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  1. We have been working on some kid activities. There will be a Target Game for 12 and under. Three rings on the ground and each kid will get 5 bean bags to toss. Winners will be high points to low points. Entry fee is some small Geo Trade Item the kids would like to get out of a cache. Everyone will be a winner. The Virtual Scavenger Hunt is coming along. It also is for kids 12 and under. Each child will get a list of items to look for as they travel the road with their parents. It will list the items between each GeoPoker Cache. There is no entry fee or awards. Just a grab box of small goodies waiting for them when they return and turn in their list. There will be a jar full of Jelly Beans for "Guess How Many!" contest. The closes count wins the Jar of Jelly Beans. There will be a place set aside for a Travel Bug Exchange. If the kids (or you) get bored. We plan on having a 13" TV/VCR so the kids can entertain themselves by watching movies.
  2. Thanks... Do I go directly to them or is there a site I can order them from?
  3. Who is doing the Lighthouse series? Is the RI Lighthouse, Block Island part of this series? I ran across a picture of it here: Personal Geocoins
  4. Beach Cachoids - Gold Big City Cachoids - Gold Signal - April
  5. It doesn't look like this list has been currently updated. I know I submitted a couple at the first of May after the Longview CM. I was told that they had been submitted before me. But they are not marked below. Just like to know what is left. This list is so convenient to print and carry with me. Thanks #1 Point Roberts Boundery MISSING #2 Old Telegraph Rd. (N. of Bellingham) MISSING #3 Mt. Baker #4 Bellingham Bay MISSING #5 David Douglas (near Rockport) #6 Deception Pass #7 Big Cedar/Smokey Point (between Everett & Mt. Vernon) Submitted by: jcar #8 Juan de Fuca (W. of Port Angeles) #9 Discovery Bay #10 Destruction Island (near Queets) MISSING #11 Old Man House (nearish Suquamish, Bainbridge Isl.) Submitted by: Masterpuzzler #12 The Suquamish Nation (nearish Suquamish, Bainbridge Isl.) MISSING #13 Hood Canal Submitted by: Seabeck Tribe #14 The Tacoma Narrows MISSING #15 Byrds Mill Rd. (near the Tacoma Narrows) #16 Bruceville-Bruceport (W. of Raymond, on the Willapa Bay on Highway 101) Submitted by: Patudles #17 Willie Keil’s Grave (S. of Raymond, on Highway 6) #18 Claquato (N. of Centralia) Submitted by: Og's Outfit #19 Cowlitz Mission MISSING Submitted by: Og's Outfit #20 Cowlitz Landing MISSING Submitted by: Og's Outfit #21 Fort Columbia (in or near Fort Columbia State Park) Submitted by: Masterpuzzler #22 Lewis and Clark Campsite, Megler (in or near Fort Columbia State Park) #23 Columbia River Explorers (in or near Fort Columbia State Park) Submitted by: Patudles #24 The Finn Hall (N. of Vancouver, on highway 503) Submitted by: Og's Outfit #25 Corps of Discovery (N. of Vancouver, on I5? Or Highway 503?) #26 Fort Vancouver #27 First Sawmill (near or in Camp Bonneville, N. of Vancouver) MISSING #28 Lewis and Clark Campsite, Camas (highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit #29 Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (near Washougal, highway 14) #30 Mt. Pleasant Grange (near or in Beacon Rock State Park, highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit #31 Forts Cascade, Rains, and Lugenbeel (E. of Stevenson, Highway 14) MISSING Submitted by: Og's Outfit #32 Golden Spike (E. of Stevenson, Highway 14) #33 Bridge of the Gods (E. of Stevenson, Highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit #34 Upper Cascades (near White Salmon, Highway 14) MISSING #35 Broughton Flume (near White Salmon, Highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit #36 Celilo Falls (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit #37 A Culture Lives On (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) #38 Sam Hill Country (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) Submitted by: Masterpuzzler #39 Indian Painted Rocks, Yakima MISSING #40 Beck Memorial (N. of Yakima, Highway 82) #41 Blewett Submitted by: Blue J Wenatchee #42 Mission (Cashmere) MISSING Submitted by: xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy #43 Dry Falls Submitted by: Blue J Wenatchee #44 Fort Okanogan #45 David Thompson (E. of Colville, Highway 20) #46 Steptoe Battlefield (N. of Rosalia, Highway 195) #47 Steptoe Butte (N. of Colfax) #48 Kamiak Butte (E. of Colfax) #49 The Mullan Rd. (Between Colfax and Othello, highway 26) #50 Drewyers River (Between Pomeroy and Connell, highway 261) #51 Three Forks Indian Trail (E. of Pomeroy) MISSING #52 Lewis and Clark, Alpowa Summit (E. of Pomeroy) #53 Lewis and Clark enter Washington (S. of Clarkston, Highway 129) #54 Ainsworth (Pasco) #55 Fort Walla Walla #56 Mt. Rainier Submitted by: Og's Outfit #57 Monticello Convention (W. of Kelso) MISSING #58 Lewis and Clark Trail (N. of Dayton) #59 Spokane House #60 Indian Painted Rocks, Spokane MISSING #61 Spanish Explorers (W. of Port Angeles) #62 Chief Sealth (nearish Suquamish, Bainbridge Isl.) MISSING Submitted by: Seabeck Tribe #63 Ginko Petrified Forest (near Vantage) #64 Lava Flows (Between Vantage and Ellengsburg, highway 10) #65 Sacajawea (Pasco) #66 Grand Coulee Dam #67 B-Reactor (NW of Pasco) #68 Arid Lands (Between Richland and Prosser, Highway 68) MISSING #69 Kettle Falls #70 Chuckanut Dr. (S. of Bellingham) #71 Lake Lenore Caves Submitted by: Blue J Wenatchee #72 Olmstead Place (Between Vantage and Ellengsburg, highway 10) #73 Point Elliot Treaty (Between Vantage and Ellengsburg, highway 10) #74 Roosevelt Elk (S. of Raymond, Highway 101) #75 Roslyn Coal Mining (Roslyn) Submitted by: xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy #76 Railroads and the West (W. of Sprague) #77 Beacon Rock (W. of Stevenson) Question if there Submitted by: Masterpuzzler #78 Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) Question if there Submitted by: Og's Outfit #79 Horsethief-Rock Art Trail (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) Question if there #80 Original Blewett Marker Not in pamphlet but in book Submitted by: xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy #81 Earthquake Point Not in pamphlet but in book Submitted by: xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy
  6. Awsome micro! Let me know when you start wheelin & dealin....
  7. Didn't have but a few minutes at a borrowed computer this holiday weekend and couldn't finish cross referencing the Waymarking - Washington Historic Markers. But saw several that had been found but not been updated on this list. I was going to take a out-of-the-way side trip home from Chelan County to see if I could find a few FTF. But without an updated list it wasn't worth the cost of the extra gas for 2TF and not getting another point for the contest. Happy Caching
  8. Well it is getting close to da day... We plan on having some games for the kids. One will be a Virtual Scavenger Hunt . While they are on the Run with their parents they will have to find items on a Scavenger List. We are still working out details. Anyone with other ideas for kid games. Email us. There will also be a SPECIAL cache on the Run. This cache will have raffle tickets for a drawing for an Original Stash Coin & Pin Set. This coin is GC trackable and has it's own icon. One ticket per cacher or caching Family. Click here for a picture of the Original Stash coin. "Snow Dogs" (Alice and Tim) Volunteered to help with Paper Plates, Cups and/or Napkins. Thanks... anything you bring will be very appreciated. Happy Caching and hope to see you at the Run.
  9. the 1 is actually an l (L) Thanks for the help...
