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  1. OK... I'm blind! I went into the Waymark site. Looked under History/Culture: Historic Markers, World Heritage Sites. Nothing there about Washington Heritage Signs. Then went to Signs. NOTHING! Then to Waymarking Games. NOTHING there either! How about Memorials/Monuments. NO! So... am I missing something? Did I go to the wrong page? HELP EDITED: OK... Don't believe only what you read on the Waymark Historic page! Don't jump to conclusions so soon! Do a search for "Washington Heritage Signs" before putting foot into mouth!
  2. The Idaho State Police Challenge coin I have is 1 9/16". It is thicker that the standard 1 9/16" geocoin by 1/16". I would think that a standard 1 9/16" geocoin would fit in this coin holder. I like the idea of a coin holder. You can attach a laminated information card for those geocoin TBs. And especially for those personal coin that are out there traveling and have a personal tracking site. I think I'll order one just so we can display our personal geocoin from the rear view mirror while out caching.
  3. Got my order in but it was not a pleasant experiance. Everytime I clicked to "continue" it would tell me my cart was empty. When I would back arrow it kept telling me I needed to log in. But my pesistents was rewarded.
  4. I just got an email back from Paula Connelley. She said that she had no more phamplets and was in the process of updating it for posting on thier web site. Is there a chance the phamplet could be scanned for those of us that are unable to get one? Thanks It's a couple posts down from that one. And if you want the original image which is a bit bigger, just give me your email and I'll send it to you. Paula emailed me yesterday and she managed to scrounged up one more pamphlet and is sending it to me. I was interested on the marker on the Hood Canal since that is were I live. Haven't found any info on the net about one. So I guess I'll just have to take a drive around the loop. What a shame.... My tax client will just have to wait and extra day for their return. From pictures posted I now have an idea what to look for. But would still appreciate sending me the picture since it will be a few days before I recieve the pamphlet. Thanks seabecktribe@wavecable.com
  5. Great looking... Did the PayPal thing. Thanks
  6. Pictures didn't come up when I clicked into the link. Can you post them please?
  7. We just retrieved & placed this coin TB Sag Bug. It had a round type clamp that when you tighened the screw on top it would secure the coin. Almost looked something like a watch bob thing. You might ask the owner what he used and where you might find it.
  8. I just got an email back from Paula Connelley. She said that she had no more phamplets and was in the process of updating it for posting on thier web site. Is there a chance the phamplet could be scanned for those of us that are unable to get one? Thanks
  9. Here's a link for the GeoPoker Run . We're really excited about hosting our first event. We see a lot of new names out in the caching world and hope to get to meet some of you at the Run. There will be an event coin and we will be posting a picture of it soon. There is only going to be 100 coins minted. It'll be avaliable to only those that attend the event and limiting to one per caching family. The cost will be $7.50
  10. I like GeoCoins that: Are unusual in shape... Are colorful... Are personalized I can't have because we ran out of our personal coins and don't have anymore of that green stuff to mint more. Might just show up in my mail box as a surprize because the owner/cacher is a nice person Happy Caching
  11. The Tribe will have a local with their group AND Streets & Trips (w/gps capabilities). At this time we have two, maybe three, cars caching together. Anyone wanting to join our little caravan is more than welcomed to.
  12. We are going to be submitting the GeoPoker Run page for review this week. The Tribe
  13. The Tribe would like to reserve one. Or are we to late?
  14. After a couple days of caching decided to check the old PO Box. There was Joy... Terracaching Coin Team Badger
  15. You use to be able to do this. We have a query for TB's. Glad we didn't delete it.
  16. Yea.... Christmas in February! 3 South Carolina 3 Minnesota 3 Finland 2 NW Pennsylvania (silver & gold) 2 Nevada 1 Illinois 2 Oklahoma 3 Kansas 3 Ontario WOW... This must have given the mail man a back ache!
  17. Check out the Spring Fling Page. Hope this will answers your questions. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...bf-a2141e4cbec6
  18. I think GC only allows event pages submitted 60 days prior.
  19. Some where I remember seeing a topic about someone looking for aerial photos. This site might be of some interest. http://www.landvoyage.com/?pid=231
  20. Have reserved Jarstad Park for June 24th. About mid April we will hope to have the event approved and posted on GC. By that time tax season will be over and will have time to devote all our attention to the GeoPoker Run. Will start a new forum post also. But don't hesitate to ask question here till then. Happy Caching The Tribe
  21. My daughter called me on January 1, 2005 and said that they just saw an artical on the TV about a fun past time called GeoCaching and thought that Dad and I would be interested doing something like this while we are traveling in our motor home. I jumped on the computer and found the sight and was intrigued. Couldn't beleive all the hidden treasures in our county. Called daughter back and told her this looked like fun and how many there were around are area. Told her that dad had a hand held GPS out in the boat. We decided to sign up as a family group. When they came down for New Years dinner, son-in-law rowed out and got the GPS. We decided to go out the next day and try our hand in this treasure hunting game. After 3 DNF we finally found our first cache, Old Saw Mill Park. What a rush. December 31, 2005 we found our 400th. What a way to celebrate our 1st year of caching. Lummieh
  22. Hopefully this ammo can cache was well identified on the outside as a geocache container!
  23. Pierce County, WA Geocachers NEFGA Jeep Club Coin There is nothing more exciting than pulling out those brown envelopes from the mail box.
  24. The only problem with that is I hear that it can make your skin turn red and fall off... We could count coup by collecting scalps!
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