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  1. Morning all, I for one love these stats, we are not as active as what we were in the past, but I still like to catch up here to see what is going on with Geocaching. Danie maybe once you have posted the stats you can also put a post on the FB Forums, that way people that only use FB can see the link to this site and just maybe it draws more people here? Not sure if that would work. I agree with the sentiments above that it would be a shame to loose this info, but I've always wondered how you manage to find time for all of this!
  2. Perhaps the active cachers are finding less because the fuel is costing more? And just to digress a little on new cachers - My gut feel from seeing the logs that are written in my neck of the woods - there seem to be many more "one day" and "one week" wonders. They spring to life, and then disappear after finding the dozen or so caches close to home. PT My 2c worth..... There will always be a relationship between new cachers and "Long term" cachers, one cacher tells 5 others about geocaching, 4 of those finds 1 or two caches and the other becomes a "Long Term" cacher, and so forth. The graph actually confirms this. Secondly the longer one caches, the more difficult it becomes, especially if you've cached for quite a while, then there are no new caches near your house and you have to drive further. The "Long Term" cachers are not all there for the thrill of quickly finding a cache, they are usually more thrilled by finding a quality cache, so lots of cheap quick caches removes the thrill and some "Long Term" finders stops caching because it just becomes to much of a burden to drive far and find a cheap cache... I do think the petrol price plays a role, but I think the quality of the game that we played deteriorated and therefor the "Long Term" cachers are not satisfied and finds some other game or hobby. In my opinion, a well known cacher in the Pretoria area: that used to be one of the greats: is a good example, he no longer caches but rather go on long walks and hikes.. a different but similar hobby. He finds his thrills elsewhere now...
  3. Now this would be a good stat to monitor! Maybe this is something that the organisers/reviewers/Province Groups can look at to reward these hard workers! They are the ones that keep this game going for all of us! Will be interesting!
  4. I never say anything, but never miss a post, don't know when you get time to do all these, but really am appreciating it a lot. Interesting concept! Just checked and mine are all in Africa (and discovered that I have 4001 African finds). I am pretty sure that iPajero's multiple matrix laps are all in Africa as well. And Danie - keep the stats coming. The monologue is OK. It means we are gobsmacked.
  5. Ag nee toe Danie, hierdie is die enigste rede hoekom ek nog ooit enigsins sinvolle inligting van die forum gekry het..... Groot seblief moet nie ophou nie, baie van ons het n "watch" op hierdie link, en is altyd lekker en interessant om te kyk hoe dit met ons speletjie gaan in SA..... I did not think anyone else is really interested - I'll see what I can do!
  6. When I open the App on my Nokia Lumia 800 I get a message continuously througout "ERROR - There was an error processing your request. Please try again later.. [OK]". By ignoring it I can use the application, but the message pops up every second or so...making it basically impossible to use. Any ideas on what can be done about this....
  7. Eish, we still have some series caching left before we can retire[]...
  8. I think this discussion is getting very technical and maybe should be moved to the "Techno nuts" topic...
  9. Very Very Cool. Well Done. Absolutely briliant, both ones! Love the last ones sparkles
  10. Just installed GSAK beta... wow scary interface indeed. I have zero experience with the beast yet but I'm keen to start fiddling - Getting all the logs would be awesome - How does one go about doing this? (My database hold the 100km around my home location) I just created a new database on my GSAK and have inported all the caches in a 100km radius and also specifying that it should include the last 10 logs for each cache. see there is a limit of 30 on the number of logs per cache (Maybe Damhuis knows something I don't). You click on the new [Geocaching.Com Access] menu item at the top, and then select one of the options that you would want to use (remember to also type your caching name in to the [Exclude By] box otherwise it will download your caches also. (I haven't found my own[]). Hope this helps...
