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  1. Sorry about that... The Tribe has decided to go to Ocean Shores. We have a BIG lot down there at Ocean Shores Outdoor Receation Club. If you have a camper or tent come and join us we have plenty of room. We are leaving late Friday afternoon. Saturday we will cache in the Aberdeen/Hoquiam area working our way back to Ocean Shores. Then pick up any in the OS area we might not have gotten to Saturday. Then try to get an early start home. Like around 1 - 2ish. If it is a possibility let us know. Do you think we should start another topic for this trip? We sure wouldn't mind inviting other cachers to join us Saturday. Lummieh
  2. The Tribe did not realize that there were plans of a Cache Machine in September. We have decided not to continue with this road trip, so we can join in on the Cache Machine. We appreciated those who have responsed. If we decide to plan another road trip, we will definitely post it on the forums.
  3. The Tribe is thinking about safe place place for people who would like to leave their cars that might want to carpool. Here are some places we have considered: northend of the mall parking lot, Safeway, Target, or Bowling Alley. Please let us know what sounds good to you.
  4. Here is the list of caches. We hope to post a road trip map this weekend. The Tribe also has 2 to 4 extra radios to loan out so we can be in comunication with each other. The Tribe will sure miss you Ohjoy! but your trip sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you have a great time. Almost all of these are Traditional Caches. The 2 virtual’s & 2 multi’s are noted so. In addition there are 2 multi’s that might be possibilities. PORT ANGELES AREA GCJOG3 WATCH FOR ROCKS AND WATER (1.5/1.5) GCPO2X CROWNED (1.5/1.5) GCF6F4 STAIRS FOR STARES (1/1) (Virtual) GCF2E3 MISSY COYOTE GOES HOLLYWOOD (3/1) GCGWFA A WALK IN WEBSTER WOODS (2/1.5) (Multi) (Have to locate 6 pieces of art and answer a questions to calculate the final. With multiple people this shouldn’t take long.) SEQUIM AREA GCC59C ROBIN HILL FARM (1.5/1.5) GC90AD DUNGENESS POKER…I’M BLUFFING (1.5/1.5) GCGIZZ LIONS, TIGERS, BEARS AND MORE… (2/2) GCPK9Q DUNGENESS DITTY (2.1.5) GCG93P RAILROAD BRIDGE PARK (2/2) GCMK70 WALLY WORLD: TOUR PART 1 (1.5/1) GCMK75 WALLY WORLD: TOUR PART 2 (1.5/1.5) GCKY45 END OF THE ROAD CACHE (2/2) GCMA49 HANDCUFFS & HAIRSPRAY… (1/1) GCGGA0 SEQUIM’S BRAVEST CACHE-A MEMORIAL (1/1) GCPV64 IMBY, NOT NIMBY (1/1) GCF252 PORT WILLY’S MALLARD REVENGE (1/1.5) GCKNEM BLAKE OR BUST (2/2) Not a multi now – coords are in the page description. GCM5T2 SEQUIM EAST TRAVEL BUG HOTEL (1/1) GCGGIT JOHNSON CREEK TRESTLE (1.5/2) Depending on how the time goes. These might be a possibilities. Part 2 is apx 3.5 miles north of Sequim and Part 1 is at the east end of Sequim. As the crow flies 4.3 miles apart. Driving, maybe 6. Some of the data from Part 1 is needed to locate the start of Part 2. GCGMZV TOUR DE SEQUIM PART 1 (2.5/1) Multi – Have to visit several locations in Sequim. Start to finish is about 3 miles and can be done by car or bicycle. Some of this date gathered here will be required to locate the starting point of Tour de Sequim Part 2. GCGNOP TOUR DE SEQUIM PART 2 (2.5/1) Multi – Have to visit several locations. Start to finish is about 3 miles and can be done by car or bicycle. DISCOVERY BAY AREA GCGTAA TROLLVILLE (1/1) Virtual (This is an out-of-the-normal place. We think you’ll like this place) GCNVQX GARDINER CEMETERY (1/1) GCMAXK DISCOVERY BAY TRAVEL BUG MOTEL (1/1) GCNX2T DISCOVERY BAY CEMETERY (1/1) GCMWCB DISCOVERY BAY “ROCKS” (3/2) Multi (This is a fun one. We spent quite a bit of time on this one. But with The Tribes spiritually guidance you should be able to do this one in a fair amount of time.) HWY 104 TO FLOATING BRIDGE AREA GCP72B FYI, an NRV CACHE (1.5/2.5) GCN1JM LITTLE MISS MUFFET (1/2.5) GCMY8G TRACK THE DRAGON – HOOD CANAL (1.5/2.5) (This is about a 25 min round trip) GCN294 SHINE AND RISE (1.5/2) GCGM3E BRIDGE TO NOWHERE (2/2) GCGFYN SALSBURY POINT PARK (2/2)
