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  1. Hi everyone!


    I am the glass artist that Jake commissioned to make the GlassTraveler coins. He placed an order with me for 20 coins in November, then I never heard from him again! I have personalized coins for : ibmer, chadbishop, moonie, lesserl, bulle4u, 200.Gast, HexeLilly, Glynes (5) and mbarb(2) as well as 6 that are not personalized. I can't convert this glass to any other use, so if the owners would like to contact me and pay postage (I'm guessing $1.50 or less) I will be happy to send you your coins. These do NOT have tracking numbers since he never provided me with the list of trackable numbers from Geocaching.com, if you can obtain one, I would be happy to put in on the coin for you.


    Since I just joined the group in order to post this offer, I'm not sure....is it ok for me to post my business e-mail address here?


    Sorry we are all going though this!



    You should sell them on ebay. I probably would buy one after i saw what they looked like. :rolleyes:

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