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  1. Thanks for the important tip Rick. We're up here in 'The Great White North', and I see the unit you speak of is $180 here at Amazon.ca (seems strange, especially considering our dollars are at par these days). I'll keep looking for this model; it is an easy one to use as well I gather Rich? Thanks again for the help and direction, John C
  2. http://www.maccaching.com/ Thanks very kindly for the link! I
  3. Where do I find the MacCaching application? Is this software I need to buy from Apple? Thanks as well for your help!
  4. Thanks very kindly for the quick reply! So I gather there is something that switches Serial to USB then? That is good. What is 'GPSbabel'? Thanks again for your help and guidance!
  5. My 13 year old daughter and I are anxious to try out Geocaching, and I'm hoping people will be able to guide us on what Geocaching GPS systems work best with Apple iMacs... Any suggestions? Thanks kindly, and in advance, John C
  6. My 13 yr old daughter and I want to start Geocaching, and we're looking for an easy to use, beginner GPS unit in order to start up. There is a Garmin eTrex Legend on sale near by ($110), but it looks to have a serial cable instaed of a USB (I know these are old, discontinued Garmin units). We also are Mac people, so I'd need a unit that is compatable with Apple. Any suggestions? Also, is connectivity to a computer a requirement to start? We're anxious to get out and get started! Thanks in advance everyone! John C
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