  10. I have a Team Myth 2006 and on the outside of the sleeve says www.geocoins.n1. This didn't work. I then tried http://www.geocoinclub.com/code.php but this didn't work either. Anyone know where to go to get the code? Happy Caching
  11. I don't think the person who traded w/ him is the owner! If you get to adopt the coin, please consider not deleting the logs associated with. This happened to some coins that I had seen... I kind of thought it was rude of the new owner to do this, but to each's own I guess. What I really meant was the current owner that is on the coins ID page. Not the person that had it in hand and did the trade. (I knew what I was talking about... HeeHee But as usual the rest of world doesn't have a clue what's rattling around in my brain! )
  12. If the coin is a GC trackable. Contact the current owner and have them send you an Adoption Request. You can change any or all the owner/information/goals of the coin. It's quite painless. Happy Caching
  13. Managed to get my list of coin trades together from the 2Bugs Event. 2Bugs Event GeoCoin Rey del Robie Making Tracks Silver Arizona GeoCachers - The legend of Wyle E 2006 British Columbia GeoCoin Fox & the Hound DB Cooper & Johnny Boy Hazards of Caching - Cornerstone4 Hides & Finds - Altoids Junglehair - GPS BenchMark Pin And this is what happens when you're out of town for a week! National Parks - Yellowstone Looney Penguin The Legend of Bigfoot SWAGS Easter Team Myth Earthquake GeoCoin Appalacian Trail AG Brawny Bear Celtic Cross V1 Celtic Cross V2 Conejo Cachers 2004 Dreamin'Eagle Bronze Emerald Valley Cachers (Silver) LadyCacher’s Spinning Coin Makin Tracks Polished Gold Not Another Micro 2006 Camo LE AS Official Logbook ParentsofSam Prague 2006 AG - X2 Sunshine Gang License Plate Gold Ver2 LE - X2 GC&PC 2006-03 Virtual Ghost GC&PC 2006-03 Virtual Ghost W/PIN GC&PC 2006-04 Camo Boots GC&PC 2006-04 Camo Boots w/PIN TeamSkirtlifter Lamppost Wildlife Muggles - Nibbler Nutnabber w/Pin Wildlife Muggles - Red Wacker w/Pin Wildlife Muggles - Cache Bandit w/Pin California Poppy Micro 2006 Congratulations - 500 Caches w/Pins
  14. Congratulations to all of you... Funnynose 1900 L&R 4000 WD 4000 Frodo 1800 WAY TO GO!
  15. Caching Between the Poles - South Caching Between the Poles - North Rock & Crystal Fraher Family Oldhippy & Granny 4 HappyCats Dry Creek And a whole lot of good trades at the "Aloha 2Bugs Event Cache & Geocoin Madness" yesterday.
  16. Congratulations to Prying Pandora for her 2500th and hydnsek on 1800 finds. Way to go girls!
  17. Got my Arizona Geocachers coin. BUT... The coin has one number XXXXXX 415 and the sleeve as another XXXXXX 416. It's no big problem because I'll use the coin #. But it tells me to go to TheCachingPlace to get the activation code. I am told there is no such coin in there system. Anyone else have this problem?
  18. 5 - 2005 WA (prizes for the GeoPoker Run Event) National Park Acadia Geocoin Arizona (Waaa Hoooo another Jeep coin - Cool!)
  19. Great Smoky Mtn. GeoQuest Nebraskache Tennessee Micro Indiana Micro Original Stash Coin & Pin Set (will be a prize for the GeoPoker Run)
  20. Since the price of gas is through the roof... How about posting your interest in car pooling the GeoPoker Run route. Anyone out there that might have room for one or more fellow cachers? Just a thought!
  21. Had to take my wheel barrow with me to pack these home... 100 GeoPoker Run Event Coin Link: GeoPoker Run
  22. Email sent... Would like one for a prize at our event in June.
  23. I just went to the geocoinclub's code activation site, tested my PA 2005's, and everything still works. If you continue to have problems, email me through GC, and I'll retrieve your coin code from my old list. Yime Email sent
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