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  1. Congratulations Felipe for hitting 400 at It's HUUUGE! cache in South Jersey while on vaction. Keep on Caching!
  2. There was a forum post back in the spring. I don't remember who contacted who. I think he contacted us. The custom "coin" was a poker chip.
  3. In the spring there was a forum post looking for NY Area Geocachers. This video is the result: Wall Street Journal On-Line Edition - Andy Jordan Tech Journal We had a blast doing one of CondorTrax caches and showing Andy the ropes.
  4. Congratulations to Kber for hitting 1,300 during our Long Island trip on Saturday!
  5. It would seem that the latest update to Mapsource (6.12.2) has a few new Geocaching icons. (Multi, Letterbox, and Puzzle) (Why they'd include letterbox is beyond me) Does this mean that they will be updating the unit software to allow to use this, or is this possibly in preparation for the next generation units? Sorry if this has been asked before (I searched, but didn't find anything).
  6. Ordered Today! disk to arrive in 7-10 days via First Class Mail. Then you go to the Website and unlock the maps.
  7. I would just like to add to the thread that you should never let something like a tick control your life. The best defense is awareness and taking precautions. We as a family lost a whole summer to Lyme, and we've learned a lot that basically came down to if you want to Geocache, you'll have to deal with ticks. Geocaching won!
  8. Sorry LuckyBobb, I meant no disrespect. I was a lititle pre-occupied with getting my truck running, and missed your name. THANK YOU as well!
  9. Let's get this out of the way early. It doesn't matter if we win, it's an honor just to be nominated!
  10. What could have been a total disaster and lots of money turned into a minor annoyance and great chance to meet Mother Hen and Evil Chicken and (ELECTRICHEADX?), swap some stories, and remind us to "respect the forest". I can't thank them enough for coming to the rescue as KBER and I were trying to get back to Rt-673 from one of the numerous Cerebral Codex stages. They left the SJ Geocaching event to help out a couple of strangers (and they don't come much stranger than KBer and I), managed to get us back to the highway, and stuck around as we tried to figure out why my truck wouldn't start. (turned out there's a hole in my muffler that filled with water as soon as we hit the puddle). Next time were down, we owe you a beer (or 20) at the Pic-a-Lilli! Thanks again!
  11. Way to go Felipe! Keep on Cachin'
  12. Just a reminder, that with the warm winter, that the TICKS are active. After dealing with Lyme last summer, we have become very aware of ticks. Mrs. Resolution and I had to remove more ticks from ourselves yesterday after a trek through Watchung Reservation then we did in the middle of summer. From what we have learned, ticks can be active if the temprature is above 32 degrees.
  13. I've alsmot gotten divorced at a few of the tougher caches. Does that count?
  14. Old Navy grabbed his 100th cache at "Rebel Printer". Congratulations!
  15. I got my coins...I got my coins (oops...we got our coins, we got our coins). Now, let's see: Jim Florio....naw...too happy Frank Sinatra (sounds promising) Jack Nicholson (another good one) John Taylor (founder of Taylor Ham) A MUST! ....still thinking. The Coins LOOK FABULOUS! (Dang, Billy Crystal's from LI)
  16. Actually, since the soil is mostly sand, the rain actually helps things (barring monsoon type conditions). Most of the time hunting down Choreographed Chaos was done under "less than ideal" conditions weather wise. But, it never hurts to have a FRS Radio on Channel 2 (just in case). :) If you only have a 2wd vehicle, I'd recommend staying to the main roads under any circumstances. Oh, and don't forget the bear replent (just in case you run into Frodo) Just kidding, Frodo's a great guy, I had a chance to chat with him during one of my treks.
  17. Three for us! Very nice design.
  18. And to think I knew him when he was only 600 something. Way to go Ken!
  19. I use GSAK, and Export the HTML files to a SD Card for viewing on my iPaq. This has turned out to be the best of both worlds (at least for me).
  20. Just remember ToTo, you're not in San Diego any more. I actually heard the official warning from the PodCachers podcast about you . Welcome to our congested little state with a very high density of Geocaches. As far as keeping it together, I get frustrated after reading 5 pages trying to find something, and would prefer specific topics that actually stayed on topic. I would recommend joining both NNJC.org and sjgeocaching.org. Each represents the uniqueness of caching in each side of the state, but the one thing they have in common, is that they're all really good people. Which side of the Mason/Dixon line are you on? Oh, one other thing since you're new to these parts. Watch out for Ticks at this time of the year.
  21. There are many co-infections that can come along with Lyme which can complicate matters. Most of the Lyme specialists will test for co-infections, so may be worth questioning your Dr about. From our family research (see Resolutions post above), we've found that most Dr's recommend at least a 4week Anti-biotic perscription (and some much longer) since the lifecycle of the Lyme bacteria is roughly 4 weeks. The most frustrating thing that I've found during our experience, is that even the Lyme "Specialists" don't agree on a protocol for eliminating the disease. Good luck. - Mr. R
  22. I think avro in the thong may be worse than the picture above... Only kidding Mark.
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