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  1. M_29 could you place a level 3 cache? since you cannot find one - make one i say
  2. there is a site to track signature items. http://sigitem.com
  3. can anyone tell me what that sign on the bottom left on the back of the coin is? and can these be made trackable- may be a dumb question but i see there is a blank on the right side, is that what its for?
  4. I'm disappointed in a lot of things, would you like me to rant about it and then say 'Oh well, except for you nice people'. Go back and search the start of this forum and read about swag degradation. It's been there a long time. You think the rest of us haven't figured it out by now? I wanna jump in here in deuces comment cause hes from my state. I just wanna add that im fairly new to geocaching and bit of poor folk. So i come up with some cleaver things to leave behind - little .5 bottles of hand sanitizer from the hospital draw string garbage bags folded neatly in a small ziplock_ and marked as such. (for those who CITO) and i thought it would be nifty if i made signature coins so i went to hobby lobby and spent $8 on wooden nickles and spent 4 days making than decided to make Large wooden ones where i used my dremel and bored holes in it and glued in gems so they wouldnt fall out. Now my first meet and greet with other cachers in the area i found that many of them gave me pathtags and i traded with my cheapo wooden id coins - but i really dont think they saw it that way because that night almost every one who attended the meet and greet visited my cache. So i really think it boils down to what YOU feel is significant and that may not be the same as the next person. & Coming in here and saying so-lol your just asking for it
  5. Yes, you can hand-off a bug to another cacher. They would just Log a Grab. I tryed to find the answer to this question but could not find it.. When you take a TB.. Do you HAVE to mention it in the log of the cache or just online?
  6. can i make a suggestion? ever try Bing maps or yellow book maps? they have a birds eye view that takes you right there so you know ABOUT where to go- that's what i did till i got my gps. And extra set of eyes helps alot, dont give up when you find your first one you will be hooked and that will give you the drive to go get others! good luck
  7. What a great attitude and advice! Geocaching should be about the experience, finding new places, seeing things you might never have seen otherwise. Still, some finds now and then help! Good luck in all! --Q THANKS I REALLY TRY TO STAY POSITIVE! SOME DAYS IT WORKS OTHERS, WELL ID LIKE TO HAVE A DO-OVER HEHE
  8. with only 9 finds under out belt we still sometimes have to return to find caches- like today we set out to find 4 and had to stop @ only 2 because of the bugs and i forgot the spray.. ok ok its my fault - i found that if your plate is too full and you dont find anything your looking for you get frustrated and nothing seems to go right.. my advice is to take your time but above that take in the surroundings - places youve never seen b4- nature. makes it seem worth wile even if you dont find the cache. & Remember you can always come back. Happy caching:)
  9. That's pretty funny. You know you are no match for the bird but the bird did what it was trying to do. It was trying to get you to leave. Cool video. when i was a little kid i recall seeing this beaver-- i thought how cute so i called for it "here beaver here beaver" and it started swimming twards us... Than when hubby and I were out on or first cache hunt we saw another one and i stated to tell hubby about the time i called out to one .. so again i went 'here beaver here beaver" and low and behold the thing started swiming towards me and than came up on the bank, Well, i backed up a bit and was getting ready to run when i looked back to see my hubby crouched down with his pants around his ankles looking behind him and begin to fall and did a roll with his bare butt in the air!! i couldnt stop laughing and he yells (as hes buttoning up his pants) DONT EVER CALL STRANGE ANIMALS" I said honey i told you i have seen him b4!!! i guess you had to be there.
  10. you know when your a newbie obsessed with geocaching when.. 1) your cute little lady bug antenna topper is now a green frog 2) everything you buy has a air tight or screw type lid 3) when you have searched for a cache 3 times and get so mad- hubby wants you to "see someone" about your anger issues 4) any othertime you see a muggle you just view them out to the corner of your eye, BUT when a lanyard cord drops from their hand .. YOU DIVE FOR THE BUSHES!! 5) you come to realize how dangerous it is to use your cell phone wile driving, is as bad as watching your GPS--- AND YES TODAY I CAUGHT MY SELF DRIVING DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD 6) every cute key chain you think could be the best sig item - IF YOU DIDNT ALREADY HAVE LIKE A MILLION OF THEM MADE UP THE DAY YOU FOUND YOUR FIRST GEOCACHE. the day i found my first cache is the day i stayed up till 4am painting 66 wooden nickles! 7) where as b4, facebook was always open- now the forums is a permanent tab! 8) you do a level 5 terrain and slip down a hill - rip your pants! and decide to go back out the next morning because you still have BUTT SKIN left-lol HAPPY AND SAFE GEOCACHING ALL YOU OBSESSIVE GEOPEOPLE!
  11. That's not necessarily true... my cache bag is covered in pins - some collect pins to decorate apparel for event.. you just never know. Some people get pins made to drop in caches as swag... just as you do wooden nickels... ~J oh ok guess i never saw it that way.. stand corrected - i guess i just enjoy making things.. ill even make some up for ppl if you want me to... wooden coins that is...
  12. ever thought of putting some sort of glue inside on the bottom and dropping one of those round magnets in there??? good idea huh
  13. look at any store with summer swimming gear - those little tubes that kids can hang round their necks.. also fro around 3 dollars go to any drug store and get those small capsules that hold 1 or 2 pills for travel.. ill post links to pics http://www.imprintitems.com/custom/spl/8056600 and http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/29441889..._container.html
  14. my only question is why spend money on making a pin when its not going to be ever worn? so with that i just wanna add that i have made sig coins out of those wooden nickles and also made some really big ones (size of nearly the bottom of pop can) they are cool, thats an idea also i was reading about beer cap art and wanted to check in to doing that.. hope that helps ya
  15. id like to be put on the list as well thank you, Naomi from IA
  16. This have something to do with Geocoins? I think they are from the Rising Sun mint.... the one with the .999 pure metal geocoins with photo decals that came up in the forums (here) earlier this year. The replica bill is touted to have a tracking code (geocaching?) that you can use to track it. UM, Yeah thats what IT says! I ASKED if anyone has gotten these?
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