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  1. Some People take geocaching to a diffrent level. Post your Pictures of awesome geocaches (not just cool geocache containers but cool geocaches in cool places) Happy Caching!
  2. what are some abbreviations you use when geocaching i personally just use TFTC and TNLNSL what are some other ones you might use
  3. Yes plenty of people have found it http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...60-16d100e34022 I am well aware that your not supposed to discuss a puzzle if it hasnt been solved
  4. Ask the CO for a hint? i did but got no response
  5. While geocaching at a 5 part cache we found this puzzle to get to the next cache http://i1047.photobucket.com/albums/b473/r...kid14/photo.jpg Does anyone have any idea how to find the corrdinates
  6. there should be something like that on the market
  7. yeah seems like every time you need a camera you dont have it
  8. i dont see many black ones
  9. wow seems like most people seem garter snakes and rattlesnakes
  10. wow seems like most people seem garter snakes and rattlesnakes
  11. wow seems like most people seem garter snakes and rattlesnakes
  12. i would be way to scared to put my Gps near it But kudos for you for doing it
  13. ROFL is that an Epic Win or an Epic Fail? hmmmm
  14. Wow mine would be suicide forest in japan or just New York in times Square
  15. im a fellow floridian(pensacola) and i agree the swag area is weak
  16. ok i believe while geocaching everyone will at least see one snake. So please Share your Stories and Pictures you might have been able to take! Thanks
  17. Well i don't know anyone who has been bitten but this weekend before heading out my sister and her boyfriend scared me with a fake snake later while Geocaching i saw a stick on the ground and thought wow that looks like the snake they scared me with... Then the stick moved lol my whole group got scared by the snake it was hilarious
  18. ok i am a pensacola native but i am also looking for a group to go geocahing with but can't seem to find any
  19. I was wondering who has the most finds? i heard you can compare how many you have found to the person who has fund the most in your area, where can i do this? are there any sites like that? Please help Thanks
  20. I dont have a GPS i just use google i think it ADDS MORE CHALLENGE BUT IT ISNT TO HARD I <3 IT! sO yeS YOU CAN WITHOUT gps
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