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  1. They've put the effort into finding the cache in the first place. If they wanted to put effort into writing wee stories they could join a Creative Writing class instead. I think the point is many of us like the logs to reflect the state of the cache, I know the guidelines state that caches should be checked monthly but that is often not practical or desirable. I know from my own caches logs such as: Nice big box = someone has taken most the contents. Found easily = A PAF call enabled me to find it. Plain speaking and truthful logs can only improve the whole caching experience. agentmancuso is biased towards trigs with 600+ visited with very factual logs, I can't anticipate him visiting a trig then leaving an uninformative or meaningless log. Why should geocaching be any different? A detailed log is "nice" to have, but the point of the game is to hide something for people to find - they then tell you they've found it (or not). Don't forget too - its only recently that people have been able to log finds from things like mobiles - in the past when we were on holiday camping for 2 weeks, it would have to wait until I got back home before I could log all my finds. Best will in the world, it got a bit tedious. I also don't think its unreasonable to put TFTC at the end of the sentance. I also don't see a lot wrong with a log that says "Found it, thanks a lot" or "Picked this one up whilst walking the dog, thanks" - neither are insulting or derogatory, but I do get the impression they wouldn't suit. Would you rather have one that said "been meaning to do this one for a while as its nearby, finally mustered the energy and took the dog with me. Found it no problems. Thanks" Thats a story, not sure if its the story you'd want though. I did 16 along the River Ivel a couple of years ago, got the wife to drop me and the dog off and walked the 14 miles back. The caches got me out of the house and we had a great day, but with the best will in the world, one film cannister next to the Ivel is much the same as another. There were other caches around too to break it up a bit, but I was struggling to vary my logs - I'd written notes for each one as I found it, but if the caches are the same why expect the logs to be different? Really think there's a bit of give and take required, if your aim is to inspire people to get out and see the countryside then you're doing that the minute they put the co-ords in the GPS - as mentioned above, they've put the effort in to go and find the cache in the first place - never forget that. If your aim is to fish for compliments and you're in it for some sort of ego trip then you can expect a bit of disappointment sometimes. Deleting logs seems to be getting fashionable now too, which I find slightly alarming as some of the reasons seem almost unnecessary and quite pedantic, that can be changed though I'm sure... C
  2. I just email the person and ask politely if they would either write a proper log or delete the log. I point out that it does not have to be a long log... just something. It usually works. If not then bye-bye log. But then I'd report you to GS for enforcing "Additional Logging Requirements" - which are against the rules - and I would keep putting my log back on. If it carried on then I'd start lobbying GS to stop approving your caches as you obviously weren't playing the GAME by their rules.... Extreme case, as mentioned before I alway write a few words, but I think you're taking it too far. Also don't forget that the vast majority of cachers don't read or use these forums and are oblivious to your "pain" so is it fair to penalise them because they don't know that 20 geocachers happen to think that TFTC means "Crap Cache", whereas the rest of us know it means "Thanks For The Cache" Cache ratings will ease, or increase, your pain - will you delete a log if someone writes some polite blurb but indicates that they thought it wasn't a particularly nice location/cache etc? Need to chill out people - mean't to be doing this for fun, I'd hate to play you at Ludo!! Chalky
  3. As far as I'm aware its not!! I always put TFTC at the end of the log I've written, whether long or short, as it is a simple timesaver. Should get easier when the cache rating system comes in - hopefully anonymous! On the default message side - I assume that means you people hate the little inkpads that say "found by xxx" etc? I was looking into getting one, but given that anything shy of a short story, in gold ink seems to be "dissing" the COs hard work (even though I've taken the time & trouble to find the cache) I don't think I'll bother.... C