  11. At one of the brilliant caches that we've done in the mountains in Capetown I found an "I-pajero" and he asked if we would join him, doing some other up there.... almost walked me of my feet.... ha, ha, ha, I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life
  12. As mentioned in another thread (Techno nuts), you can see a bit of what's comming if you use the GSAK Beta release. It includes a new column for favorites and when updating the stats from the website it also updates these favorites per cache. For those doing lots of caches in a group logging them is a complete pain, but with the new updates in GSAK it will take you only a few minutes (depending on your network connection) to log multiple caches. You can type/edit the log offline in GSAK and then upload your logs in one go... And there are others, and if I understand correctly it will be on us from pretty soon
  13. To all the GSAK users out there... There are very nice and new additions being planned for GSAK (and I think it gives one an idea of the future of device software using live enabled software, like Iphone, Win7 and Android, using the new API'). This is a bit technical and maybe not for everyone, but the guys drawing stats and enjoying to keep there own databases using GSAK should definitely start playing arround with this Beta version (as one of the forum members say, if the word Beta software doesn't have meaning in your life then the software is defintely not for you yet). (The suggestion is that you must install the software to a different directory than your normal GSAK and run it from there, you can use both versions, but not at the same time). I personnally like the direct interface between GSAK and Geocaching.com. Check it out at:GSAK Beta forum
  14. Nay - I fully agree with Besem's sentiment and as a persons that ownes (21) of the PT caches, If I knew beforehand that I would be subjected to so many negative comments (some close to verbal abuse) and not only in the forums, but also Facebook, email and now also in the logs received from cachers finding them, I would never have been part of this.... On the verge of disabling, archiving all of them....
  15. I see that the RSA centroid have shifted almost 50km down the N1 towards JHB after the publishing of the GPS power series. My own Centroid that was always close to Parys is also now much closer to JHB....
  16. Nope, you still have me, gone through all the caches you own (that I know of and is in the FS) (I assume that's what was ment with my listins...), if it is your logs, I've even gone through a few of those, but am not closer to the answer. Sorry will have to give up on this one!
  17. A few teams achieved some great milestones recently: Wormgeocach - 2000 Leon St - 2000 W@lly - 1000 Wilduvo - 1000 HeinG - 1000 NotBlonde - 1000 Congrats and hope you have many more. Truly a pleasure and honor to get to know all of you!
  18. Lots of positives and lots of negatives regarding a power series, at the end of the day we did something that was in agreement to the rules of caching and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. On Wednesday I did a few other caches (not GPS power trail related) and again thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree it would have been nice if the GC website gave one the option to ignore certain caches in listings other than your ignore list, then you could just add the bookmark list that I've created to the list and ignore all the GPS - * caches, but maybe in a future release they would do that. Regarding the authenticity of us capturing and registering the finds, I think any remarks are premature. I think we are the only cachers in South Africa that has any idea what it entails to log 500 plus caches and let me tell you, it is a nightmare. So if we make a few minor mistakes, please excuse us, we will sort them out. The persons that did this with me are some of the greatest people that I’ve met and none of them are the dishonest types. It took a lot of struggle and work to get this done and to find them. But we did and we really enjoyed it. Fortunately we’ve got GPS tracklogs, I even have a field note with the 524 odd caches that we found (we didn’t do all), here is a copy and NotBlonde has uploaded a copy of a tracklog onto the facebook page…. So please, you can view your opinion about the power trail, thats for you to do, but to get personal and on a public forum accuse the persons involved as cheats is really uncalled for. Here is the copy…. Let us all forget about this monster and populate our pocket queries, it is weekend and there are still many other caches to be found. It still is a game and I am still enjoying it tremendously!
  19. Here is a bookmark to the 654 caches: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=7dc49df2-60dd-4493-8ceb-4a1ddae2e13a
  20. Correct, it is indeed "Left over from World War...".... Take it away!
  21. Nope, but I'll give a hint, its much closer to my home, but not in my province and just because we have a new reviewer: I can mention that another reviewer is the owner Another hint required.... I thought Wazat would know because he visited the site at the end of June 2011..., and the town is still a very popular town for the warm water comming out of the ground
  22. I vote for Baja 4x4 Racer at Astronomical Heritage: La Caille I am a rock at Bird Buddies
  23. Nope, but I'll give a hint, its much closer to my home, but not in my province and just because we have a new reviewer: I can mention that another reviewer is the owner
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