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  1. ;):) Here I am trying to get Vanatge Point to work and I never see any one saying "how to get the caches to load to the SD card in the T-500". HELP!!! I have had Magellen GPS receivers for 5 years of geocaching: Meriaden Gold, eXplorist 600 and the Triton 500.

    I think I need help getting the Triton 500 going. eXplorist quit being recognized by my computer and I have tried to use a SD card reader and it will not work.

    Ramble ramble.

    tnx for any help

  2. Just an FYI - Adblock in Firefox sees the cache list on the search page as an Ad and blanks it out.





    ;) Is there a work around for this? I think this is what has happened to my maps on the "printpreview/print page. I really used this "map" out in the field to help get me headed in the right direction on the right trail.

    Clodbuster 2

  3. OK, everybody tell me I'm old fashioned and can't change :D but I think that the Geocaching.com Google Map was one of the best all around maps we had!!! bar none. I do like the looks of the Terrain map and think it can be used well. But I like the old standby and I vote for the Geocaching.com Google Map. :):)

  4. Avatar creation instructions


    Save the desired image to your PC, then:


    1. Click on My Account tab on left side of home page.

    2. Under Account Options on the right side click on Edit My Profile

    3. On the Edit Account Details page look for the Virtual You section. Under Avatar click on change/edit

    4. On the choose my avatar page, click on the Upload a New Image line

    5. Use browse button to find the image you saved to your PC, give it a File Caption and hit Upload

    6. Once it is uploaded click on My Details

    7. On the Edit Account Details page look for the Virtual You section. Under Avatar click on change/edit

    8. Click on desired avatar, then click on Select Photo

    9. Click on the Edit Account Details line, key in your password, then page down and click on the Update Account button.

    10. Go to the forums and log out and log back in. Your avatar should now appear next to your name.



    To test please use this thread.

    Please do not start another testing thread.

  5. I do not know how, why or when it started doing this. I am guessing I went looking at something and changed the address to load right to GSAK. Any one out there have the same problem? Please I do not like all the Desk Top clutter. Help Help Help :rolleyes:


    I'm a bit confused about what exactly is happening, and what you want to happen in this case. All I know for sure is that it sounds like you're downloading gpx files and they are ending up on your desktop.


    Could you post a little more about what you are trying to accomplish?




    When I started using the GPX files they loaded right into GSAK, then geocaching.com did some up grading, GSAK did some up grading and the GPX files are now loading into the Desk Top. I have tried a couple of things to get them back into GSAK but it fails and reverts back to the Desk Top. :huh: I think the problem is in the geocaching.com end because when I click on the GPX eXchange, on the page, it goes to GC???? and the address is to the desk top. I gives you the choice of "OPEN" or "Remove". I know this does not make much sense but. I'll do some reading and try and send an e-mail(where do I send it) to you so you can see the screens.

    Clodbuster 2

  6. To look on the bright side, I really do like the new website. However, does anyone else have issues with the new printer friendly pages. I still print the pages and try to save paper but the new format makes the caches longer and does not list the attributes. And help to print less, would really help!

    :P Yes, I think with a little time and use I will like the new website also.

    NOW for the real down side-----PRINTING. I like using past logs, getting distance from Home, HINTS, ect. GO BACK TO THE "OLD" PAGES AND THE WAY THEY WERE. It was easy to use and you knew what the site was like.

    When I go to the print 5 logs everything defaults to Adobe 8, and there is no way you can get back to a good page.

    I better stop.

    Clodbuster 2 ;)

  7. I usually plan a day of caching with My Account > Search for nearest caches (filter out finds). Unfortunately, we've now found most of the caches we intend to find, but the list is cut off at 50 miles!

    Is there a way to extend the search to 100 miles, or even to a selectable range?

    Additionally, we live on a narrow peninsula, and many caches that are listed as being within 50 miles are actually on the other side of the bay, almost 200 miles away!

    Would it be possible to limit the direction of a search to a certain quadrant?

    Right now I'm resorting to looking up zipcodes and searching around them.

    :P:P I have had the same question for many months now and have sent e-mails but have never heard back from any of the "boys' as to why it all of a sudden changed.

    So maybe if we keep asking WHY may be "they" will respond. Hang in there and have fun.

    Clodbuster 2 :lol:

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