  5. The Tribe would be interested in 2 coins. Any idea what the price will be????
  6. The Tribe has been giving some thought about doing a day of caching in Jefferson County on Saturday August 6th. With the Luau, vacation and school starting, we thought this would be a good time for us. We had such a great time on the "OhJoy! Mystery Cache Day". We thought we would invite other cachers to come and join us. Our plans would be to start our caching in Port Angeles and work our way back home. There are thirty three caches on our list. (two multi's that are maybe's) The Tribe has done several, but thought others would like to do them since they would be on the route. We had in mind to start off in Silverdale. Those that want to caravan up to PA would meet at a location and leave at a set time. It will take about 1.5 hours if the traffic flows well. If you know someone that might like to join in the caravan or carpool with you, please feel free to contact them and pass this invite along. Then there are those that just might want to meet us at the first cache. Please reply in the forum or email us if you would like to come along. List will follow sometime this weekend. Hope you will join us The Tribe
  7. Just sent payment through PayPal for two (2) coins. Note: Went through your link in a prior post for PayPal. There was no option to add insurance on these coins.
  8. The Tribe would be interested in two (2) bronze WyoGeocoins.
  9. The Tribe would be interested in two (2) coins.
  10. Please put 2 coins down for The Tribe. Check is in todays mail.
  11. The Tribe has put this date on the calendar! Looking forward to another great event made possible by Shop99er and "The Boss". Enjoyed the opportunity of doing some caching with you yesterday. Hope we get the chance to do it again soon.
  12. The Tribe will not be able to join you this Saturday. Mapping pages are already sent to podlians pod's two emails. If you set up another caching day, let us know. Hope you all have fun. Happy Caching The Tribe
  13. The statement “Honesty is the best policy” does not hold here. The Tribe honestly did not mean to upset the caching world by doing something that we thought the DaimlerChrysler Motor Company basically was telling us we could. The following can be found at http://jeep.geocaching.com/contest. Just under: #6 of How to Play NOTE: If the Travel Bug is not in the cache when you arrive, take a picture of your GPS unit showing the coordinates of the cache with the goal in the photo if you can, but if you cannot, then take a SECOND picture completing one of the three monthly goals to enter. Then visit http://jeep.geocaching.com, visit the listing for the cache page that the Travel Bug was not in, link to the Travel Bug page and submit your entry. There were no other White Jeep icons in our local area at that time. So we thought that we would give others a chance to enter the White Jeep Photo Contest. Well we were mistaken… Since then we have found out that even though the contest rules state “if you don’t find a WJTB you can enter two photos” doesn’t seem to be so. You still have to have a WJTB Tag Number. How can that be if there is NO WJTB there to get a number off of? We're still waiting for an answer on this question from jeep@geocaching.com We are still new to the game and learning by our mistakes. NOTE to those that might be interested. The contest rules state: Limit one photo entry per person/email address/log-on/user name/password/ Geocaching.com account per Initial Judging Period. Any attempt by any participant to obtain more than one (1) entry per Initial Judging Period by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, log-on/user names and passwords, Geocaching.com accounts or any other methods will void that participant’s entries and that participant will be disqualified. A participant may only use one location and/or Travel Bug per entry. Any attempt by any participant to use the same location and/or Travel Bug in multiple entries will void all such entries. It is easy to miss understand “per entry” and “multiple entries“ to mean “per Initial Judging Period”. This is not so. If you want to enter the photo contest each month, you must enter a different jeep and different location each month. No repeats! Well it is to bad, but it looks like most of the other WJs that were handed out at the BCM2 on June 18th are still being held. For those that want to, this really limits the chances of entering the Photo contest till more start showing up. But for now, we were able to get our June Photo entered in the contest and now have decided to give “Keisha” a chance to getty-up and go. We hope that her 4x4 venture will be A-Maze-ing and as challenging to her next finder.
