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  1. I was at an event this weekend where a new WIGO was released. No one was able to download the cartridge through the app (Android and iPhone). It must have broke recently, I hope they fix it very soon.
  2. I'd like to say THANK YOU to Rangerfox for the awesome builder. It's super easy to use and extremely user friendly. I'm looking forward to future upgrades and developments. Question: Is there anyway to encrypt or hide the final coordinates in a cartridge. I know some people will hack it anyway but I'd like it to be somewhat difficult. Thanks!
  3. There is a new multi-state Wherigo for Maryland, New York and California. I am looking for someone in the NYC area to go to central park for the first Stage. We have someone lined up for CA and I'm in Maryland. The Wherigo is just miles from my house. http://coord.info/GC4BQPC Feel free to contact me.
  4. A new Multi State Wherigo was published today. It requires people from Maryland, New York and California to unlock the stages. The start for the cache is about 10 miles from my house, I'm looking for people to join from NY and CA. Send me a message if you're up for it. Username Spikep (of the Zombie Horde) GC4BQPC Multi State Wherigo !
  5. I currently use the Samsung Galaxy SII android. The GPS works great on it and I've knocked out a few Wherigo's on it. I just published my first one also due to my new found love of Wherigo's!
  6. spikep


    I'm going to assume this is performed under events? Should it looks like this? Set value Cartridge:MEGA CAVERN:Name => Zone:Start:Active Set value Zone:Start:Active => Zone:Moonpie:Active Set value Zone:Moonpie:Active => Zone:Ice Cream:Active Set value Zone:Ice Cream:Active => Zone:Final:Active Set value Zone:Final:Active => Cartridge:MEGA CAVERN:Complete Or am I still missing something?
  7. spikep


    First of all. I'm really loving the Eaewigo builder. It's super easy but I'm stuck. I'm missing something. I have easily built the zones but I'm not sure what to do next. The cartridge I'm trying to build will take you from zone to zone. Once you enter the zone, it should trigger you to go to the next one. No questions needed seeing this is my first one and I'm just trying to make a simple one. Let me use the example: Zone 1 - Start Zone 2 - Moonpie Zone 3 - Ice Cream Zone 4 - Final Do I need to make it a task to move from zone to zone? And if so, what would the Statement look like? And where do I do this? Should I built statements under Cartridge => Events? Thanks in advance! Once I figure this out, I know a bunch of areas in the DC area that need a Wherigo
  8. I launched a cache last year where when you arrive at Stage 1, there is a Ammo Can with a wordlock on it. Attached to the Ammo Can is a small bison with 1 of the 4 letters needed to open the lock. You then have to travel to the other 3 caches to retrieve the letters to open the lock back at Stage 1. When you open the Ammo can, there is a map that shows you just completed the letter O on the map. It's all part of a 6 part series to spell ZOMBIE across two counties in Maryland. I'm almost done... just need to spell and E
  9. I created a puzzle that you had to look up the three digit area code of the cities in the story in order to get the final coordinates of the cache. I got some very positive responses.
  10. I wear a Camelback transformer with a 102oz bladder in it which helps on those long bike rides / hikes. Carabiners with my Magellan eXplorist GC hanging on the front. Inside: Zombie Horde cards tons of swag for caches bison tubes and nano's multitool extra pocket knife flashlight pens / markers First Aid Kit Sting kit Snake bite kit Bug spray Spare batteries duct tape electrical tape Both my daughters (7 & 9) carry the same. Well... in their backpacks they mostly have swag. The others in our caching group carry the same as I do.
  11. Best thing to do is run a new pocket query for your area. Delete the old gpx file in your geocaching directory on the magellan and then copy the new .gpx file to the GPS. I hope this helps...
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