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  1. If it wasn't for our GeoDog, "Lit'l Bit", we would have missed this cache!
  2. I think placing unactivated or personal coins in caches is great. What a wonderful surprize for that next cacher. But some of us don't get out of our own area much. Once I have done local caches, there isn't much chance at finding coins dropped afterwards. So contest gives me the chance at a coin I might not ever have gotten other wise. Happy Caching
  3. I quess I am too impatient. It is working just fine now. Lummieh
  4. Anyone else having problems with connecting with the geocoincollection.com web site?
  5. I have contacted GC and they can't find the coin either. I sent a picture to verify the number. We'll see what happens next.
  6. Well.... I got 4 out of 5 activated. But still come up with the same error on the 5th one. It's got to be my ISP or computer doing some goofy things. Lummieh
  7. I got my Compass Rose coins the other day and retrieved my activation codes. But now trying to activate them at GC I have been getting the error "The Travel Bug you requested does not exist in the system". Has anyone else had this problem??? Lummieh
  8. I have some Coinapalooza '08' coins left over to trade. They are Black Nickel & 1.25".
  9. Picked up my package today from the PO. They look SO GOOD! Thank you Loran for the extra special surprize included. Your coins are my favorite personal geocoin series. Dianne
  10. YES! It is all your fault that I am doing a Pacific Sand Dollar. TSD Yes indeedy..... I'm sure glad to be blamed for something GOOD for a change. Love your Sand Dollars! Can't wait to get these precious coins in hand.
  11. Email sent. Would want to miss getting these to go with my other Team Sand Dollar geocoins! PS: Is that Pacific Sand Dollar the one I think it is???
  12. If it is a coin I want for my collection, then yes I will trade for an activated coin to adopt. I started out activating all my coins then the geocoin thing got way out of hand. Personals, States, GeoClubs and non-geo related coins. So I had to make a choice as to what coins I wanted to keep. I opted for personal coins. So now I have many non-personal coins that have been activated. It is hard to find adoptive homes for them. Good luck to you Lummieh aka Ole Woman of the Tribe
  13. Put me down for a trade please!!! I'll have to update my trade list and hope I have something you would like. Lummieh
  14. To bad we can't put a watch on this cacher. Oooowch... Just calling him a cacher hurts the ears! (I am watcher #20)
  15. Thanks for all your kind words. For those that know my daughter Lori, aka Naha Tyee. She was in a bad car accident a week ago. She was ejected from the Tracker through the back. Her seat belt was still clipped. The back of the seat must have broken. She took the soft top with her as she flew out. This was about the only good thing, as it was a buffer between her and the road. She is one LUCKY gal. No broken bones and just a few minor scraps. Her clothing weren't even torn. She still wears a hard collar neck brace till all the swelling goes down and they are sure there is no fractures that wasn't found during the initial exam. Here is her email address if anyone would like to send her get well wishes. jazmet05@gmail.com Lummieh aka Dianne
  16. With regrets the Tribe will not be hosting a GeoPoker Run this year. Dealing with illnesses, a death in the family and an auto accident. We just don't have the time or energy to get the event off the ground this year. I also took on a 9 to 5 job and Lori will be working right up to the time of the event. If there is someone that would like to step up and take this event over, we would be more than happy to help get them organized and setup with details of the Run. We have enjoyed the last two years and hopefully next year we will be in better shape to carry on again. Dianne
  17. No overload here! That is great information. I have a Cannon Rebel EP-EX15 with an 18-55 lens, 28-80 w/macro and a 70-300 w/macro. I do have a tri-pod and a remote controller for the camera. They don't make the mannual cable shutter release for the new digital SLR. I have to read up on it everytime since I don't use it much. Your light box looks very interesting. I didn't realize you can get natural light bulbs. I knew you can get the 4 ft tube lights in it. Well it looks like I'll be experimenting with my camera and geocoins. Thanks for all the info
  18. I have tried the scanner and this is the best I could get. On the next sunny day I'll try taking pictures of the coins outside. I'll let you know.
  19. Thanks... Is that a digital or SLR camera? Using the macro makes sense.
  20. We have a canon digital SLR. All our photos are taken in daytime near the patio door but we use the flash too. Most were taken on a brown piece of fabric. I am not sure of the camera settings though. Thanks... I too have a Canon Digital SLR. But don't seem to get the clear details as your pictures. I guess I'll have to take more pictures and experiment with different settings. Do you use the micro setting?
  21. Great pictures! But tell us what cameras you use and settings. How do you get these wonderful pictures. Do you use flash or natural sunlight? What kind of background for those coins that stand alone? I can't seem to get a decent picture of our personal coin with the purple glitter. Lummieh
  22. Sent in my reservation. Looking forward in getting this great coin in hand.
  23. That is definitely the preferred way. I want the participants to have what ever option they can use. Dick does not have Excel, but I do. If they email me an Excel file, I can print it and scan it back into an email to Dick. If the participants do not have Excel, both Dick and I have MS Word, so that will work as well. I am liking Dicks idea of creating a watchlist and just do a copy and paste thing into the body of an email, and then shoot that off to us. My main concern with that, is I know I use my watchlist primarily, not bookmark lists, so there would be alot of other caches included, and cluttering things up. Will have to explore that option a bit further, but for now the Excel and MS Word options are perfectly acceptable. If I know exactly what was needed on an excel or word document, I could come up with a form page for both. This way people would only need to put in there info. You could put it a link on the page. Lori
  24. Less than 20 hours Bring your dish Bring your coins (if you have some) Oooooo Bring yourself tooooo! Just come and have a great time!!!
  25. Rusty said he mailed out a package to us a few days ago! Checking the PO on the way to work. Only 8 days till the event!
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