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  1. We want to thank all those that responded. What a terrific bunch of geocachers you are. We will contact each of you when your trade coin arrives. The Tribes coins are in the mail... Again a big THANKS! Happy Caching
  2. The little blue box at the bottom of his post...
  3. What a rush.... I want to thank everyone for their patients. I think I got back to you all, but if not. Please get in touch with me. Thank you all Lummieh aka Old Woman of the Tribe
  4. Your funny Cav! Everybody (well lots of folks) knows #7 is looking to be hooked up AG Guess I'm not everyone... So is it every time a numbered geocoin pops up in the forums the numbers belong to certain cachers? I was unaware of that. Can I ask for number 11? Email sent.
  5. If it doesn't say "Trackable on geocaching.com" it isn't trackable. Thank You. No they are not trackable at GC. Just numbered. We only made 100
  6. Ooooops... Our email address is seabecktribe@wavecable.com Sorry about that but will be responding to all those that have contacted us. Still a little new to the forums. Though the email link at the bottom of our post would work. Never had used it before so didn't know how it worked. Happy Caching The Tribe
  7. The Geocoin bug bit the Tribe pretty bad. So to help eaze the pain, we had our own signature coin made. We hope that some of you geocoin enthusiast might be willing to trade with us one of your signature coins. If you are interested, please email us and put "SeabeckTribe Geocoin" in the subject line to be assured that it gets to the right email folder. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays to you...
  8. Here is shop99er's personal coin. This is an actual picture of his favorite shirt. (A photo of course will raise the cost.) This is a picture of the Luau 2005 3D coin. You can have a lot of detail with 3D. Good luck... Which ever way you chose, it looks like a winner!
  9. Got ours a couple days ago. Terrific looking coin. Will be a pleasure to add it to our collection. The Tribe
  10. We keep ours in a 3 ring binder. You can buy the plastic coin sheets at your local coin or hobby store or on line. Congratulations... You are now an offical addicted geocoin collector. Happy Caching
  11. OK forget that. It is the same number. But when I cut and pasted your number in the TB search. I reached the page. Edited for not looking before leaping
  12. We would be interested. Email being sent.
  13. I dunno about the prices of their food, but it's a bit expensive to buy one of their beer taps. Since I will be on the run and grabbing a couple of the Tribe members on the fly, we plan on having a bit to eat on the way over. Couldn't get any of the links for Kirkland on the resturant web page to come up. Found a menu for one of their other places. It is so-so. We aren't going to have a limited menu like Sequim are we? We might have to visit McD's if that is the case. Bringing my small collection of coins and trade coins. Lots of TB's also. This sounds like sooooooooo much fun. Can't wait. Dianne The Old Woman of the Tribe
  14. Thanks... I'll check it out.
  15. OK... I am just an old gray hair squaw and don't know all this fancy computer stuff. What is Firefox and does the monkey already come greased or do I have to rumage around out in the garage for some? Or is he going to be arrested before I can grease him because he is the Prime Suspect!
  16. What really would be nice to see on the cache page, down by the logged visits, is a count, w/icons, of how many FINDS, DNFs and TEMPORARILY DISABLED. Not just the number of logs. This would help when researching for diffuculty and muggling. We have spent hours having to open all logged visits to see if this cache would be a good place to leave a TB or not. We have seen some caches that are on their third cache replacement (not an ideal place to leave someones TB). We might still go to the cache to, hopefully, log a find. But we won't go out of our way to drop a TB just because it meets the TBs goal. This is just an idea we thought we would throw out for nay's or ya's.
  17. We plan to be at the Event and bring the papooes. Would like to know if the Event will be kid frendly. What price range does the restaurant have?
  18. Thank you all.... Now I just have figure how to config so it will be left unblocked and block the rest of the world. Lummieh The Old Woman of the Tribe aka Dianne
  19. I don't have the pictures that rotate on top of the Home Page. Does anyone know where the settings I need to change? Haven't found anything in the Internet Options or Display or Norton's that I can see that I should change. Appreciate any suggestions.
  20. Papoose - Tanse Mowitsh - will be doing a celebration dance when this Old Woman gives her the news
  21. We have a TB in our Bug Depot called "Never Give Up" Current GOAL: To travel to Feel Good Inc. cache (GCNV4B) in Topanga, CA. I think this would be a good one. Will try to get it in the next couple days if the rain will let up. Email me with an address where I can send it. Unless you know someone coming or going to our neck of the woods! Dianne
  22. Yes... I ended up calling Groundspeak. They had, as the gentlemen called it, a hic-up. The link for uploading your photo entry had disapread. They had to pull someone out of a meeting to fix the problem. I am surprized that no one else had brought this to their attention earlier. It was panic-ville here for awhile. Maybe I should not have waited till almost the final hour. Here is our entry. If you haven't entered yourself, we would appreciate your vote. Devil Jeep Happy Caching The Tribe
  23. Our N.A.D. Park: Travel Bug Depot (GCNVFD) has some TB's in it that might need moving. We'll check and let you know.
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