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  1. Seems there are others... Check out A nice looking hat
  2. Great news!!! Now at least you will get some sleep.... or maybe the cachers will increase the caches keeping both of you out of sleep!
  3. This picture was taken at a cache, what cache?
  4. This looks very familiar, but I haven't been to this one, but we recently did some of the others in the area and would asume this is Sheba's Lookout?
  5. Ok.... that was to easy... next time take it away...
  6. Ok this is my first upload so hopefully not to easy, but it is at a cache that hasn't been found to often
  7. Either the Highlanders 2nd Lookout, or Dullstroom Heigths, but I think Bouts777 should have it with Highlanders 2nd Lookout But then again I just checked my picture that I have up there and I think it is Dullstroom Heights
  8. Either the Highlanders 2nd Lookout, or Dullstroom Heigths, but I think Bouts777 should have it with Highlanders 2nd Lookout
  9. We were in Nelspruit not long ago and it was just not possible for us to go now again.... so no we would have enjoyed it, and are defintely up for the challenge... (always).... maybe sometime soon we will again have time for Nelspruit, there are still many caches there we need to go and find...
  10. Ditto. 1 or 2 is very nice! But between them I also would go with 1
  11. I think that is a great idea - It will give all the non dipped TBs a fighting chance. I agree with the different categories (not only local and international) for measurement of achievement. I've entered two TB's, and beforehand decided that I'm going to hold on to one, and realease one. The one I'm holding onto is doing much better (according to the current criteria) than the other because an inexperienced cacher dropped it into a cache that hardly ever get's visited.... .. I just think that we must take note of these suggestions and incorporate them into a future race. I do enjoy the race, it's lots of fun for now (but then both my TB's is still somewhere and I am still competing, I most probably wouldn't have enjoyed it so much if they were missing by this time)...though and thanks again for Bruce for making it possible...
  12. This sound interesting.... something different and maybe some of us not having either the time or skill might benefit quite a bit by this
  13. We most probably would be interested in a set also.
  14. What do other cachers do in the following scenario: You get to GZ and all seems nice and quite, you find the cache, remove it, but while you are logging it the place suddenly becomes very busy with lots of muggles and you are stranded with the cache in hand. It recently happend to me and I thought I managed to hide the cache with nobody noticing but obviously someone did notice and removed the cache.....[]. What are you suppose to do in this sittuation?
  15. We previously discussed in another forum the situation of power trials and completing caches in a series..., the more people find caches in this way the more we will see "Copy" and "Paste" logs. We did a trip to Bloem last year and I see again there is an event scheduled for this weekend where people are attempting to find the most caches in one day... I'm sorry, but by the 10th cache done like this you can't remember anything about the previous cache. Things start happening so quickly that every thing just become a blur. I think Oom Louwtjie most probably is the most frustrated cache owner when it gets to "Copy" and "Paste" logs. But this is it, a lot of persons chase badges (even if some of the more prestige persons here claim otherwise) they realy like presenting their badges on their profiles.... and as long as persons have badges to chase they will find ways to get them. I think in general one should stay away from "copying" and "Pasting", but in some cases it becomes the only way to really log the 111 done in one day. This however should never be the norm[]
  16. I would like to suggest this photo taken by Corne (The C in B and C team) as a runner for the pic of the month for March. I thought it came out quite nicely.[] This picture was take the "Fort Schanskop" cache and the "Trokkie" is ridding up the shoulder of the statue of Danie Theron found at the top of the hill.
  17. I am not sure I understand what you ask. Is it not answered in my message of 2 March, titled: Most municipalities found? Sorry!!! I see it is there, must have missed it between all the other stats... That one works for me thanks!
  18. Hi Danie, Most SA cachers uses the StatsGen and BadgeGen macros from GSAK to reflect their statistics and badges in their own profile. One of the badges that you obtain is for caching in all 9 provinces in the country. Although this a badge, I think it is not a great reflection of who has cached all over SA. I read a recent post by IPajero where they said that they found a cache somewhere in the Northern Cape giving them now a cache in each one of the municipalities. I thought this was a great achievement and one I would greatly try to achieve also. Would it be possible to give some statistic on Cachers compared to the number of municipalities in SA. This I think should rather be a badge than the number of provinces....
  19. Ag I just want to say, this is an incredible forum and the work that Danie does is under-valued.... It makes for incredible reading and I really don't know where he finds the time to manage all this stats. I for one really appreciate the work and effort put into providing the rest of us with this very fascinating stats. Thanks!!!
  20. This is quite nice, I went through the post of this topic going back to somewhere in 2008. It would have been great to be part of this game since 2008, but I only found out about this in April 2010. Been doing quite a bit of caching in the last few months across our country and wow! What a privilege. I see that all caches in SA (the ones I have, active/archived and available) have a centroid of close to Bloem. My Centroid is about 10km west from Sasolburg.... (S26 41.071 E27 45.787 to be precise). I wonder out of the people having found more than 1500 caches what percentage of these caches are in SA and what is outside of SA?
  21. I would love to attend the event, but I don't know how practically it is for me. I finish with a project on the Tuesday before this event where I drove around this beautiful country of ours for almost 10,000km, did quite a few caches on the way. But this event might be a bit short notice on my return from Ncome, so my question boils down to options. If the other event was maybe in March or some other month, then I could have decided to either do your event or do their event. It doesn't really matter which one, it only boils down to the fact that I've never been to Swaziland and would love for Geocaching to take me there[]. (I am defintely not chasing the numbers, I am chasing the caches though. Would have loved to be part of this for as long as what Jors has been, but for now I am thoroughly enjoying where this takes me)
  22. Last year in October another event was being arranged for Swaziland, the "Then organisers" proposed that their event was arranged with in to short notice and cancelled the arrangements. As far as I know they are still planning and maybe we could here from them when they intend to host their event. Maybe we (as cachers) would have the option of two events in Swazi within two or three weeks. Any word on this?
  23. Just remember, certain cachers are watching the listings when they get published and don't mind caching at 03:00 in the morning.... So it might be that B and C or Madsons or "Wurm" have already grabbed these by the time that you all get together at 06:00. That would sort out the question of "Earning" or not "Earning" a FTF[]
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