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  1. Ok. Thanks for that tip. Before doing that, I thought I'd check my phone once more and whiz-bang! It had finally updated on its own...but it took about 16 hours to do it. I'll keep our suggestion to clear the app cache in mind though. Thank you!
  2. On a side note...I'm new to the forum here. What's the difference for comments between "Upvote", "Love", "Helpful", etc. Are there different points awarded to the commenter for these?
  3. I'm mostly concerned that other Geocachers using their phone can't see the updates to my cache description. Seems like the app would eventually update my edits???
  4. I'm not aware of how to "refresh" the app on my phone like I would by CTRL-F5 on a PC. Do you know how to refresh on a phone without uninstalling/reinstalling app?
  5. I recently edited one of my cache descriptions. After editing it, it updated my changes immediately on my online cache description (on my computer) but didn't on the app cache description (on my Android phone). I waited a few hours to see if it was just a lag on the app but after a few hours it still hadn't updated on the app. I tried closing the app and reopening it but still no update. I then tried deleting and reinstalling the Geocaching app and that showed the update. That worked but who wants to do that on a regular basis? Thinking that the lag for the app to show the edit was maybe just longer than the few hours I had waited, I tested this again by making a second edit to my cache description and waited overnight. It has now been 14 hours since I made the edit but it still hasn't updated. Does anyone know if there is a certain lag period before edited descriptions for caches actually update or what the issue might be with this?
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