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  1. Geo-sister is 31, Geo-brother is 35.
  2. Cleveland, specifically the southwest suburbs of Strongsville (GeoBrother) and Berea (GeoSister).
  3. I lurk, usually for much longer than I intended. Like now, for instance. I came on here to kill the rest of my lunch hour. Now I look up at the clock only to see I've killed my entire lunch hour PLUS two additional hours. Lucky we don't have a time clock here. Guess I should go do something productive....rats!
  4. Hi all you experienced GPSr users! I am still a newbie, but having lots of fun with caching. I have a Garmin eTrex (you know, the little yellow one), which I am finally starting to bond with. I hated it for a while, but things are good now. I am looking for accessories for it that will make caching a bit easier. Does anyone know if there is: 1. a preferred rechargable battery for it? 2. a car charger that works well with it? 3. any accessories that will allow me download coordinates directly from the computer. I just HATE keying all the coordinates by hand. Anyone who has/had an eTrex that has any input, I would greatly appreciate it. Next year for Christmas, on my eTrex's second birthday, I may get myself a new GPSr. In the meantime, I'm looking to make more responsible choices with regard to batteries and repetitive stress injuries derived from hand-keying coordinates! Thanks!
  5. OK, OK, I won't throw it off a cliff. There are a few tips here that I will try. We have found a handful of caches already, but I was concerned that Old Yeller had started acting strangely as of late. I guess he's not damaged, just a little cranky perhaps? Thanks to all! I will give him a reprieve and not throw him to his doom. At least not yet....
  6. We are relatively new cachers, and for our first GPS we bought a Garmin eTrex (the yellow one). I realize this is a fairly basic model and by its nature will not be nearly as accurate as a pricey one. However, it has been increasingly erratic and I really am considering throwing it off the highest cliff I can find unless someone can perhaps give me some helpful advice. On most of the latest caches we have looked for (and failed to find because of this GPS) it will tell me the location is, for example, 7 feet to the NW. As soon as I start going that way it tells me the cache is 53 feet (or some other unreal number)in the opposite direction or a completely different direction, etc. It cannot seem to decide where to point me, or what the actual distance is, and this has happened consistently in the last several areas we searched--some wooded, some not, all with fairly good amounts of clear, open sky. Secondly, I cannot get an accuracy better than roughly 18 feet on average--sometimes as much as 30 feet. Is this normal? Any tips would be good. Thanks.
  7. First came across a story on it while working at the Cleveland Metroparks back in 2002. Interested then, but never got a chance to get started. (I know what you're thinking: "You worked for the park district and couldn't find a chance to start????" Don't ask...) When I came across it again just recently, the fire under my proverbial rear-end was lit, I bought the GPSr with Christmas money I didn't expect to get, lured my fiance and brother to join me, and got our first 5 finds ( ) and a DNF ( ) this past Sunday. I will be out again this weekend, come heck or high snow. It is an intriguing game. I showed my brother the web site as a means of explaining what caching actually is, and after 15 minutes of intent reading and searching our zip code, he sat up stark-straight at the computer and shouted, "I want to go find things...NOW!" I think we are hooked indeed.
  8. Markwell, thanks for the link. It's exactly what I was looking for!
  9. I am new and I have a question. I have been searching the GC.com web site for the "guidelines" used when people set their difficulty and terrain settings. I cannot find anything that references this. Obviously I am not looking on the right pages. Can someone kindly direct me to a reference explaining what constitutes a one-, two-, three-, four- or five-star difficulty? I have a general idea, but I would like to see what the "official" designations are, if there are any. Thanks for the info.
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