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  1. Great looking... Just getting into collecting benchmark coins. I do like the look of an original benchmark. Would love to get one of these!
  2. I think it is.... www.oakcoins.com/activate By-the-way... Anyone know where I can get the activation code for the National Park Joshua Tree?
  3. Snowwolf's Polished Gold Golden Dragon 2005 LE Kansas Sunshine Micro Johnny Boy & DB Cooper
  4. Ditto! I have been turned down several times with explaination of "We only trade trackables." or "We don't collect personal or event coins." But it has always been in a kind since till this response... "Doesn't sound like a very fair trade to me. Is your coin trackable? (one of their trade listed coins) is available for reasonable trade. I would consider Poker Run for a much lower value coin So I am moving on.... Happy trading!
  5. Check these out... Camp Spillman/DNR/Belfair Kent City Park Twin Lakes/Belfair
  6. Canada's Capital Cacher's Mtn-Man's Admin Brick We have been taken over by the FROGS! Signal - April 2006 Signal - May 2006 Signal - June 2006
  7. Got my coin yesterday... What a great lookin geocoin Thanks!!!
  8. National Park Joshua Tree Puzzle Set -The Challenge Puzzle Set - The Quest Puzzle Set - The Find Puzzle Set - The Research Cachoids - Desert Cachoids - Beach Cachoids - Big City GeoCoinClub/Clam Shell w/pin - June 2006 CoinsAndPins/Searching with Precision GeoCat Unite! Mustangjoni - 2006 w/pin LadyCacher - Pure Addiction & wooden Nickle Damenace Benchmark GeoCoin - Lewis & Clark Benchmark GeoCoin - Promontory Summite Utah Benchmark GeoCoin - Pyramids of Giza Benchmark GeoCoin - Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii Benchmark GeoCoin - Four Corners USA Benchmark GeoCoin - Mt Rushmore National Memorial Benchmark GeoCoin - Australia Deputy Cacher
  9. I haven't gotten The Blind Acorn Geocoin!! But of course I would have had to order one... (and would have if I had know about them... )
  10. <indirect link removed by moderator>
  11. All American Geocoin Team Petey's Twin Ports - Gold on Black Team Petey's Twin Ports - Silver Yellow Mailer Lost Coin Micro Micro Geocoin GC&PC Vitual Cache Ghost Pin (4) Offical Log Book Pin (2) 500 Caches Found Pins (one for each of the Tribe )
  12. Looks like the weather will be kind to us for this Saturday. Just added a few details on the GeoPoker Run Cache page. (GCT0NF) All the caches are made up and the pages are ready. We will be really busy this Thursday or Friday placing them. Remember ... The cache pages will not be published till the day after . This is so no one will get a jump start before the event. We will have driving directions and the cache pages for you when you register. When all is done and over, you will be able to log one event, 7 to 9 caches. One of the extra caches is a Fun cache on the route. You don't have to do it to qualify for the event. It was just to good of a place to pass up. This will give you a chance to take a break, eat your picnic lunch or give the kids a Time Out. The other extra cache is for raffle tickets for an "Original Stach Geocoin and Pin Set". Lummieh has been busy putting out a few new quick caches that will be on the route for those that have already done must of the caches in our area. If you are into Letterboxing.org, there are a couple on the route. The one on Green Mountain is about .5 miles up the road. The gate is suppost to be open on the weekends. You can drive and almost park on top of it. Then it is only a very, very short walk. Just have a few last minute details on our TO DO list, but it looks like it is coming together fairly well. Looking forward in seeing all you fellow cachers and getting to meeting all the newbies. See all of you Saturday!
  13. Congratulations to you and Mrs Shop99er. (Where would you be without her! )
  14. Way to go cachers. This is what it is all about! Congratulation to all of you. Sassy&Gordy #800 Shunra #1200 OBE #1500 grossi #1300 Plaidguy #1300 NBJPoppa #800 EGH #2900 BruceandRachel #1000 BruceandRachel #500 HAWK #800 W7WT #1200 & #1300 (You've been busy! ) FunnyNose #2000 Nevcowpok #900 Terrible T's #600 Prying Pandora hit #2600 Puppers #4000 nolenator #900 (Gotta check this forum more often. You all been busy....)
  15. Jan & the Percey Boys Lightbulb geocoin
  16. Congratulation Moun10bike! May we all follow your foot steps to another 6 years... AND a Happy Dad's Day to you also! The Tribe
  17. Thanks... I think we all can let out that breath we have been holding. What a rush this morning. And it sounds like you are running on empty. Keep up the good work.
  18. I guess since we have order numbers, it should be safe to assume we made the cut! I hope...
  19. I placed an order about 1/2 hour ago. Got an order number. But no email verification. And I also don't see anyones name under either "Received Orders List" or "Orders Being Processed List". Sound like quite a few placed orders. Are we suppost to get email verification or is it just me and my computer?
  20. Original Stash Geocoin & Pin Lighthouse Series - Block Island GeoWoodstock 4 (which was a gift)
  21. Yes you can scotch tape (book tape works well) over the barcode as long as you leave a small strip untaped. The tape can reflect the scanner if it covers all the barcode. I use a #6 3/4 Safe-T-Mailer (www.safeTmailer.com), slightly trimmed, inside of a #6 (3 3/8" X 6") envelope. I tape the flap just to be safe. One coin $.63 Good luck.
  22. SeabeckTribe


    Here is were you can post your interest in trades: Groundspeak Forums > Geocaching Hitchhikers > Geocoin Discussions > Geocoin Trading, Wants, Offers and Lists This is a pinned subject for traders. Glad to see a newbie in the geocoin craze. Here is a link to your list Good luck!
  23. It is a cool lookin coin. Doesn't Rusty do a great job! He helped design our personal. Then he designed the GeoPoker Run Event coin for us. The only input I did was the ammo can.
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