left!

    Got a seeking list?

    Unfortunately, I've not kept up with them for like 2 years... The coins are $8 each for purchase, plus actual shipping.


    I would like unactivated coins in trade - if there are any monkey coins, compass roses, neat looking coins are cool too!


    THANKS! (I'll try to come up with a list!)

  4. PLEASE do NOT drill a hole in it before finding out what it was meant to do...


    It is someone like you who I really appreciate having in the geocaching community... courteous to the owner & enthusiastic to make sure things are done correctly!


    :blink: Way to go!!!

  5. Not that I am agreeing or disagreeing with your choice... I just don't "get it" so-to-say...


    Are you planning on attaching a cache container or holder to a piece of playgound equipment?


    Are you planning to bury it under sand/wood chips?


    What would be hiding the container?


    See... I just don't "get it"....

  6. Here's one for you other designers. I know that I can NOT doodle people to save my life so this one is up for grabs.


    "Caught Caching" (Background) a cacher down on his hand and knees searching under a bush in the dark. (Foreground) Silhouette style police car with an officer standing beside it shining his light on the cacher.


    The light would have to be glow in the dark! No ideas yet on the obverse side, so run with it! I'd love to see what anyone comes up with! I sure wish I could toon people!

    Just my kind of take on it...


    Thrown together in about an hour...



  7. I just drew up a rough draft for a coin I'm thinking of having designed. I need some imput from people on what you think of it.


    Thanks for your imput!

    I prefer your otter. Very cute.

    I also prefer the original otter... but unless you are going to spend extra money having the photo printed onto a textureless coin, the enamel will not be verigated like the shells and face show on the original artwork.


    IF you would like my artwork, please feel free to PM me & I will email it to you as a file.


    That goes for anyone else as well! I ENJOY recreating artwork for coins... ;)

  8. *** !!!NOTE!!! ***


    When you choose a coin company - make sure you ask if THEY will obtain the tracking codes from GC.com or is it something you will have to do!!!


    Chances are, they did NOT include the cost of the codes in the cost of minting!!!

    That's a good point Mandollyn, but if a client is asking for a quote to make a trackable coin with an icon, that is what should be in the quote. Most companies that produce geocoins know that the coin is either trackable or not; if you take your coin production to a company that doesn't 'know' geocoins, then this could definitely be a concern.

    I certianly agree with you there!!!


    The company I had mint my coin, www.thecoinmaker.com, has made several geocoins... However, they have never delt with GC.com. I provided them with the codes and they just put them on.


    Was my coin worth that extra step? Yep!

    Is my coin high quality? Yep!

    Would I use this company again? YEP!

  9. *** !!!NOTE!!! ***


    When you choose a coin company - make sure you ask if THEY will obtain the tracking codes from GC.com or is it something you will have to do!!!


    Chances are, they did NOT include the cost of the codes in the cost of minting!!!

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