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  1. The tax season has arrived. Been to busy to post everyday so The Tribes haul in the last couple weeks has been: JeeperMTJ Frozen Bone Cache Zone Outdoorfamily Groundhog Day DNF Kilted Cacher OneAngryPuppy Pepper Pengy & Tigger Toojin & Bart Happy Caching
  2. It looks like the Tribe clan will be coming down in their traveling teepee on wheels. We have been talking to the sky gods and asking that the big fire ball in the sky be shinning bright that weekend.
  3. Thanks kg4dpg. Those look great but.... a little above our price range. JUST A NOTE TO OTHERS: Our budget can't go beyond 50% of new for the eTrex and Rino110. Just looking for some good old used GPS's.
  4. Looking for an eTrex yellow. G-kids would like their own GPS. Mom also wants her own GPS. She would like a Rino110. Family getting real tried sharing one GPS among the 4 of them. Funds are limited. Hope that someone out there might be willing to help out with reasonable offers.
  5. You bring up a good point. I will work with the reviewer and have them activated on the day of the event. But only those that have registered at the start will be able to turn in their tickets for cards.
  6. We plan on making the route, by car or scooter, so the start and end make a loop. Mileage.... Not sure yet. But we are kinda thinking the route should take no longer than a couple two hours. This will give an extra amount to time for those that are slow cachers or just like to take their time or try for some other caches along the way. So those cacher that don't register till 1pm will have till 4pm to finish the route. This will NOT be a TIMED event. Those that register early and get done early will have the rest of the time before prizes are awarded to do some other local caches or just come back to the park to hang around and visit and share stories (or tales). At the time of registering, we will provide the 7 cache pages and the route for the Run. These will become permanent traditional regular caches afterwards. The pages will be activated on the day after the run. Happy Caching...
  7. Our thoughts were... 7 Card Stud. There will be 7 caches. Each participant will get a map of the route at the time of sign-in. Each participant will bring an 'entry fee' of a suitable, caching related item. (Same as the Luau) That way everyone will be a winner. In each of the 7 traditional regular caches there will be an envelope of tickets. Each ticket will have the number of the cache on the back accordingly to each cache. (1 for cache #1, 2 for cache #2, ECT). When the participant gets back to the finish they will trade in their numbered tickets (1 through 7) for a random draw of 7 cards. Each deck will consist of 52 cards. Once a deck has depleted to less than 7 cards. A new deck of 52 will be produced. The cachers hand will be the best 5 cards out of the 7 cards. To break a tie the high cards out of the 2 extra cards will be used. If there needs to be an additional tie breaker, it will be done by a cut of the cards (a brand new deck). Prizes will be awarded from High hand, which will get first choice from the prizes, to low hand. The caches will be fairly simple finds. We want to make sure everyone will be able to find all 7 caches in a fair amount of time. There will be a couple multi caches thrown in just to make it fun. In the end cachers will get to log 7 new caches and one event. Now if this comes together as easily as it sound… This will be a potluck affair. It should be a fun day of caching, visiting with old caching buddies and meeting new cachers, and good food.
  8. For this challenge you won't have to be a card shark. The only skill you'll need is plain old "Geo Sense". We don't have a "Set in Stone" confirmation on the location. But hope to have one by January 20th (their computer date planner is down till then). We just wanted to get this date out in the forums so all you can put it down in your calendars. If not this park then another! Date: June 24, 2006 Place: Jarstad Park in Kitsap County Time: Sign-Up - 11am to 1pm. The Run - 11am to 4pm. Prizes Awarded: 5pm. Pot Luck: ? to ? Will update as soon as we get confirmation. Rules and a general route will come soon after. This will be the Tribes first hosted event. We're looking forward to it and hope to see ya all there.
  9. The Tribe will have their ponies at a full gallop to get to this event. Thanks to you, the MRS. and all your crew. You all put on awsome events!
  10. Cacheper Casper Geocoin today But I've got to give a BIG thanks all those that sent the below coins in trade for The Tribe's coin in the last few weeks. What a rush. It's was like Christmas every day for awhile. 1markymark1 9key AtlantaGal Avroair v.1 Blind Avocado/Tigger Lady Bluegillfisherman CacheDragons Ckayaks Cornerstone4 Cruiserdude DancesWithMoose Dancingfool DANLIM dhenninger Dhobby1 f0t0m0m0 Flyin V GBOTS GeoBone Geocoin Club Ammo Box German - Silver GrandpaKim graylling Groundspeak Square Hawiian Pineapple IceCreamMan JayBeeLitlens KirklandExplorers KTAG Ladybug Kids LoriDarlin Marlin01 Mauison Moun10Bike v.3 Mt Everest nielsenc 2005 Not Another Micro outdoorlady79 pdxmarathonman Prairiepartners Raven Red Handed Rubicon Brothers Jeep San Francisco Screw Coin Serial Finder Shasties shop99er SirGerald LE Gold Son of Cyclops Stone Mtn Stuck on WGS84 Team CoyChev Team Sand Dollar/Buffalo Wings Two Happy Hikers Workerofwood THANKS FOR THE TRADES
  11. Nice looking coin. Sending e-mail.
  12. The Tribe is crossing their fingers and hoping everything will work out so you & your geocoins will never have to be seperated.
  13. Just ordered one to add to my collection. Thanks
  14. May the joy of Geocaching and Geocoin Collecting be as grand as it was this last year. The Tribe wishes you and your family a
  15. The Tribe has one of their Personal Trade coin ready & waiting for you if you would like to trade. Nice looking coin. The Tribe
  16. Great looking coin. If I had known your coin was so close to its coming out party. I would have waited and traded for this one. But since you already have one of ours, I would like to purchase one of yours. Thanks
  17. Check out PersonalGeocoins Rusty did well for us. The Tribe
  18. Since we just got power and internet back after our early morning Christmas storm. The Tribe sends their BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES
  19. Sure hope that Santa didn't get caught in our Christmas storm here in Western Washington. Kitsap County got hit mighty bad. We were with out power all day. Some got it back only this morning. Since we just got internet back. The Tribe wants to send you all a Very Merry Belated Christmas wishes. And to those that got the Mysterious Christmas Geocoin... RIGHT ON! Hope to get to see & touch one at one of our NW gatherings in the future. Happy New Year The Tribe
  20. WooooHooooo Can finally get this one checked off the list. Will be watching the mail closely....
  21. The Tribe didn't have a tree to decorate. So we borrowed one of Santa's reindeer. It must have made him made. Please forgive us Santa. We have been GOOD (well almost)! We won't do it again. We would be happy just to touch one of your legendary Christmas Geocoins.
  22. Rusty... Rudolf and the Tribe want to thank you for the wonderful Holiday Geocoin Card. May you and the rest of the geocoin collectors have a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
  23. Fantastic looking coin. The Tribes coin is ready and waiting for you!
  24. If you have OutLook Express you can set it up so the email message is viewed in the lower window pane. This way you can view the message without opening the email. You can then do a right click in the upper pane on the email (which will not open the email) and go to properties. You can view the details of the email account it came from. Happy Caching
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