  4. Sorry, Kev but no they aren't. All they are letting me know is that they've pressed a couple of buttons on their mobile phone. Without going to check the logbook, I can't even be sure they've visited the cache. They could be sitting at home for all I know. There's absolutely nothing in their logs to indicate that they've even been outdoors, much less visited a cache. By that token, there is never any evidence that people have actually visited unless you check the logs. I think people are still getting to grips with the programs on the phones, and once they realise what is happening will sort it - maybe a gentle email saying "Not sure if you realise, but you didn't actually write anything in the log" might be of more benefit than just deleting the log. This seems to be a common solution nowadays - especially reading some of the other groups on the forum. I can't see the point of deleting logs for the sake of it, especially with the influx of new generation cachers that you're getting due to the phone aps. Personally, I've got an excel sheet with them all recorded on, so it makes no difference if a log gets deleted - I've still found the cache - which (some people forget) is the aim of the GAME.... Chalky
  5. I think I've said on anothe thread here, but - I'll normally write a full log (on the phone) saying how I found it, what I thought etc. This is done at the time, or when moving between caches. Some don't need anything more than TFTC though, for example when we did 20 odd of a series round Grafham Water, 20-odd micros, 700m apart - there wasn't a huge amount to say. I didn't have the app on my phone then so when I got home it was a cut & paste job, just changing the number (found number x of 20). As I don't tend to go out "power caching" I normally have plenty of time to write a log, but I don't think its right to delete a log just because you don't like what it says (unless its insulting etc). Personally I'd love to have a default "long" signature to go on the bottom of whatever else I've written... C
  6. I used to use them - took a bit of time to knock up a nice piccy, used to write the date on the back. I know some people like them. Only put them in a medium or large cache, but given that they're getting harder to find I haven't bothered for a while, now that I know how much they offend people I won't make any more... Back to TFTC then... Chalky
  7. Too bad, so sad. Well Said, Rule 2 just says you have to record your visit - could write "found it" and then log the fact online - I could write - "Found It, full details in the paper log" - would you delete that? You want an essay then set me a decent cache in decent surroundings that take me out & about for a good walk to somewhere special. If its a micro stashed in the middle of a car park, or under a lamp post somewhere, then no matter how fiendish the clues to find it, its still not going to inspire me to write anything meaningful. C
  8. Surely that's an ALR & can be ignored!! Chalky
  9. I'm just as wrong for using it at the start! Still say its closer to hacking than trolling, but I won't lose any sleep over it! I'm always mildly dissapointed at the high levels of pedantism that you seem to encounter on these forums, never known anything like it!! I'll toddle off to friendlier climes now.... Those that helped - thanks, those that didn't - Chalky
  10. Gawd, allow me some artistic licence on the robbery front!! i have reported it to GS, patiently waiting for an answer. The reason for posting was to highlight there may be a snag in the system to the general users & to see if it was an isolated incident. I recieved confirmation last month when I changed it that my subscription had changed to 3 monthly. Rgds, C
  11. But. Some caches, that are 'stand alone' (not part of a numbers run) and 'stuck in the middle of nowhere' could be a great walk, with a terrific view, and something at the site "That you would never have known about, if it wasn't for Geocaching" may get very few visits, due to the 3 mile walk... -How ever, it might have some terrific comments in the logs! Agreed, I'd rather do 1 cache in a remote, scenic location, that you can't find by the muddy "geo trail" leading to it than do 10 mediocre film cannisters leading me round a park to find another film cannister at the end. After all, its not about the numbers Chalky
  12. Just had the following mail - ****************************** Greetings from Groundspeak! This email is to inform you that, according to the terms of our agreement, your Groundspeak Premium Membership has been automatically renewed. We successfully billed your VISA ending in the last four digits xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for 30.00 USD. You will continue to have access to all Premium Membership features. Your new account expiration date is October 4, 2011 ****************************** I had to change my membership options the other month, went for a 3 monthly renewal - looks like they've cocked it up! Has anyone else had anything similar? Starting to get a bit hacked off with the whole "online" element to this hobby at the moment, its all getting hacked, crashing or just plain not working right!! Hope things go back to "normal" soon.... Chalky
