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  1. I have been Bean or Beanie for what seems like a very long time on BBS,s and in online games so here i used FamilyBean as the rest of the family actually wanted to join me in one of my strange hobbies :laughing:


    The Bean bit actually comes from a school nickname "Dean the Bean" as my real name is...Dean

  2. From the guidelines you quote...

    Please understand that we are not attempting to censor any messages or opinions posted, but this is a moderated discussion forum. We simply want to preserve the spirit of an open, interactive discussion without offending participants. This means that we (Groundspeak and the volunteers for Groundspeak) reserve the right to edit/remove inappropriate messages, or to lock a discussion thread. Before taking any of these actions, a moderator will attempt to steer the discussion back to the topic, if this is possible and appropriate. The additional step of editing or deleting a post will only be taken in appropriate circumstances; again, the intent is not to censor legitimate discussion or to change the meaning of any post. If we edit a post and you do not like the changes please feel free to notify us and we will delete your post. Examples of posts that may be edited or deleted include posts containing profanity, chain letter and other spam postings, posts that disclose the tracking number codes for Groundspeak travel bugs or posts that reveal private information about another community member. Other examples are discussed in the guidelines below.


    I know im only another dadgum noob round here but i like rules to make sense when they are used...

  3. Not sure if i can help but willing to try, I have similar setup with yellow etrex on a converter cable with driver to my laptop.


    Had trouble at first until i realised it was on com 8.

    Also found i had to start pc put usb plug in then connect etrex up or they wouldnt play nice.


    PM or mail me if you need any other details would be glad to try and help.

  4. Thanks for the welcome, I am learning lots as i am reading the forums so expect me hanging around and reading for a while :unsure:


    Its amazing the wealth of knowledge contained in these pages, Many of my newbie questions have been answered without even raising my voice :wacko:

  5. I have just got an etrex to try the hobby out and also to use in other hobbies of mine, While i am trying the hobby i thought a premium monthly membership via paypal would let me try all the features and help me to decide on whether it is for me or not.


    If i was the only one paying for membership and others were getting the same level of service for free it wouldnt bother me in the slightest, As long as i am getting satisfaction from what i pay for i am happy and thats all that matters.

  6. Full class A licence (as it is in the UK) , I managed to pass the Morse just before they decided to scrap the test, I passed the 5wpm to take me from G7USW to M5AEM then passed the 12WPM to take me to M0DAG a little later.

    I wanted the M0 call for my initials...DAG i figured if i was keeping the call i may as well make it personal <_<.

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