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  1. The SAME thing is happening on my friends 60csx! It happened a couple of times last night when near power wires. Not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. But you're not alone!
  2. Hey all! I have a practically brand new Palm TX that is sitting collecting dust that Im looking to trade for some GPS equipment. I bought this for $299 and a week later was given a Blackberry from work, so I dont need. Includes everything as it was in the box as well as a Palm branded belt clip holster. I will sell for $190 or trade for something equivalent. I am serious about this transaction so please only respond if you are honest, have a good reputation and are going to follow through. Thanks!
  3. The funny thing is the 60csx is supposed to be more sensitive due to the SiRF III chipset. Honestly, I do not know. Both has the same helix antenna. On the move, some time the 60 show better accuracy, but next turn the 76 win back and vice versa. I guess the angle of mount, line of sight, unit placement near certain metallic object could play some part. Overall, both seems to perform equally well. PS. It would be take the fun away (geocaching game) if they show exactly the same location. Cheers, Joel
  4. I would definitely reccomend the Garmin Nuvi. I have had it over a year now and consider it to be the best auto GPS out right now. With the SiRF III chip the accuracy is dead on, the maps are about 97% accurate and the portability and ease of use are through the roof. I would definitely go to your local electronic retailer and play with one. You will be pleasntly surprised.
  5. Ive been out of the caching scene for a couple months and during this time I sold my faithful eTrex Legend Cx, along with my Magellan xPlorist 300 and 210, with plans of buying a 60csx when I got back into the scene. Well yesterday was the day for the purchase. I ended up spending about $350 less and just as happy with the iFinder PhD. This particular unit is the same as the iFinder Explorer(Electronic compass and altimiter) but adds MP3/Ogg playback. Now the MP3 feature, I will NEVER use and really dont care about. BUT the rest of the features and the performance are top notch and I have never been happier. First off the unit picks up a lock fairly quick, within 1 or 2 seconds of the acclaimed 60CSX. It also holds a lock extremely well. Even under heavy tree cover. Me and a friend did some caches together(he owns a 60csx) and both our GPSr's were dead on under vine and bush. Now there is one thing to be said here. Lowrance calibrates the ETE MUCH differently than the likes of Garmin and Magellan. There were several times the CSX showed a 15foot ETE with 5 sats tracked, while the iFinder showed a 50foot ETE with 5-6 sats tracked. Ive never seen the iFinder's ETE get below 40feet. Even while tracking 8 sats out in the open. In other words you CANNOT compare accuracy numbers between this unit and other brands. You will get your feelings hurt. If you really must compare, compare the number of sats tracked and their respective signals. You will find the iFinder series to be ONE of the most sensitive receivers on the market today. Does it beat out the CSX? Nope. But I can tell you, as far as performance is concerned, its pretty much a dead on tie. The screen is nice and big and is of fairly high resolution, with more than ample backlighting. The menu structures and navigation are pretty straightforward, however Lowrance believes in letting the user tweak every little setting and it shows(Theres even a battery voltage reading!). There is a small learning curve,but nothing too dramatic. All in all a very easy unit to operate with feature a plenty. The unit is physically bigger than most of the other current GPSr's on the market, but feels very good in the hand. The unit has to be somewhat big to accept the large screen. CONS: I personally havent found any as of yet, but there may be a few things some would consider cons. The first is the lack of autorouting. This does not concern me in the least. I have a Garmin Nuvi for that. This unit is made for the outdoors and it shows. However, the screen and the shiny case finish are just asking for scratches. I have a feeling the unit will take a beating well, but will definitely show it. So if you are the kind that has to keep your unit looking new, I suggest some sort of case. Second, im not sure how long the battery life really is. The manufacturer claims 12 hours, but I used a set of 2500mah Duracell's in it and used it with backlighting half way(2 minute timeout setting) for about 2 hours and lost a little over a 1/4 of the battery during that time. However the manual states the battery guage is not always accurate. So take that with a grain of salt. Third the rubber keys make a squeaking sound and feel slightly musy. Again, this does not bother me but I just thought id mention it. Other than that I really have no complaints. The electonic compass and pressure sensors are always dead on (after calibration that is) and all the features work well. Inside a one story house, I was tracking 5 sats with one being WAAS. Not bad for only spending $150. Hope this reivew helps those considering Lowrance products.
