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  1. I got worried when after about 20 minutes, I still hadn't received an order confirmation from Oakcoins, so I went back a made a second duplicate order, just to play it safe. Then both my confirmation emails arrived momments later! :D

    ... So, now I'll have one extra Assasin (AS) and one extra Imperialist (AS), should anyone want to trade. :D


    Email sent. :P

  2. Sadly, even though I got up early on the weekend to attempt to grab a few of these stellar coins, they had already sold out. Perhaps someone will show pity on me and offer a trade in the future.

  3. The wait was definetely worth it. I recieved my coins yesterday and all I can say is WOW! The copper finish is amazingly beautiful and the silver finish is exceptional as well. I only wish I would have grabbed a few more. :)

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