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  1. Is there another one like this around? Thought I'd already replied!! Anyway, British Army - Royal Corps of Signals from '87-01. Served in 1st Gulf War, Croatia & Bosnia. The last 2 were with a Nato Unit so I was working with people from every army from American to Ukranian...... Spent a couple of months at Navy & Marine Corps Intellignece Training Centre at Dam Neck in '99. Closest I get to the green stuff now is as a Cadet Instructor...... Chalky
  2. Exactly, I get more pleasure from the 3 mile walk than I do from the opening of the box.... Depending on the location my GPS has put me within a metre or two, still have to rummage around though - plus you're never sure if it is accurate until you've found the cache. As for indoors, I can get at least 1 satelite in most rooms of my house - big windows!! I assume they'll be increasing the sensitivity of the units rather than boosting the output. Are we going to stop using mapping software as that makes it easy?? At the end of the day you can play the game however you like, whether you want to use a map & compass , a basic GPS or an all singing mapping unit...... Chalky
  3. It normally takes people a while!! You'd have to know such things exist to twig what it is. I use it on all my forums & very few people notice anything..... Chalky
  4. I'd be quite wary about doing it now, no matter how many times I'd searched for a previous thread. There seem to be some people who like to give rude & sarcastic answers just for the hell of it. If it offends you that much why even go into the thread in the first place? An easy way to rack up the "posts" on your profile I guess... Some people just come here to Geocache & to ask a simple question - hassle isn't on the menu..... Chalky
  5. I've found my explorist 100 to be extremely accurate so far, the only one that was off has been noted by others as being off & the only one that I had real snags finding was because I kept trying to be clever & looking where I thought it was & ignoring the GPS which was pointing me 3m to the right location! I'm on <10 finds & as such probably aren't giving an "accurate reading" myself but so far its been pretty good. Chalky
  6. I got a (clever) mate to knock mine up for me - its nice knowing its a custom job!! Chalky
  7. Muggle is pretty appropriate - they are "normal" people who have no idea of the sub-culture that exists almost under their very feet... It doesn't imply that we're in anyway better, whereas "mundane" to my mind does...... Its one of those words used by anyone to describe anyone else not "in the know". At the end of the day, if you don't like the word don't use it - I think its pretty accurate & harmless & will use it at every given opportunity! I also wouldn't show all & sundry a cache just because they were nearby, I'd explain what I was doing & then come back later on when they were gone... Chalky
  8. Sorry, but I'd assume that to log it as a DNF you'd at least have to get within 10km of it. I'm pretty sure that if I logged every US Cache as a DNF there'd be a few complaints. Surely common sense & common decency should apply... Some of the attitudes on here seem very childish but it also cheers me up to see that the Geocache forums aren't immune to the "bitching bug" that plagues the rest of the internet... Chalky Edit:Typo
  9. I personally have no problem with it & really can't see what the problem is - if you don't agree with it don't go there - he'll get no logs of any sort. I'd be interested to know how many of the people ripping into him are ever going to go to Berlin?? Love it or hate it this is an international sport - there are going to be different rules & sub-rules for different countries & for different caching communities. As long as it tells you in the cache details so you know all the facts before you go I can't see the problem..... I'm a little disturbed by the flamings & the fact that someone seems to have a bee in his bonnet about serving somewhere - it doesn't give you any rights over nationals of that country..... Chalky
  10. I've seen worse, to stop complaints you could always give it a nappy (diaper)...... Chalky
  11. Royal Signals, British Army for 14 years, of which 9 were in Germany. Served in First Gulf War, Croatia & Bosnia. Plus 2 hellish months in NMITC, Dam Neck, Virginia Beach in '99! Chalky
  12. The maps are in Kilometres though!! I prefer metric myself - I know how heavy a Kilo is & how far a Km is, I always convert miles to metres, as for leagues, rods, chains, yards & furlongs...... Thanks for the replies chaps. Chalky
  13. Good old paper Ordinance Survey - so a few feet isn't going to make any difference. I just thought it'd be nice to be able to cycle around using the map & then the GPS for the vital last 500m. Chalky
  14. Hi All, A quick poser - I'm usting the normal lat-long coordinates on my GPS for adding waypoints. But if I want to use it in conjunction with my map, when I switch the Datum etc to comply with the map and it then shows the waypoint as a grid reference is it accurate? It'd be nice to be able to use the map to get close which is a bit awkward using lat/long... Cheers, Chalky
  15. I have all my caches on my Palm using Pocket Queries - a darn sight easier to find things on that beastie. It also depends on whether you only use it for Geocaching. I use mine with cadets & am away from a PC for up to 2 weeks sometimes - the 20 routes come in useful then. I find that it only takes a minute to enter the co-ordinates (reading them from the Palm) & I haven't managed to mess it up yet...... I'm very happy with my eXplorist 100 & if I ever upgrade I'll be looking at this range... Chalky
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