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  1. Coins like this give me the goose bumps! I can't wait to get my hands on a couple.
  2. I had been wondering about the T.I.P.S. Event's name.
  3. Congrats to You! My guess is: Archery & Running
  4. Must have a few of these! Stellar design.
  5. I'd be more than happy to help out with this project. Great idea. Phoenix, AZ area here.
  6. A Memorial to the women in my family. I wanted to list the link here in support of what you're doing. Truly an honorable cause. Thank you. Breast Cancer Awareness Geocoin ~BluPrizm
  7. Just placed my order. Great looking coins!
  8. 4 boys - 1 girl Boy child is the oldest?
  9. Nice, well thought out design. I just placed my order.
  10. Not a bad day at all... Gold CHP Gold Cache is King Copper Mexico (this is a great looking coin!) Alberta Wild Rose Loved the Cache Lips x3
  11. CONGRATS to the winner! I'm a bit envious, I admit. ...and KUDOS to the coin makers for offering such a fine coin at a reasonable price. Cache On~
  12. If you ever drop one in Georgia, let me know!
  13. I'd be in for a couple of these, if they were to come out.
  14. I nominate Johnnie. He deserves a treat after all the spectacular caches he has hidden. Johnnie's Profile
  15. ...the anticipation builds. I can hardly wait to get mine!
  16. Any one of our local Reviewers deserves a staff like that! Erik, GPSfun, & Mtn-Man Go Team Go!
  17. Cloning - GCMQB0 This cache allowed me to place out my first cache and five more followed shortly after.
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