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  1. sorry to bring football in but: man city = 463,000,000 man utd = 5,180,000 Makes up for 30 years of hurt....
  2. Well done from Sharpeset as well, and keep your own caches coming!
  3. ......we'll forgive you for missing we got our 200th today too!
  4. why thank you kindly, Sandiways - your turn!
  5. While eating his haggis and mash, Macbeth made his plans for a cache, But the evil drink Caused the Great Man to think "I'd rather go out on the lash" I know, stick to my day job......
  6. ...clearly Big Brother is watching with clever software that won't let us say dadgum (no prizes for guessing what I really typed!)
  7. ...and there's a yellow one in the same 'Pang' series (found yesterday in a wickedly cunning hiding place)... Maybe the Cache Hoppers have a tame stockist?
  8. I had similar sort of problem with a TB last week - I retrieved it from a cache and submitted log. TB page had no record of my retrieval log, but did record it as recently spotted in my hands. Problem 'cured' itself by the good 'ole "log out, log in again" routine....
  9. Thanks Humphrey - sounds like a good idea to me! Pete
  10. That is good, but they have taken away the mileage for each hop, which I liked to see, all you have now is it's total mileage. Don't know whether this is a new 'feature' or a fault: Have just logged my first TB retrieval on the new pages. Having submitted the log, the TB page correctly records 'recently spotted: in the hands of Sharpeset', but there is no sign of my actal log entry. Am I going mad? Editted: Having logged out and back in, log now shows properly....hm....
  11. Thanks Bill and Nobby. I'll try Jan and the Percy boys as suggested. Contacting the scouts might be a bit over the top... Cheers Pete Edited to report that Muppettree is actually "Jan"'s sister and they have offered to intervene in an attempt to get the bugs on the road again. Thunderbirds are go...maybe...
  12. Thanks for the sympathy Mrs B. Our missing bug was named 'Sporting Chance' and we hoped he might get to Germany for the World Cup. Need to rename him 'Fat Chance...'!
  13. Thanks Nobby. Have tried that, but as this was their one and only find ever, I don't hold out much hope. Quite disappointing that our first TB should go just 20 miles and then get 'lost'. Cheers, Pete
  14. Does anyone out there know cachers by the name of 'Muppettree', from the Winchester area? I believe they may have defected from the sport in May last year, while in posession of two TBs, one of them mine (hence my interest). I went to GCMJYQ (Itchen to get back to the pub) last week to rescue it, but it was not there. The log book contains an entry by Muppettree from May, stating they took the two bugs. The TBs have not been logged out of the cache, and the cachers have not logged anything since. Have E:mailed them (politely, of course) but have had no response. Just wondered if anyone knew them and could get the bugs back....I can but hope! Cheers, Pete
  15. March 31st for Pete - same as Bargee March 9th for Sandra
  16. I actually work at JET, so if even if you don't have time to do a cache during your visit you could pass the TB on to me at Culham. Mail me via gc.com profile for my office address if you like. It would be good to make acquaintance of a continental cacher!
  17. Anyone spotted that a couple of Travelbug1000's 'finds' are micros? Like to see Bernd das Brot TB fit in a micro (solve and log3).....
  18. We specifically launched our latest TB in a TB hotel. Being relative newbies, we naively thought it would be the ideal place for it to start its journey. Five weeks on and it's still there, despite the cache having been found a few times in the meantime. Personally I would not dream of visiting a TB hotel without the intention of leaving/taking/swapping, and would hope other loggers would do the same.
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