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  1. In that case it wasn't Les Reed. No idea who else it could have been. No, not Les, but you are on the right lines
  2. Are you sure it wasn't 2006? yes - definitely 2007.... Edited to add: but I've checked my diary, and the quiz I went to wasn't until mid-November
  3. That is indeed a DING Just to finish the detail off BFH if anyone wants to know is "Bus Fare Home". Over to you Pete. Thanks: I'll try a question from a quiz that stuck in my mind about this time last year: If Brian Clough was 44 in 1974, and Steve Coppell was 33 in 1996, who was 41 in 2007? Pete
  4. Good question! Think I might have it..... Eric Sykes starred in the Plank, Joe Fagin sang the song (theme to Auf Wiedershen Pet, one of my all time favourite programmes), my wife informs me that Bullseye was a dog (Bill Sykes'?) and I'm guessing that the flyer is a bumble - all of which adds up the connection being characters in Oliver Twist Pete
  5. Pete, you're correct in that James Cracknell was in the boat for the 1999 champs, however, to the best of my knowledge he didn't appear on torch relay day, so no ding I am afraid ... looking for the other three apart from James Cracknell. Tim Foster then? No idea of roles (or rolls) for any of them, except didn't Sir Steve actually carry the torch for a short while? Pete
  6. I have a vague recollection that he got a bronze one year, in addition to his gold. I'll stab at '88, coxed pairs
  7. I was thinking of a simple English word, (weird), but can't fault your reasoning, so DING, over to you... Pete
  8. .........mind you, if you accept the convention that "y" is a vowel........................ I don't ! quotiental was just a lucky guess based on thinking of 'quotient' quite quickly and just wondering how to fit an 'a' on the end! An easy one: Sticking with a linguistic theme, can you name a word which breaks the rule "i before e except after c"? Pete
  9. I'll have a try! how about "quotiental"? (if that exists)
  10. In boxing there's no 'punch off' between the losing semi finalists, so both get bronze (I believe) Pete
  11. My hunch would be one as there is only one Decathlon Gold medal? good point -hadn't thought of that...
  12. Assuming 'Athletics is one 'sport', how many events does the Decathlon count as? I'll guess at 350 events overall Pete
  13. Fairly sure that ii) would be the Liberty Bell, reasonably confident that xi) is now SCOPE, and taking a plump for the 'obvious' that Buckingham House simply got renamed 'Palace' when a previous monarch moved in Pete
  14. I know what you mean about the chorus! As I own an REM songbook, I can put you out of your misery by revealing that the words crammed into the chorus are "Call me when you try to wake her up" (not 'calling Jamaica' as I used to think.....') Cheers Pete
  15. 3. The Sidewinder sleeps tonite - REM just re-read the question, so edited to add "a candy bar, a falling star, or a reading of Dr Zeuss" Pete
  16. Haven't done them ourselves yet, but the 'Chloe's Wellhouse Walk' series near Newbury would seem to fit the bill... Pete
  17. I knew listening to tour guides would come in useful one day.... Which olympic sport held prestige events during the summer of 2007 at venues including Weymouth, Bridlington, Gloucester, Margate, Ruislip and Regents Park?
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