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  1. With all your help out there. We finally got our cache page made up. But we're having problems with background and/or graphics. A reply in our last post, it was mentioned that we had to have our pictures (we assume graphics also) hosted on some other web sites. Can someone explain this a little more? How? Where? And Why? Thanks
  2. We want to thank each and every one of you that replied. Your information is very helpful. We have a better understanding of how it all works now. We hated to just jump head first into it without some kind of knowledge of what we could do. It is to bad that they can't provide some of this info for the newbies.... All I got back from them was to try the FAQ, How to hide a cache or if we couldn't get our questions answered then go ask a tech. We are so glad that there are cachers out there like you. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP...
  3. We are really new at this. We want to hide a cache. But the Geocach.com site is very vague on what is expected of us once we submit our cache applacation to them. We have viewed the guidelines and understand that part of a new cache. The only thing I can see any reference to the our once approved cache page is, it say if we want to add images, we'll have the option of uploading them. But it doesn't tell us if we have to or get to maintain our cache page. This is all without doing the page in HTML. Can we make corrections once it is posted? Once we up load an image, can we rearrange the text to suit our image? What if we want to edit the text because once it is on the page it doesn't look good to us? Do we get a chance to view the page before we actually set the cache in motion? Do we or will we get a password for our page? We see quite a few cachers that personalize their pages. Do we include our pictures with the HTML information? Can we upload graphics later? Can we use a program like FrontPage to style or personalize our page? Do we just cut & paste the HTML data into the application? I know that we have asked a lot of questions. But we hope that we can get the majority of them answered. Thanks for any help we recieve!
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