  14. The Tribe (all 5) are game...We have been looking at these caches for a while.....We are game for the 23rd.........Did you have a route or plan? If not, we have a map routing program and willing to plan a route for this. SeabeckTribe
  15. For every one that wants to know. --- S.P.A.M --- Sales . Promotions . Advertisements . Marketing Hyass tyee of SeabeckTribe
  16. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just learned of this tb. I really want to get my hands on one. When I got out of school I went traveling the U.S and got to see a lot. I did not get to go to 6 states and Alaska was one of them. It has been a wish to go there for some time.
  17. Being that our group is still a newbie. We wanted to throw our two cents in. I started out with the Garmin etrex yellow. The Chief took a step up with a Garmin etrex with maps. After only a month caching, we found that we got tired of having to packing our GPS and two-way radios. So we upgraded to the Garmin Rino line. I went to the 110 and The Chief got the 120. Now we are packing lighter but still are in comunication with each other. Also the antena works a little better under all the trees we have out here in the NW. Sometimes my old squaw legs just can't keep up with the younger Tribe. So I stay behind on the trail or at the car and become the offical "cache page" keeper. At this time Mother Chief still has the two-way that she can talk with us as she runs around trying to keep up with the papooes which are always go off finding new adventures somewhere else. A good friend and fellow cacher lives across the street. He also has a Rino. When caching together these little units are great for comunitcating between vehicles. Happy Caching The Old Squaw
  18. Thanks Ladybug Kids... I'll give that a try. Now I have another question??? I just uploaded an animated gif. When I went to copy and paste the http location of that graphic it was turned into a jpg. Now it isn't animated. Does anyone know how to correct this? Do I need to host it somewhere else on the web? Madness522 suggested "Photo Bucket". Happy Caching Old Squaw
  19. I found the trick to putting pictures on your page is to go to the top of your cache page and click on "Upload images" Once you have uploaded it, I find I need to go out of my page then back in. I then find the image toward the bottom of the page or in the gallary. Click on the image or go to the gallary and bring that image up. Do a right click and copy the http link. Then go back to your cache page into editing. Paste the image in place of the picture name. One of the above cachers gave me this hint... example: background="mypicture.jpg" background="http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/display/1985ab87-7a59-44e2-a695-a80191d4ba6b.jpg" Know this image is hosted on my gallary in Geocaching.com It took me awhile to figure this out, but I am getting better. The disadvantage is that your gallary gets all of them. I also found that when I upload a picture to a cache that I found. It goes into my gallary. If I upload the same picture to several caches I get multi pictures. You can't delete it or then you lose it on the the cache page that one was ment for. hummmmm.... Maybe I can upload a picture from my gallary to a log on a cache page???? I'll have to try that... Happy Caching Old Squaw
  20. As "blindleader" said above... uncheck the "Is this cache active" box until you have tweaked the page the way you want it. That way the approver sees the final version and the version that gets approved is the one you want everyone to see. I must have "tweaked" my first page for a week. That is if you are trying to do your page in html. FrontPage needs a lot of tweaking when you copy and paste. It was quite a learning process for us. But, it is FUN designing a html page. The Tribe is now working on two more caches. Happy Caching Old Squaw
  21. Thanks Eric K Got it all set up and running smooth. If it wasn't for all you cachers out there. Us newbies would be lost.
  22. Thanks for the heads up on the TB # Eric K. We were talking about the symbol on the listing page. You know when you type in a zip and get the caches listed near that zip. You mentioned about having to go to the cache page and 'drop off' the bug. Our cache page? We don't see anything there! Is there a different page? Thanks for all the help...
  23. We just got our cache listed. Our TB was activated. But we noticed that the TB symbol isn't by our listed cache. Do we put it there? If so, how? Happy Caching
  24. Thank you W7WT. We could not have done it without the help from you and your fellow cachers. We just hope our cache will live up to it. We are already planning our second. Happy Caching
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