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  1. You and your crew did a spectacular job with the GeoLuau II. The Tribe can't wait for this one to happen.
  2. WoooHoooo W7WT. May the caching spirits guide you well on the next 1000! The Tribe only has 679 to go to catch up to you...
  3. Already paid. Looking forward towards their arrival.
  4. If we want to bring a TB or two to the event. Do we go ahead and log them in on the Luau page now???
  5. Just wondering how close you were with a design and price. Going to be out of town for a two week vacation. Don't want to be left behind...
  6. Going to be out of town for two weeks and just want how is the design is going. Got an approximate price?
  7. Proxy sent in email...yesterday 8/10.....Hoping I am the one... Roy Hyas Tyee
  8. The Tribe would like two (2) of your regular Nevada Geocoins.
  9. Put The Tribe down for two (2). Thanks
  10. I don't know much about all the above... But maybe there is more going on with this site than we know... Tonight after I logged in, I was browsing through some of the caches our clan will be logging soon. I did a search by zip. When I opened a cache, either by clicking on the link or doing a right click to open in another window, I was in a page that I had to "Log In" AGAIN. Thinking that this must be a fluke, I tried several other pages. They ALL said that I had to log in. It happened to me also when I trying to view the maps. Now this is really annoying. Also... after logging in, clicking to another page (which wanted you to log in again) and then trying to back click to the first page that I was logged in. Once again I was asked to log in again! Well, I am giving up for tonight. Maybe when I get up in the morning, I'll find that the little purple goblins have exited from my computer and went on to terrorize someone else!!! Or maybe I am having day dreams. Nightmares are looking might good right now!
  11. The Tribe would be interested. Is this an updated list? There are 48 on it. If there is room The Tribe would like to be included.
  12. Perhaps there would be more participation if people knew where to go! I don't see any links to the "group" on this thread and haven't received any email about it either. That goes for us. Where are we to go to have an input? What is the name of the web site address or forum that we need to look for?
  13. As one that has entered the Jeep Photo contest I can tell you that you can ONLY enter a WJTB number once for any of the monthly contests. You have to find a different WJTB for each monthly picture. It is getting real hard to find them. WJTB's that are listed in our area mostly are not in the cache. Those that are in caches have really high difficulties and terrains. The average cacher or the handicaped cacher are not able to take on these kind of caches. It is sad. You can buy these toy jeeps at Wal-Mart for $1.97. (If you can find them.) Or you can purchase them on line from the manufactor for $9.99. But I guess the FREE ones are more attractive to the unethical cacher.
  14. The Tribe feels the same way. Will be watching for your design. Most likely we would purchase two (2).
  15. The Tribe would possibly be interested. Will keep watch for more details.
  16. Personal email sent... Lummieh
  17. The Tribe just put their order in through WA 2005 Geocoin with PayPal. Will be impatiently waiting for their arrival...
  18. Has there been a definite date set? The last dates we saw were Sept 20-22 or Sept 27-29.
  19. Dang... A day late and dollar short The Tribe would be interested in purchasing one or two coins if someone has some to spare. How about a trade? All we have right now is this coin.
  20. That goes dito for The Tribe. Anyone have one or two spare coins they would like to sell. How about a trade for a Texas coin?
  21. Is there still a waiting list or a second run on this CA coin? The Tribe would be interested in one or two. Maybe a trade for a Texas coin?
  22. The Tribe would be interested in two (2) TN coins...
  23. OK... This probably sounds like a stupid question. What does MIGO stand for? All I can find is stuff about Michigan.
  24. The Jeep contest states: "Photographs Without the Travel Bug When Travel Bug Not Found At Location: If there is no Travel Bug at the location then the photograph must show the GPS unit with the latitude and longitude of the location clearly visible on a GPS unit. If the goal selected by the entrant is at the location then that goal can also be included in the photo. If the goal selected is not at the location then a 2nd photo at such a place where the goal selected by entrant may be photographed must be taken." But when you try to enter the above photo's, it still requires you to enter a WJTB number. Now how is that possible when there was no WJ in the cache? No White Jeep - No tag number!! We sent an email to the jeep@geocaching.com but never recieved an answer back. Have any of you attempted to enter this way? It is also getting hard in our area to find different WJ's for entering the monthly contest. Most of the time the ones that are listed are not in the caches. And those that might be in caches are listed in terrains of 2+ stars that some of the older and handicaped cachers are unable to retrieve. Oh well... Moving on to search for another jeep so we can enter the August contest. Maybe we'll luck out and accutally find one in a cache! There are some great pictures out there, but The Tribe would appreciate your vote for our entry Stones of Commitment. Happy Caching
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