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  1. I believe the trip odometer stops measuring when signal is lost on the Garmins. I have a VistaC, and I've compared several bike rides to the bike computer (calibrated to wheel circumference). They've been within 1% on trip distance and average speed. Elevation gain (both the Vista C and my bike computer have barometric altimeters) has been a little more variant, but still probably within about 5-10% or so (which is the level of variation trip-to-trip on any one of them).



  2. What do you want to get into Street Atlas - do you want to do live tracking, or download stored tracks/routes/waypoints? I've been using GPSbabel to convert saved tracks from Mapsource into a format that Topo USA 4.0 (also a DeLorme product) can take in (csv to bring it in as a route, gpl to have it as a gps log). I think live tracking is what gpsgate is supposed to do, but it's an application I personally have no use for.



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