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  1. they were Under the Gun: Springfield, etc. Last year he did the same thing...different names and they were fine. There is no description on the c ache page...only BYOP.
  2. Why would a reviewer not accept new caches for a series that was published no problem last year for an annual event? This will ruin the series...and all the caches are already in place.
  3. I thought I had saved a draft today and it said so but when I got home on my pc it said I had no drafts. Not good...I loved this for paperfree caching. What gives?
  4. I picked up a trackable today but my points did not change.
  5. I am getting this: Your browser is not supported. It worked 2 days ago....
  6. I don't even see my GPS on my screen to open it or anything. It's like it's not plugged in and it is. well I don't know why but I switched the port I had the Dakota plugged into and now it works in IE...knock on wood.
  7. I don't even see my GPS on my screen to open it or anything. It's like it's not plugged in and it is.
  8. For the time being... IE11 still works. You can also use BaseCamp, by instance. Not on my computer.... We're sorry. Your web browser, Internet Explorer v11.0 (trident v7.0) 32bit on Microsoft Windows 10 64bit, is not configured to support map downloads.
  9. All of a sudden after the last Windows 10 update now none of my browsers will work with Garmin Communicator...now I can't download caches from my computer to my GPS. HELP!!!!!!!
  10. I don't know but I get this when trying to use IE: We're sorry. Your web browser, Internet Explorer v11.0 (trident v7.0) 32bit on Microsoft Windows 10 64bit, is not configured to support map downloads. We can help you adjust your browser security settings to add my.garmin.com as a trusted site. This will allow you to download your map I tried to do that and still nothing. It's not recognizing my Garmin GPS. Now I can't download any caches for my upcoming trip!
  11. I have a bookmark list for a trip I hope to take next weekend and it was there when I printed it but now I go to it and there's nothing there. If I try to add a cache to the list it says it's already there....I still need to download these to m GPS so how can I do that if I can't see them? I have to do it in firefox as it is because windows 10 doesn't recognize the garmin.
  12. armadillogal

    Dakota died?

    I was caching yesterday and everything was fine. I shut my Dakota 20 off because we were driving and I knew i didn't need it for awhile. When we got to the next place I needed it I turned it on and It wouldn't finish loading. It had vertical lines and then it shut off. i thought it was the batteries so I tried another set and even bought brand new ones and still the same thing. Fortunately my BF had the old geomate jr. because I was doing maintenance and needed to update coordinates. I got home and connected it to the computer and it wouldn't even recognize it. I went to the Garmin site and tried troubleshooting it but that didn't help. It just out of warranty by 2 months! They say the cost to fix it is 120.00. Is it worth it? Anyone else have this problem?
  13. Mine just died but I can't afford 200.00 right now.
  14. I love stuff like that and I collect other people signature items too.
  15. I feel your pain. I had a trackable that was supposed to go to Japan and the cacher's whole pack was stolen so no doubt I will never hear of it again.
  16. I love the new souvenirs for the states I've cached in. How do I replace the old ones with the new ones? I know how to view them but how do I get them onto my souvenir page?
  17. I watched the year in review video and he said this year we will hit 2 million caches. How will we know when it's getting close and will there be some recognition for the person who plants that 2 millionth cache? I have over 100 planted and hit my mark of over 1000 total finds. I am just a baby compared to some of our state's cachers but I do what I can. Working on the cache a day challenge still.
  18. armadillogal

    gpx 1.6

    when i download a pocket query it's not showing up as caches-just waypoints and the help says to change the gpx on my profile to 1.6 but that isn't showing as a choice on my profile. also how do i delete found caches from my dakota?
  19. Decided to try my hand at a small event in Alamogordo. We are meeting for breakfast and then off to have fun with dinner later as an option. I can't possibly match the wonderfulness of Nukestock or the massiveness of Valencia Fun Fest but I thought it was time to meet my fellow area cachers.... I will have door prizes and I will have at least a couple new caches.... If anyone feels like responding I'm curious what your favorite parts of an event are. thx, armadillogal
  20. It's always fun to find good swag but it's all about the adventure. I have left everything from stickers and homemade tokens, glass pieces, pecos diamonds, key chains, toys, and plenty of other things I find at thrift shops that I think people would like. I collect pins so I am always happy to find those or magnets but I have found some even neater things. And most times I don't place caches on the fly but I did do one Saturday because I happened to have enough stuff with me, just couldn't label it as well as I usually do. I have lost bison tubes, replaced them with others, used any small plastic or tin container I can find and believe me they turn up all kinds of places. Walking back to the car from the trail Saturday I found a pink cigar tube complete with cover. Did my CITO duty and immediately thought-free cache container! My friends even save me their tins etc. I am 2 away from 400 official finds...on my 1 year anniversary....and I have 38 plants. This hobby has gotten me to places I never knew about an I have been in this state 12 years.
  21. What is making me mad lately is finding out that people are taking the cache containers. I had a new bison tube out on a chain with a split ring and you know it didn't break by itself especially when I was told the log was stuck in the split ring. Also people who steal ammo cans and leave the ziplocs just laying on the ground. No ethics! I have done cache maintenance several times lately...and I wouldn't dream of stealing a container. I post DNF's. I have over 25 plants and 300 finds. I love this hobby but why do people have to be nasty? It takes the fun out of it getting notified your cache has been "broken".
  22. The CO answered me back. Apparently they signed the 2nd page in the log. Oh well. Next time! armadillogal
  23. [ Absolutely. I would not do anything based simply on the word of the second cacher. If I was inclined to delete the log, I would first check the logsheet personally. The first cacher may have signed the log, then the second cacher could have opened it up and looked at the backside, seen no signature and jumped to conclusions. It could go the other way, too, for that matter. It could be Cacher B got there first but Cacher A missed B's signature, thought he was FTF, and logged online first. This just happened to me last night! I swore the logbook was empty when I signed it. Now it was dark & I was using a flashlight but when I got home there were 3 people who claimed to have been there before me and took the travel bug which I did not find but I did see te bobber they left. There were 2pencils in the box so not having a pen is no excuse. The planter has only done 3 boxes so far....I wonder what he'll do. It's close enough I can go check myself in the daylight....or should I e-mail him?
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