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  1. When you mark a TB missing, the system automatically generates a log and notifies the owner via email. The note on the TB's page is redundant, as you point out, but it is a kind and more personal approach. I think most TB owners would appreciate the gesture.
  2. I understand that they did search his car and found stolen logbooks and magnetic key holders, as well as lists of caches and their coordinates. Where are my Geocoins?? Haha Under the legs of his wobbly coffee table, maybe?? Heehee
  3. I understand that they did search his car and found stolen logbooks and magnetic key holders, as well as lists of caches and their coordinates.
  4. Good luck and have fun! If I ever get down that way, I'll definitely make a visit.
  5. The last two posts bring up a good point for you to consider. Do you enjoy being crafty yourself and are you looking forward to the maintenance of such a cache? If you are truly devoted to the idea of a cache with this theme, your answer will have to be an enthusiastic "yes!"
  6. Your original post gives the impression that you would be a strict enforcer and might be the type that would deny a find if someone did not trade a handmade item. That impression colors the responses that you have received so far, though I find them all to be respectful and helpful. Take a lighter approach and people will be more receptive to your theme. *spelling edit
  7. As others have said, you can only request, not demand, that handmade items are swapped in your cache. I have a cache in which I ask that only red swag be traded. I go to that cache about twice a year to take out the non-red items and replace them with red ones. Most people who make trades will play along, but some don't. I find that maintaining the cache to make sure that it follows my intention encourages others to keep with the theme. It sounds like a fun idea to me; however, I caution you to remember that not every cacher is crafty. Be kind, encouraging and inclusive when writing your cache listing and thinking about those who will visit your cache.
  8. A little pen on a carabiner. Very handy! My husband likes to find coins.
  9. Or you could do what we did at first and still do much of the time (We're very low tech): Print up the page and, then, just try to get close to the numbers. Once you're pretty close, put the GPSr down and start your search. The printed cache page can be helpful to have with you.
  10. I don't really see the difference between just ignoring a cache and putting the caches on an ignore list except that it is easier for me to put them on that list. It is not a punishment of the CO unless you tell them that you are ignoring their cache. That is news that no CO wants to know and will not know unless you tell. Because that is information that is potentially hurtful, I generally do not tell others the specific caches on my ignore list. Only once have I informed a cache owner that their cache was going on my ignore list. That cache was one that I found offensive, and I wanted to state my dislike for what they had done. They did alter their listing so that it wasn't so blatantly offensive after I wrote them, which I appreciate, but the cache remains on my ignore list. It is a place I just do not want to go.
  11. I don't agree with your adjective describing the wrapped condom you found. While I do agree that it does not make a good swag item, I am not disgusted by the sight of a packaged condom. Now, if it were a used one... well, GROSS! Thankfully, I have not seem one of those in a cache. However, I have seen them on the way to a cache.
  12. Gets my vote as most disgusting... Yeah. It would be pretty disgusting to put anything in your mouth after it has been in a cache! That gets my vote, too.
  13. So true! edited out "(still in package)" because that would make it not so true.
  14. That seems like a pretty high number to me. You must have extremely high standards or live in a sea of Park and Grabs. There are three reasons that the 34 caches on my ignore list are there: ~There are a few that just don't seem interesting to me. ~Most of them are kayak caches around my home that I'm unable to do until I find a boat. ~One is a cache that I found offensive. It is the only one on the list that the owner knows that I am ignoring their cache. That particular cache was named "COULD THIS BE THE TREE?" and suggested that it was hidden in a tree where a serial killer had tortured one of his victims. I found the whole thing sickening and told the owner so.
  15. My definition of accessible in winter is the same as yours. And, yes, I have seen caches with this icon that I would not consider snow-friendly. As Knowschad said in his post, different cache owners apply different definitions to the icon. My suggestion is, now that you have your list of caches with that icon, that you go through them individually. You now know from experience some of the cachers that don't have the same definition of the snow attribute that you have. I would exclude those cachers caches from your list of possibilities first. Then, go through the caches' log histories to try to determine which ones are snow friendly. On occasion, I have contacted cache owners to ask.
  16. Yeah. Those aren't good. I can understand that someone added them because kids generally like them; however, the person failed to think through what that gummy, sticky toy would be like after spending some time in a cache. NO ONE would want it! I haven't seen them melted (extra icky!); but after just a minute in a cache, they are covered with any dirt that was at the bottom of the cache. Not appealing!
  17. Candy and other edibles. While those are forbidden swag in the guidelines, it surprises me that we've found those items several times. I can personally attest that wrapped peppermints make a sticky, icky mess in a cache! Those items are really lousy swag for a number of good reasons.
  18. I have done this several times. If the traveler doesn't get picked up within a month, I will then retieve it from the cache and move it to another when we go caching.
  19. The most surprising was finding the pencil sharpener from a cache in my cache bag. I honestly don't know how that happened, but there it was and there we were too many miles away to return it. I still feel a little guilt, though it is almost gone now that 3 years have passed. It could have been worse. I've heard the story of a cacher accidentally packing the logbook away and discovering it later.
  20. Oh dear. I think all the booby talk is messing with your mechanism. I think you missed a click.
  21. Yeah, yeah. We've seen it before. In fact there is a whole thread about it. I don't know why you wish to drag that old stinker out again. It's not the language so much as the attitude of the writer that is offensive. It had me wanting to ralph for a while when I read it. Now you've brought it up again.
  22. I'd just like to add that, if we're going to make it a weekend adventure, I prefer to get a campsite or hotel room in an interesting location and cache from there. That way, you can spend some time enjoying interesting and possibly more time consuming caches without worrying about moving down the road. It is more like a mini vacation that way. We often do a day's worth of caching on a loop route, which is fun, but not as special as a weekend caching away from home.
  23. Well, since one of your issues is convincing your husband that this is a great, fun idea (which I believe it is), I would first suggest a place to which he would be interested in going. Perhaps let him pick the place. Then, you would go about choosing caches as you would normally. You might also check out any forums for that area for suggestions from those who know the area best. May I also suggest that you keep your plans flexible. While spending your entire weekend caching may be just about perfect for you, it may not be quite so enjoyable for your spouse. Be prepared to mix it up with some other activities. If he enjoys the trip, he'll be more friendly toward more weekend caching get-aways. Good luck!
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