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  1. Participating - Email sent 10/14/07 Received Name - Received 10/16/07 Mission Complete - Mission mailed 11/09/07 Package Received - Harvest Mission Received 11/14/07 I hadn't been to the PO for a few day and was excited when I saw a package with cool harvest sticker all over it. I could hardly wait to get home to open it. Once home all other mail was tossed aside. There was only one thing on my mind and that was opening that package! Inside... was a bag of yummy Jelly Belly Beans (my favorite ), a great magnetic note pad and little harvest box filled with golden goodies with it's own personal turkey messenger. That little turkey was hauling four wonderful coins. GeoTrucker Two Happy Hikers Team Sand Dollar GeoTag Buffalo Wings GeoTag I want to say a big THANKS and a to my Secret Mission Harvester!
  2. Completed my mailing mission today as promised!
  3. You have to us the TB number that is listed below the name of the coin. The tracking number won't work. Good luck!
  4. Participating - Email sent 10/14/07 Received Name - Received 10/16/07 Now the fun part starts! Since I didn't have anything my mission was seeking, I now am in the middle of trades. So I thought it was time to think about packaging. OH BOY! So many ideas! Mission Complete - Mission in the mail tomorrow! I have been shopping for the last two days for Thanksgiving items to stuff my package with. Not a thing can be found. Lots of left over Halloween and Christmas fills every shelf.... But no Thanksgiving and it is still two weeks away! Next year I think I better start looking two week or more before Halloween!!! Package Received
  5. Got my Geo 2008 Calendar. The first thing that got Geomarked was the Spring Fling. Looking forward to another great year filled with lots of Geo Events!
  6. I guess you have to point out to them that the words "Rigid - Keys, Coins, Pens, ect..." is the key words here that make it nonmachinable, but still in the criteria of First Class Mailing. An envelope containing Keys and Pens are defiantly not uniforn in thickness. But if they go through the 1/4" slot it is a First Class Nonmachinable letter they are within the criteria! $.41 + $.17 and then another $.17 for each additional rounded up ounce. And to me, GeoCOINS fall into this criteria. Copy and take this First Class Mailing sheet with you on your next trip to the PO. It is a matter of standing up for your rights. Who are they (the clerks), to go aginst the USPS own published criteria. I also learned that there is only one Postmaster for an area. Here in Kitsap County he is located at the main branch. The head person at our local PO is only a Manager. As well as the other head persons in other POs in the county. If the Manager of your PO won't work with you. Then go to the Postmaster. CD mailers sound like a good thing. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the tip. Lummieh
  7. Australian Cattle Dog As for a name I am not a movie buff. But he sure looks like a mighty fine "Chief"!
  8. I think for delivery confirmation your package has to be over 1/4". This raises the package to the 3/4" rate. I found that with PayPal confirmation you don't get any confirmation till it is delivered. Where the PO confirmation is scanned at mailing and have proof that it was mailed. Here is a better page from the USPS on the subject of mailing. The previous page was only for machinable letters. This talks about the nonmachinable first class mailing. http://www.usps.com/mailpro/2007/julyaug/page4.html The text below came from this page. Size isn't the only factor to consider. Also consider physical characteristics. Letter-rate pieces may be subject to the 17-cent nonmachinable surcharge due to other nonmachinable characteristics (see below). Also keep in mind, the weight limit for letters is 3.5 ounces (3.3 ounces for presort rate). Letter-size pieces weighing more than 3.5 ounces are subject to the rates for flats. Regardless of weight, a letter-size piece is considered nonmachinable and would be subject to the 17-cent nonmachinable surcharge if it has one or more of the following characteristics: • Pieces which are rigid or contain odd-shaped contents such as loose keys, coins or tokens that cause the thickness to be uneven (nonuniform). • Measures more than 4¼ inches high, or 6 inches long, and thickness is less than 0.009 inch. • Is polybagged, polywrapped or enclosed in any plastic material. • Clasps, strings, buttons or similar closure devices. • Self-mailer with a folded edge perpendicular to the address not folded and secured (e.g., tabbed). • Booklet with the bound edge (spine) along the top of the piece (length) or along the shorter dimension not secured (tabbed). Copy this page and take it into your PO. I just think the staff in the POs need to be brought up to date. Let the Bling Bling fly! Good Luck Lummieh
  9. Look up that page on the USPS site and take it into your PO. They also should have a template on their counter or somewhere close. It explains the thickness and size. I wouldn't think that they would have different criterias at different POs. USPS should be the same all over the USA. As Team Sand Dollar said... She had to explain it and work it out with her PO. Good Luck Lummieh
  10. Here is a picture of the envelope I use. I wrap book tape all around it to make sure the envelope doesn't get torn open. I always put the tape over the labels. I weigh the package on my digital scale at home. Now I can put the correct postage on and mail it without having to stand in line. If you put your own postage on. Make sure to put the stamps on last and over the top of the tape. The acutal stamps need to be cancelled. This is the packaging I was using. I will be using index cards folded around the coin to keep the thickness down. I'll use a Safe-T-Mailer if the weight is over the 3.5 oz. Happy coin trading Lummieh