  6. I would STRONGLY reccomend you getting the Leged C series over the Legend. The sensitivity is like night and day. I have both and under heavy cover the b/w legend is ALWAYS loosing signal.
  7. I love it when y'all call me Big Poppa!
  8. Yes! Where did it go?????? Its a conspiracy!
  9. So the processor is uber-fast, how fast is that? Where can you find details of processor speeds of Garmin products? I have a Quest II and it is Uber-Slow, any idea what it's processor speed is? Looks like a cool device. Garmin doesnt devlulge actualy prcessor speeds of the Nuvi, but I can tell you that it takes about 5-10 seconds to calculate a 500 mile trip customized to avoid toll ways, uturns and dirt roads. Also when re-calculating it is almost instantaneous. It also uses the SIRF chipset and can pickup a sat signal at the bottom of the Grand Banks(Ha). The Nuvi is now declared by many, the "defacto standard" by which all GPS'es are measured. Hope this helps.
  10. No, its actually my estranged father holding me as a child during my first christmas.
  11. Yea. I have used about a bajillion LED/Bulb lights in the past and was very impresed with this ones light output. Im sure there are better, but for the money it does very well. And I attempted a search, as I always do before posting new topics, but for some reason the search was hanging for me last night. So I just decided to take my chance and post.
  12. You know. These posts really make me remeber why I generally do not like people. LOL. Theres nothing that aggrivates me more than a nosy individual with nothing else to do but be all up in my business.
  13. Thanks, I see how its done. I am still having a problem with the buttons and joy stick but will get better with practice, maybe. I am in the house and is said something about warning 2d fix, so I will wait until tomorrow to try again. Chuck The 2d fix simply means that you do not have a good enough lock to determine altitude. You can input the coords with a 2d fix, no problem. I just wouldnt mark your current location until you got a 3D fix.
  14. I actually used the POI loader to load the gpx files to my Nuvi just as an experiment. Worked great. And with the sirf chipset in the Nuvi I got very acurate results. However, I would not reccomend the Nuvi as a caching device as there is no compass screen, data fields, etc. Just a map view. But for a vehicle only device it did a great job pinpointing caches! The proximity alerts actually helped make up for the visual shortcomings!
  15. Are you sure that the disc isn't a dvd and not a cd? You may want to make sure that you have a dvd drive on your pc. That is most likely the problem.
  16. Given your budget, you would be hard pressed to find a better unit than the Garmin eTrex Legend C/Cx. The only difference between the 2 is the card slot for storage. The C has a built in 24 meg memory, which I find more than adequate for most situations.
  17. I have used both a Lowrance Auto and Watercraft product with great success. Havent had a chance to use any of the handhelds as of yet, but I am sure I will own one within the near future!
  18. Me and hitman757 usually end up going on night caches and have had a hard time finding a light source that was small and provided a decent brightness level. I was in Bass Pro Shops the other day and picked up the Bass Pro Shops 9 LED Aluminum flashlight and let me tell you, this thing is BRIGHT. It gives off a nice blue/white beam that almost acts a spotlight. It is very sturdy (aluminum shell) and uses 3 AAA batteries that last about 25 hours. And best of all its only $35. Well worth the money! Heres the link: http://www.basspro.com/servlet/catalog.Tex...t=SearchResults
  19. Been lurking for about a year now, but just decided to come out of the cache-closet.
  20. Most of my caches are done at night. Less interference from the muggles and it gives the whole game a different aspect.
  21. Garmin NUVI 350, hands down. Of course this is my opinion. But there are hundreds of users out there that will agree with me. Absolutely BEAUTIMUS screen, uber-fast processor, wonderful alogarithims, sexy voices (Ha Ha) and a whole slew of extra features such as an MP3 player and picture viewer. Not too mention its about the size of a deck of cards!
  22. Press the "Mark" button then use your click stick to go to the Coord's area and input there. Once the coords are input, select your icon (if desired), name it, click save and your done!
  23. Hey all, Just wanted to say Hey to all and give a quick introduction. I am fairly new to caching( Been doing it on and off about a year now, just never posted to the forum), but have been in the GPS game for a while now. I've used (and owned) many differnet GPS'es and currently find myself collecting various models, almost like an addiction! Myself and hitman757 will be representing the Hampton Roads area and should be setting up some interesting caches within the next month or so. This is a great board and I find everyone extremely helpful and nice. I look forward to getting to know all of you!
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