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  1. Crewe Alexandra? Nope. I'll see off your Crewe Alexandra with an Oxford or a Wrexham... Sorry, thought you said senior teams....
  2. As FTF'ers of the cache in question, I say keep it! Not only is it a good puzzle, but the location of the cache merits the effort and the walk. I doubt the ammo can is at risk from passing muggles.... Cheers, Pete and Sandra
  3. The Watership Down series offers nice walks and seriously good views over Kingsclere. Part 1 is GCG00Z. Not ones to do if you are after quick cache and dashes though. Pete
  4. A thread meant for us! - see our forum picture! We went 'cruise caching' last summer in Norway, with successes in every port except one: Succeses (and the odd DNF) were recorded at Stavanger, Molde, Trondheim, Tromso, Bergen and Eidfjord. A mixture of easy and not quite so...Bergen and Tromso were most prolific, and Tromso in particular afforded spectacular views. Far from ruining a visti to a new destination ("why waste your time caching in such places?") we found that many caches were thoughtfully placed in interesting locations and we therefore used our pre-planned caching trails to actually enhance our visits. Our only disappointnment was at Ny Alesund, only 650 miles from the North Pole on Spitsbergen. Incredibly there is a cache only 500m from the landing jetty, at a disused mine, but the alleged risk of polar bears in the area meant that the site was off limits Still, the glacial scenery made up for it (no polar bears to be seen, but we did see Arctic foxes) We're cruising again this summer, to Shetlands, Faroes, Iceland, Norway and Belgium, and hope to get at least one cache per port again Pete and Sandra
  5. DING! I confess to loving the programme all those years ago too (but don't have the DVD's......)
  6. vaudeville ?? Pete DING! Anyone remember Ivor the Engine? What was the name of the dragon? Pete
  7. Yes - we saw that sign just poking out above the several feet of snow. Just as amusing, on our visit, was the sign at the start of the black run down saying 'beware, light snow covering' when just a few hundred meters further on the piste had been wiped out by an avalanche!
  8. Villains headquarters on a mountaintop? Has to be a James Bond film. No idea which though. A dinglet indeed for James Bond - and there are only so many to guess from.... Pete
  9. Oops - just spotted I've been awarded the Ding by default. Only looked 'cos I was going to add Northampton as the home of the Saints. Better think of a quick question to get this thread back up and running, so..... As I am just back from holiday: Which action film required construction of a villain's mountain-top den which now (decades later) thrives as a major tourist attraction with a revolving restaurant called Piz Gloria? Pete
  10. A few to be going on with ... Quins - London Tigers - Leicester Irish - Reading Falcons - Newcastle Sharks - Sale Pete
  11. Was one of them Lady Di - before she became a Royal ? Pete
  12. On a similar theme, which successful group did 70s band The Tourists mutate into?
  13. remember it being in the news this week, some little country in the Himalayas:- not Tibet/Nepal, but can't remember the name!
  14. DING Yes the link was short-lived managerial stays. Cloughie was at Leeds for 44 days, Coppell (ugh) walked out on Man City after ust 33 days, and Megson lasted a paltry 41 days at Leicester. Over to you...
  15. I'm loving your persistence! - but, again, no. South of Derby....think crisps
  16. No, and No I'm afraid. You need to go about 30 miles slightly North East of St Andrews and find another pretty ugly one (who I now recall has managed in the Birmingham metropolis in his time). Remember the answer (ie as at 2006) was NOT a premiership manager (though he is now....)
  17. No not the wonderful Mark Hughes, manager of my beloved team - less of the Mud City please. You are right about the answer being managerial, but it's not youngest, or premiership. Going back to previous clue - think East of where Bruce managed before going north to Wigan...
  18. No, sorry. Come back down to where Steve Bruce used to be, and look east....
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