  13. Depends on your perspective I suppose, I don't class hacking into private accounts as petty, I do class unconstructive, negative, posting for the sake of it petty - but hey, if thats how you get your giggles, who am I to criticise? @ jacaru.. - thanks for highlighting it - glad you're getting it sorted. In the light of the GetSat issue I think I'm going to ensure that all my Groundspeak passwords are strong & unrelated to any others that I use... Chalky
  14. I think people just take a break sometimes, I started in 2005 but then didn't cache for the whole of 2006 & then some- family life & work got in the way... I've started again now with a vengeance - the main difference now is that I've upgraded to a mapping GPS that means I can download loads of caches at once instead of having to type them in and have a cheap old Palm for paperless caching. I keep them both in a small bag & take it whenever we go out - there's always something nearby. On the other hand, I did a lovely 9 mile walk along a river, finding 16 caches - 4 were containers of a "decent" size, the other 12 were film cannisters. I think the "magic" isn't quite as strong when you just have to sign a log - I like to look at all the toys etc.... Chalky
  15. I always put the date, some comments (weather, interesting things etc) and my name, plus I leave a laminated calling card. For micros etc I just write the Date, Chalky723 & TFTC, I then put more details in the online log. I always think that if someone has gone to the trouble of putting a cache out the least I can do is put a decent entry (space permitting). I like leaving a calling card as its a personal touch, some people like them & I tend not to take or leave anything nowadays unless theres a particularly shiny piece of swag I fancy (always carry a "leaver" just in case). Chalky
  16. Cool - does it show footpaths, bridleways etc? Chalky
  17. Hi All, Just wondering - what is the best Mapping Software for the UK that I can use on my Garmin 60csx? I'm looking for something that'll show me footpaths ets as it'll be used on walking holidays as well as Caching.... Topo V2 doesn't show footpaths aparrently?? Cheers, Chalky
  18. Cool! I shall have a go now... Cheers, Chalky
  19. Hi All, I've finally upgraded my Explorist 100 to something that'll plug in to the PC & hopefully save me time!! I can only seem to transfer one cache at a time onto the GPS though. If I try to drag multimple .gpx files into the "Waypoint" tab it only accepts the top one. Can I drag the lot there & transfer them in bulk? I've used the "send to GPS" button on the cache page - but again, it only does the one at a time. Whats the best way to put bulk caches on the unit? Cheers, Chalky PS - apologies if this has been discussed - my search didn't find anything, please point me to the correct topic if its already been mentions.
  20. Especially after running .2 miles to get away first......
  21. Don't do this!! I've been looking forward to some of yours for ages - now I've got the time off they won't be there! Don't be too hasty - also, don't let them win..... Chalky
  22. I've had mine since January - I love it & prefer the interface to my friends Yellow Etrex. It seems to be very accurate, the only problems finding things have come when I've ignored it & looked where I think the cache is! I've even had a couple of caches where the eXplorist has been within <1m. The joystick is great for putting info in & I'm not a "Power Cacher" so computer connection isn't a must (my PDA has all the info I need), for the money I think its great! My only gripe is the price of accessories here in the UK, to buy a handlebar mount here would have cost me £31, to get one delivered from the US only cost me £19 (including delivery). Have fun with it - I am!! Chalky
  23. Actually its not you or your relatives the laws are there to protect, its the birds & other wildlife that ingest the lead pellets. The lead builds up in their system & eventually kills 'em. Also other things eat lead contaminated beasties & the chain goes on. I wouldn't be bothered if you ate lead for breakfast - its up to you, but if we can stop everything else from having to do so.......... Chalky Edit: Typo
  24. At the end of the day its the same as anything on the web that needs a username - use your imagination! If your name's already gone then invent another one - you can't do anything about it - unless you're microsoft!! If someone mailed me & asked me to stop using my name I'm afraid they'd get short shrift!! Chalky
  25. I just use my nickname from the army & the last 3 figs of my army number, if I ever can't use Chalky723 (aint happened yet) I'll just use more digits of the number - I've got another 5 to tag on & I'm pretty sure its unique. Chalky24795723.......
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