  11. I'll take some pictures and get them on here as soon as possible. Lummieh aka Ole Woman of the Tribe
  12. I guess I am too much of a trusting person. A professional should know what they are doing. RIGHT???? I take their explanations and leave it at that. Why should I question their knowledge? Awhile back, well probably many months ago when postage rates went up. I was told that the criteria for mailing had changed also. What cost me $.63 was now costing me well over a $1 for a single coin. Almost double. I package & mail my single coins in 1/2 of a Safe-T-Mailer and slip it into a 3.5 X 6" coin envelope. To safe guard the package from tearing open, I wrap it in clear book tape. Because of this increase of postage I haven't been very active in trading lately! I get to the PO later in the day and usually always end up with this one clerk. (very small PO and only one of two clerks work the counter at a time usually) Well... Yesterday morning I went to the PO to mail a single coin in my usual packaging. The other clerk was working her station. She grab a template and tried to slip my package through a 1/4" slot. She told me that it could not go as a small envelope but the next step up, a 3/4" slot to a large envelope. It cost me $1.14. One of the lowest prices I had paid for a single coin in a long time. This really made me think about how I packaged my coins. This morning I made my own template and took it to the PO. I had a single coin I was mailing. But I put it in a regular envelope (not using the Safe-T-Mailer) and folded it, then put it in my coin envelope. I taped it as usual, but this time it fit through the 1/4" slot in my template. My usual clerk was there and I asked him if my template was correct. He looked a little bewildered but sized it up to his taped to the counter and it was the correct thickness. I paid for the mailing. It happened that the other clerk was there, but her counter was closed. I went to her counter and started copying the info and asked about the cost of postage. She gave me a copy of the First Class Mailing criteria for small and large envelopes. I went to my car and took out the reciept. I realized that it cost me $1.30 for this mailing. I was so into the conversation that I didn't think of what I paid out. I started to add the cost up and realized that I paid almost double. I took the reciept and the paper copy back into the PO and asked the clerk if he could help me understand the cost of this mailing. He said it was non-bendable. I point out the info on the paper and for nonmachinable letters. It states that there is a surcharge of $.17 for letters that are rigid or keys, coins, pens, etc. So after refunding me the $1.30. He proceded to fumble through the PO computer screen finding the right postage info to enter. Low and behold!!! It came to the same as I had calulated in the car. A whole wooping $.75! Well... You can bet that I am now once again a happy coin trader and will be looking to trade more often! You can find the information on mailing at www.usps.com. It took a little searching, but I did find it under here: http://www.usps.com/mailpro/2007/mayjune/page1.html If you know the weight & thickness of your package, you can calulate the postage on site. Anyway... I thought I would give you the weight, deimensions and postage criteria. So I hope that if you didn't know these details that this will help you with your future mailings. FIRST CLASS MAILING LETTER ****$.42 up to first ounce and $.17 for each additional rounded up ounce**** 11 1/2" in length 6 1/8" in height 1/4" in thickness Weight not more than 3.5 oz Nonmachinable Criteria- Letter *** ADD $.17*** Rigid Keys, coins, pens, etc... Has clasps, strings, buttons, ect... Enclosed in plastic material Delivery address is not parallet to the longest side Aspect Ratio by address orientation LARGE ENVELOPE *****$.80 up to first ounce and $.17 for each additional rounded up ounce**** 15" in lenght 12" in height 3/4" in thickness Nonmachinable Criteria - Large Envelope ****If your envelope has any of these. It must go as a package**** Rigid Not rectangular (Squares are rectangular) Not uniform in thickness (1/4" variation in thickness allowed)
  13. Have a great Holloween! Participating - Email sent 10/14/07 Received Name - Received 10/16/07 Now the fun part starts! Since I didn't have anything my mission was seeking, I now am in the middle of trades. So I thought it was time to think about packaging. OH BOY! So many ideas! Mission Complete Package Received
  14. Personally I feel it has got to have something related to GeoCaching. Is't that what GEOcoins should be about? The cacher, the research, the hunt and the find!
  15. Sending email!!! Nice coin!
  16. Participating - Email sent 10/14/07 Received Name - Received 10/16/07 Now the fun part starts! Mission Complete Package Received
  17. Participating - Email sent 10/14/07 Received Name Mission Complete Package Received
  18. Try this... http://tntgeocoins.com/activate/
  19. I am trying to find out where I can get an activation code for my GeoCachingDragon 2007. It is the one with the dragon wrapped around the outer edge with red eyes. I tried Coincodes.com but it says that it is unable to locate it. I know that I have all the letters and numbers correct, but I tried other possibilities. I have tried other geocoin activation sites. Still no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Lummieh aka Ole Woman of the Tribe
  20. I would like to put my seek list on there. How do I get invited to access it?
  21. While out on the road the last couple weeks. I tried to keep up with the forums when I managed to find WiFi, which wasn't often. So when I got back and brought that tub of mail home. The first thing I did was look for that wonderful package with the big bold letters from Team Sand Dollar. Thanks for the wonderful looking coins.
  22. Good lookin! Would love to trade with you. Lummieh aka Ole Woman of the Tribe
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