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  1. It usually doesn't happen as quickly as that. Owners have different ideas about restocking a cache. Some don't bother. The degrading of swag is just inevitable, and they don't care to spend more money on it. Others enjoy adding a few more interesting swag items when they do maintenance on their cache. Do what seems sensible to you and makes you happy. Best of luck with your first cache!
  2. As a result of this difference in cash value, geocoins have a very short lifetime in caches. I've seen lots of travel bugs, but very few coins. Imagine how long a $10 bill would last in a cache. Sadly, this has killed the usefulness of geocoins as travel items. I've been able to purchase coins for $5. Those are the ones that I send out into the world. Interestingly, the one traveler that is still moving of the ten I've sent out is a coin.
  3. I've sent out 10 travelers. One is still traveling; one returned to me as was its mission; and the rest are missing or in the hands of cachers for too long to hope for their further travels. All good things come to an end. It's fun while it lasts, though.
  4. Trackable items such as coins and bug are not trade items. You pick them and move them to a new cache. No exchange is needed. Oh- OK. On one of the cache pages, it asked for anyone taking a TB to leave a TB, so I thought that was a "rule". Thanks so much! Yours is a common misconception about travelers, which is reinforced by cache owners who make "rules" like the one you sited. The cache owner made that "rule" without the authority to do so. Such a restriction benefits the cache owner's desires and no other's. TBs and coins are sent out by their owners to travel. If you can help a coin or TB and you would like to, please pick it up and enjoy the fun of it. There is not a difference between a coin and a TB except in their appearance and that coins have pretty icons that collect in your list of trackables found.
  5. In my experience looking for caches, it is quite uncommon. I am a bit surprised, though, to think of my 3 multis and to realize there is not a micro among them. It certainly wasn't a conscious decision. Heck, I'm just conscious of the lack of micros now. I like to spend a good bit of time creating and contemplating a cache and a micro in a tree hole just doesn't fit into that fun for me.
  6. This one is a cache that I would do, though. Each part would be interesting, and there is a very good reason that it has so many parts. It's going on my wanna-do list.
  7. I think 10 is too many. In such a case, "multi" would stand for multitudinous cache, in my opinion. I would suggest breaking it up a bit. Maybe 2 multis and a traditional or two would be better. Surely, that would appeal to more people. I would also suggest that you also consider the variety of the hides. 10 micros in the woods can be just as tedious as 10 multi stages.
  8. My public bookmark lists are: ~ Favorite easy hides ~Favorite natural locations ~Favorite hides (clever or unusual) ~"Unusual caches" (a compilation of caches that area cachers suggested in our local forum to satisfy my desire for something different.) ~ DeLorme NY (caches I've done for the NY DeLorme Challenge cache) I wish that more people in my area kept up-to-date bookmark lists. That reminds me... I've got a couple caches to add to my lists.
  9. Please don't hide in stone walls. It is an invitation for the wall to be destroyed by searchers.
  10. That's the only explanation that you can think of? Seems to me that they spell their intentions right out in their logs. They are "waving" at convention. Since they do it all with a bit of flair, I, myself, find it rather funny. (Edit to simplify the massive quote.) That seems to be a bit of a stretch, because the logs indicate in a fairly earnest manner that they honestly believed they were FTF: "Of course, finding this was a treat, but to be FTF was a welcome and unexpected surprise." There's nothing directly stating that claiming a fake FTF is part of their silly anarcho-whateverism. Well, what would be the fun in saying that their claim of FTF is just a ruse to upset those who care about such things? That's not how you play that game. If you want to really get a good result from such a claim, you would ideally want to claim a FTF after someone like the OP rushes out to find the cache first. Now THAT would be entertaining.
  11. That's the only explanation that you can think of? Seems to me that they spell their intentions right out in their logs. They are "waving" at convention. Since they do it all with a bit of flair, I, myself, find it rather funny. (Edit to simplify the massive quote.)
  12. Yes, nice thread. We've heard a lot from those who are less fortunate recently, and I do feel sad for them that their dearest one doesn't share their interest in caching. For my husband and me, it feels like a return to our early dating days when we would go for long, aimless drives together. Geocaching gives us a bit more direction than we had in our younger years but, still, the same sense of adventure and discovery. Geocaching has provided a reassuring spiral back as we approached and entered our empty nest years. He doesn't log or put together our itinerary; but he suggests where to go, discusses hides with me, and makes at least 50% of the finds. As in life, we make a pretty good team! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to brag about my favorite caching partner.
  13. Of course not! The set of geocachers minus the sub-set of greedy geocachers = less geocachers (less popular)
  14. No, because asking for assistance should not be, and I feel is not against the rules. Please pick up a dictionary and look up "solicit" before you post again.
  15. Since you are a geologist, I bet that you would particularly like EarthCaches. There is a geologist cacher in our area who has put out some nice ones in our area. When you get around to wanting to put out a cache, I would imagine that you could put together a pretty awesome EarthCache also. Welcome to the fun!
  16. From what you have said about her in this thread, I would suggest that you call her "my darling, dearest one".
  17. That's a Treat, right? Such a smart boy! Wanta cookie?
  18. Look at the Cool Cache Containers thread. Perhaps it will inspire you. Best of luck with your plans!
  19. Maybe you should make some hides, with him the only one that has the coord's for him to find and then when he finds it, you could give him a Treat. And don't forget to pet him and tell him he's a good boy.
  20. Maybe normal for you. For me they aren't asking if I need help. They are asking WTF am I doing (or a nicer variation). Normally because I'm running around in a T-shirt in 4' of snow when they find me while I'm looking for a cache, or heading off into the woods with a young girl in a snowstorm clearly ready to dump the body after I do vile things. (nevermind that it's my daughter who wanted to come along and help me hide the cache). So I'm thinking you have a much kinder countainance that causes people to assume the best. I think that Renegade Knight is onto something here. What is it about you that makes others feel compelled to approach you? Though you don't have many pictures in your gallery, I can see that you are a young and attractive woman, and from your profile page, it appears that you have an unbearably adorable young dog. Along with the advice that you've been receiving about changing your demeanor, I would suggest that you dress in such a way to make you seem less attractive and to hide your youthful apprearance. Got a big, puffy coat; a uni-sex style hat to tuck your hair into; some clunky, unstylish boots and a pair of huge sunglasses? If not, you could visit your local Goodwill for such items. I'd bet that would cut down the muggle approaches if you were to wear such attire. Then, unless you find that your dog provides cover for your geocaching activities, I would leave the cutie at home if you will be caching in a more public location. You might also see if you can find a formidable man to be your caching buddy. Is Renegade Knight in your area?
  21. My first thought would be to go to the town's assessor's office, but perhaps someone knows of an easier way.
  22. That sounds like a positive turn in his thinking. I'd encourage him to take the lead on that. It sounds like he is still keeping his mind open. Keep looking for angles that appeal to him. It sounds like the historical and the technical aspects of certain caches pique his interest. You'll probably do best if you include at least one of those in your caching outings. Good luck to you!
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